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Broken Garage Door Spring Repair New York

  • Garage Door Spring Repair New York
  • Broken Garage Door Spring Repair
  • Fix broken garage door spring New York

Broken Spring Repair New York

Whether it is a torsion garage door spring, or extension spring, we can fix it!

  • Fix broken garage door torsion spring.
  • Fix broken garage door extension spring.
  • Garage door spring replacement.
  • Garage door spring adjustment.
  • Residential Garage Door Spring repair..
  • Commercial Garage Door Spring Repair.
  • Fair prices for every spring repair.

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Garage Door Spring Replacement New York

Broken Garage Door Spring Repair New York

A broken garage door spring, is one of the common problems, which lead to a broken garage door. The garage doors springs, which are carrying the weight of door, and make it easier to open and close it, can break after few years of using the garage door. There are many reasons that can lead to a broken garage door spring, but usually, the lack of garage door maintenance, is the main reason, that lead to the broken spring.

Although that in most cases, a broken spring can lead to a stuck garage door, and sometime the broken spring can be followed by a scary noise, and even damage (if there are no safety cables installed), a spring replacement is not a complicated job, and can be done by any experienced garage door contractor. The garage door contractor, know how to replace the spring with the right spring, that match the door, and that will bring the garage door to operable condition, and guarantee that it will work again just like before.

Broken garage door spring replacement New York

We have the knowledge and the experience, which is needed, in order to replace your broken spring. Whether it is a broken extension spring in Brooklyn, or a broken torsion garage door spring in Staten Island, we can do it. It is important to note, that each garage door repair or installation, should include safety cables installation (extension springs), to make sure that the next time that the garage door spring will break, the safety cables will prevent the spring from hurting people or objects who are near the garage door.


Garage Door Spring

Garage Door Maintenance

If you have a garage door, and you want it to keep working for many more years, with no problems, we recommend that you will provide the door with a maintenance service, at least every 6 months. A garage door maintenance, is not a complicated job, and can be performed by every garage door contractor. It is important, that except from the lubrication, the spring adjustments and the opener adjustment, to ask the garage door technician to check the garage door and its parts, to make sure that there are no broken or damaged. If your garage door is working with extension springs, but there no one ever installed safety cables, you should ask the repairman to install them. The purpose safety cables, is to prevent the spring from hurting objects or people that may be in their path when they will break.

Broken Spring Repair Safety

Whenever it come to a broken garage door spring, or any other garage door problem, no matter if it is a broken opener, out of track garage door, a stuck garage door, or any other garage door problem, or even if you think that there is something wrong with the garage door, You should STOP USING THE GARAGE DOOR, and contact a garage door contractor, to come and check the door. A broken garage door is dangerous, and if you have a garage door problem, and you will continue to use the door, not only that you may cause a bigger damage, but using a broken garage door can be dangerous to you, to people who come around the door and to objects located close to it.

Which spring system is it?

There are 2 popular spring systems for overhead garages in New York, the first is torsion spring system, which usually used for heavier and commercial heavy duty garages in New York, and the second is the extension spring system. We repair all types of garage springs, commercial and residential extension and torsion. Bellow you will find some information about the different spring systems, the way to deal with a snapped spring, and how to replace it.
It is important to note, that broken garage torsion or extension spring can be dangerous, and the door should not be used or be forced to open and close. In most cases, the spring will snap when the garage door is at closed position (When the door is down) and when there is the most tension on the springs.

Extension spring new york

Torsion spring repairs New York

If you wonder whether your garage in New York is using torsion spring system, go to your garage and look at the door, and try to locate the springs. If you see the springs (usually 2, but they can range between 1 and 4 springs) located close to the center of the door, wrapped around a metal shaft, it mean that you have torsion spring system. If the garage door springs are located on top of the tracks, by the sides of the door, it mean that you have extension springs, and you can move to the next part of the article.

Extension spring repairs New York

If you look at your garage door from inside your garage, and you see one spring (sometime 2) above the tracks of your garage, it mean that your garage is working with extension spring system. The extension spring system in New York include 2 pulleys on each side, and steel cables. In some cases, for safety reasons, that system should also include safety cables. The safety cables are installed for safety reasons, and the door will work the same with or without them, but they are highly recommended for protection, for the day when the spring will snap will come, and lack of safety cables can result with serious injuries.

Can I replace the springs by myself?

The answer to the question is yes, it is possible. But do we recommend it, not always. It may seem that all you need to do is to contact a garage door supplier in New York, purchase the same spring and replace the old one with it. But if we will break the process, and you will find how many things a garage spring replacement include, in New York or anywhere else, you may want to reconsider it.
If you think that it has anything to do with the fact that we repair broken spring in New York, and that is why we prefer that people will think good before trying to repair a spring by DIY, then you should know that we saw many garages where the owner tried to replace the spring by himself, and it ended with costing him more, and sometime even with injuries.

Here are the steps for replacing a broken spring in New York

  • Locating the right spring: Finding a garage door supplier who sell garage door parts in New York is not enough. You must make sure that you will get the exact right spring form your door. Not a spring that look the same, a spring you found by accident, or a spring that you wish will fit. Using a wrong spring will prevent the door from working and can be dangerous. You can visit this Video which explain how to weigh your garage door in order to find the right spring.
  • Installing the new spring: Let’s assume that you located a garage door contractor in New York, and found the right spring. Now you need to remove the old spring, and install the new one. If it is torsion springs, you must use torsion sticks, and no other tool. Which mean you also need to purchase torsion sticks. You need to adjust the new spring to have the right tension, so the door will stand in any position by itself when it is being used manually. A wrong adjustment and tension can be dangerous, and can result with serious injuries. Here is a Video that teach how to replace a torsion spring.
  • Testing the door: After you completed the job, you need to test the door. This is a dangerous part, which should be performed once everything is in place. The door may or may not work, but even if it will work, it doesn’t mean that it is safe for use. Since a trained technician in New York can locate problems and issues that you can easily miss
  • In many cases, replacing a spring also include replacing other broken or damaged parts like cables, pulleys, and even rollers. An experienced garage technician in New York can supply you those missing parts on the spot.
  • Garage spring opener repairs New York

Garage spring and opener repairs New York

There is a strong connection between the spring and the opener. Just like when we need to fix a rolling gate in NYC, we first make sure that all the other parts are in good condition and that nothing broke. The same goes for a garage repair in New York. We will first make sure that the garage mechanism is working, before we will determine where the problem is coming from. We often receive calls from customers in New York who tell us that they have an opener problem, and when we arrive we discover the issue is really due to a broken spring, and that there is nothing wrong with their opener.

Garage spring replacement in New York

Since we have been providing garage services in New York for many years, we know which the popular springs are, and we carry them with us. We can repair almost any broken garage spring in New York on the spot, and if we do not have the spring with us (Like custom made springs) we can deliver and install the new spring within 24 hours. We offer same day and emergency garage repairs in New York, and we can probably fix your broken garage today.
To us it doesn’t matter if it is a broken opener in Mt Vernon New York, or a new opener installation in Staten Island, we will fix it today. We have teams of professional technicians, who’s ready for all types of garage doors and rolling gates repairs, because this is what we do, and we like to think that we do it in a professional and reliable way.

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