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Garage Door Safety Sensors

  • Garage Door Safety Sensor

Garage Door Safety Sensors

  • Safety is above all, do not ignore it!
  • Every automated garage door should include a safety feature..
  • The safety sensors are important for a safe use of the garage door..
  • Make sure that your motorized garage door include safety sensors.
  • Check the safety sensors to make sure the door is safe for use.
  • Avoid using a broken garage door.
  • We repair and install garage door safety sensors.

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Garage Door Safety Sensors

Please note, the federal law demand, the every automated garage door, should include a reversing safety feature, which will protect the person or an object which will be placed at the garage door or rolling gate path while the door is closing. Again, this is not an option, it is by the law, who come to protect you, a member of your family, a pet, your car, or any other object which may be located at the entrance to your garage when the door is closing. Whether it is an automated garage door in Queens, or a garage door Brooklyn, they both should include a safety feature, such as the safety sensors, which should never be ignored, and should be correctly installed in order for your garage door to work properly.

Safety sensors troubleshooting

There are many possibilities, which can cause a garage door sensor to stop working: From a safety sensor which was misplaced, to a safety sensor which is broken or damaged, to a cut wire, which doesn’t signal the garage door motor that everything is ok, and it is safe to close the garage door. If your garage door sensor is broken or damaged, your garage door motor won’t close the door, and no matter how many times you are going to try and close it using the remote control, you will get the sane result: the door will only partly close, and then reverse to open position. The reason for that, is that the safety sensors signal the motor that something is wrong, and closing the garage door may hurt someone or something.

The safety sensors are there to protect!

There is only one correct way to install safety sensors. And you must always remember one important thing: The safety sensors are there to protect you. You may never need them and they may be the reason for garage door issues, but that one time when the safety sensors will protect you, your car, a member of your family or even your pet when it will pass at the door’s path when it is closing, worth the having them!
And even if we will ignore the need for safety sensors for your protection, every automated garage door, and it doesn’t matter if it is automated garage door in Richmond County, or a garage door in Rockland County New York, every garage door must include safety feature!

How NOT to install safety sensors

Last week, one of our overhead door technicians in New York replaced a broken garage door opener. When he inspected the old opener, he was surprised to learn that the old garage door opener was installed in a way which is both dangerous and illegal!
The technician who installed the old opener, was too lazy to install the safety sensors the right (and the only) way the garage door safety sensors need to be installed for overhead garage door. We attach the picture, so you can see the WRONG way they installed the safety sensors. When safety sensors are installed that way, it is missing the whole pint of having safety sensors that need to protect if the door is closing and there is something in the way. So if you are wondering How NOT to install garage door safety sensors? Look at the picture bellow, and see what you should never do!

Wrong way to install safety sensors!

How not to install safety sensors

Solving the sensor problem DIY

Before we start, we would like to make it clear, that every garage door problem, whether it is a garage door in Scarsdale, or a garage door Stamford, should be repaired by a licensed and trained garage door technician, who can repair the problem, and make sure that the garage door is safe for use.
The first thing you need to do, is to check that THERE IS NO OBJECT IN THE GARAGE DOOR’S PATH. If your garage door fail to close due to a safety sensor issue, there is something you can do to check that and that is to try and close the garage door using the push button. Another thing you can do is to check the sensors, and make sure that they are facing each other. Also make sure that there is no dirt the block the invisible beam, or that the safety sensor isn’t broken. Another thing you need to check is if the wire which connect the safety sensor to the opener isn’t torn or damaged. If you can’t find the problem, please contact us, and we will be happy to assist you.

Garage door safety sensor repair

A garage door safety sensor repair is a simple job, and it can be performed by any trained garage door tech. A good opportunity to check the garage door safety sensors, and to make sure they are working properly, and that the garage door is safe to use, is to perform a safety check, which is usually performed during the garage door maintenance. If you asked someone to perform a garage door maintenance for you, ask him to perform a safety check for the safety sensors, and by that make sure that the garage door is safe for use.


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