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Overhead Garage Door Maintenance/Tune Up

Many people tend to ignore the need of their garage door for a maintenance and tune up. Many times we hear things like: “why should I repair something which is working great”?
Well, you don’t have to maintain your garage door, and will probably continue to run the way it is working now, but the question is – For how long?
The same way that you won’t ignore the need if your car for an oil change and inspection (although the car will continue to take you from one place to another without the oil change), the same way with your garage door. If you will ignore the need for a maintenance, one day you will find that your garage door is not working, since the spring is broken, the opener is not responding or any other problem. But now a maintenance will not help, since now your door is broken, and beside the need for maintenance, you also need someone to fix the door, and that will cost you much more money than if you would of maintain the door on time.

The maintenance

The overhead garage door maintenance is a simple process that can be performed by any experienced overhead garage door technician. The maintenance include tune up for the garage door such as spring adjustments, opener adjustments, lubrication of some of the garage doors parts, and inspecting the garage door for broken, lose or damaged parts that need to be repaired or replaced.

Do it yourself

Although the garage door maintenance is not complicated, if you decided to do the maintenance by yourself, without the help of a garage door repairman, it is important that you will be careful, and make sure that you know exactly what you are doing. Before you begin, you must make sure that all the people who use the door are informed that you are performing the maintenance, and make sure no one is going to try and use the garage door while you are working on it. Even if all the people who use the door know about the maintenance, disconnect the opener from the electricity, and make sure to maintain the door is a safe way.

Garage Door And Safety

The overhead garage door serve us every day, and unless something is wrong with it, it seem like something that work in a perfect way whenever we need it. But not all people know that the garage door can be dangerous, and can cause damage and even serious injuries.
Most of the time, the garage door is the biggest moving object around the house (or the business in case of commercial garage door), and since the door is working using the power of a spring system, which is under tension, it is important that you will know exactly what you are doing, when you performing the maintenance.
If you are not sure what you are doing, or if the is something wrong with the door, please stop using it, and call a garage door company to assist you.

The Inspection and tune up

Safety check – part of the maintenance is to test the safety reverse system (automated garage door) to make sure that the door is safe for use.
Lubricate the parts of the door that need to be lubricated (including dive train and sprockets).
Inspect the garage door parts for lose, damaged or broken parts.
Check the connections of the parts to make sure all of them are tighten.
Adjust the garage door springs and opener.


Think about your garage door tune as you look at the tune up of the car you are driving. Can you say that a car, which just had an inspection and oil change, is not running better than before? So is your garage door – a proper lubrication and tune for the spring system and the opener, will improve the way your garage door operate. And if we will put the improvements, which will result from the maintenance and the tune up, the garage door maintenance is also an option to inspect the garage door, and to a chance to check the garage door in terms of safety and its parts, and will make sure that garage door is safe and ready for use.




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