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Garage Door Tips


Garage Doors Tips

Many people ask me: What is the cost of a new garage door? But the thing is that garage doors doesn’t have one price. Different doors have different costs. We installed garage doors for $499, and we installed doors for $20,000. A lot depend on the door and on the garage door installation. Some garages are built in a way that makes the installation more complicated, and some garages simplify things. The same goes for the doors: Some garage doors in New York are hollow steel doors, some made of wood, and some are aluminum and glass doors. It doesn’t make sense to expect all of them to cost the same.
Take for example the vehicles industry. They offer some great cars for different prices. But would someone think seriously to come and complain why a new Mercedes cost more than a new Hyundai? I don’t think so. So if I would like to answer the question: What is the price of a new garage door, and I would like to be right, I would say that a new garage door will cost anywhere between $500-$1,000,000. I think with that range of prices I covered most of the garage doors in the world :)

Garage door info

What is the problem with the garage door?

Again, this is an answer that can’t be answered with one answer, unless that answer is “many things”. There are so many parts that can break, and so many problems that can occur, that I can say that after 25 years of repairing garage doors in New York, I still did not see everything. But speaking generally, I can say that the problems are divided into few categories:

  • Opener problem: which include the garage opener and its accessories, including electrical problem. It can be a problem with the remote, the safety sensors, the key pad or even with the garage opener itself. And for that you need garage door repair service, or even a completely new garage door opener installation.
  • Problem with the mechanism of the door: That include all the parts of the door’s mechanism such as the spring system, the wires, the pulleys/the drums and more. In the event of a broken part, you will need to hire a local expert who can deal with such issues.
  • Problem with the door itself: Under this category we include the panels/sections of the door, and the hardware such as the hinges and the brackets.
  • Problem with the frame:  If there is something wrong with the door’s frame, you will need to take care of it as well. Some frame tasks require complete removal of the door and reinstalling the door.

Disclaimer: No matter what the problem is, a broken garage door should not be used, and we recommend hiring a local garage door company to repair the door.

Garage door tips and info

Tips for commercial overhead doors

Unlike the home residential overhead doors, the commercial doors can sometime be used many times a day, and when something break, or if someone hit the door with a vehicle, the door become extremely dangerous. I know that when you can’t close the door at the end of the working day, when you just want to get home, it might seem tempting to try and use aggressive ways to get the door to close. But is not recommended, since any attempt to force the door to close can end with injuries. Imagine a huge door, more than 2000 Pounds falling from the tracks, or losing the balance, this is something so dangerous that it can end with tragedy.
You might not know it, but many companies offer same day and emergency overhead doors repairs in New York City, You might need emergency rolling door repair, or commercial overhead door repair, hire a local expert for the job. No jammed door worth taking risks.

Tips for steel rollup doors

You might not know that, but commercial rollup doors work with the help of a steel spring. The spring is installed at the top of the gate, under the cover, but trust us, it is there. So if you have been wondering how come it is so easy to open the heavy steel push up gates (Or any other type of rollup doors and gates), it is the spring. Many of you might not know it, but the commercial rolling doors require maintenance. And the biggest tip we can give you is to make sure a qualified tech will grease and inspect the rolling door to make sure it is both safe for use, and that it is in operable condition.
If you are avoiding the rollup door maintenance trying to save money; you should know that ignoring the door and the need for greasing will end with a stuck or jammed rollup door, and the repair can cost you like 10 maintenance services. And when it happen at bad timing (Rollup doors tend to get stuck at the worst timing), you will find yourself spending a lot of money.

Garage opener tips

Tips for garage door maintenance

We take it as granted that our garage door is working smoothly any time any day we use it. But the way to a perfectly operating garage door start from high quality door, professional installation job, and no less important: on time maintenance and lubrication. Do not assume that of the door is working properly today it will work the same way tomorrow. You must lubricate the door and maintain it. If we will go back to the comparison to the car we are driving, it also require oil change and tune up every period of time, or every certain amount of miles.
If you want to learn more about garage door maintenance (Residential garage doors only!), you can watch the video bellow and learn how to maintain the garage door. But before going and lubricating the door, you should know that garage door maintenance is not a replacement for garage door repair. If the door is not working, get stuck or if the door isn’t working like it used to, there is a need for repairs prior to the maintenance.


Garage door maintenance Video

Tips for choosing a garage door

The best tip we can give you, and it goes for any garage door, whether it is a garage door in Manhattan New York City, or garage installation door in Bronx, is to invest in quality. Sound obvious right? So we can tell you that it is not that obvious. Many home owners look for the cheapest garage door installation, assuming that they are saving money by installing the cheapest garage door. But what they do not know is that they might be saving money at the moment, but when installing the cheap overhead doors 2 things usually follow: The door will not operate as the quality doors would, and they might need repairs soon.
Quality does not end with how long the door will keep working. It also on how the door will work, and what will be the level of insulation the door will provide. Tip: Even if your garage is detached from the house you live in, get an insulated garage door. They are just stronger and better doors, regardless of the insulation.

Tips for choosing garage opener

I personally replaced garage openers that were 25 years old or more. Some will say that they just don’t make the openers so strong anymore. Some will answer that it is still early to know. But just as we recommended about choosing a new garage door, and the same as we would recommend about many things in life, quality is your best friend when choosing a new garage door opener.
It can be a Lift master opener, or Genie opener. Make sure you are choosing the right opener for you. For example: The difference between a chain drive opener and belt drive opener is around 10-15% (The belt drive opener is a little more expensive), but when you look at it from the perspective of installing something that is going to serve you for 20 years, and sometime even more, that extra cost become reasonable. Very reasonable.
Now some will say that the belt drive opener is better and last longer than the chain drive opener. Some will agree and some will not, but the bottom line is: chain drive or belt drive opener, make sure you get a garage opener which was made from high quality parts.
We will not hide it, our preferred brand name is Lift-master. The openers they make are strong, reliable and for their price, they are a great return for the investment.

General tips about garage door

It can be someone who live in Brooklyn and looking for rollup gate installment, and it can be someone who is in search for garage door installer in Staten Island. If you live inside the house, or if you own the business, or planning on using the property for many years, Please invest in quality. You might be able to find people who will do form you a job for lower prices. But that is why wrote “A job” and not “The same job”: Always compare 2 apples. Matalonco Garage Doors also used to install cheap garage doors up until few years ago. But when we noticed that the cheap doors only last for few years, we stopped. And we will prefer to pass a new garage door installation to another contractor in New York, than to install garage door that we know will not last more than 5 years. Even if the customer will tell us that he only plan to use the door for 5 years, we still refuse to install low quality door, or to perform a poor installation. We have a reputation.

Short story about rollup door service

We believe that the best way to make a point is by an example, so we will share with you a story about a customer who refused to hire us for service, since we were little more expensive than another company, but at the end called us since he couldn’t open the door, and the company who installed the door for him did not answer his calls. We will always be there to help. And this one of the reason why you choose Matalonco Garage Doors – we will always be there for you.


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