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Need a garage door repair or rolling gate service in Yonkers? We can help. Matalonco Garage Doors repair and install garage doors and rolling gates from all brands in Yonkers New York. From garage door opener replacement, to broken spring repair, we can fix it today!
During years of providing high quality garage door repair and installation services in Yonkers, we acquire enough knowledge, so we can say clearly that there isn't a garage door problem that we won't be able to fix; As long as fixing it does not mean to break our strict safety rules.
Your rolling gate in Yonkers New York got stuck? You try to open the gate but there is no respond for the operator? No problem! We fix rolling gates from all models in Yonkers New York, and we will be happy to fix your rolling gate as well. To us it doesn’t matter if the rolling gate is out of track, if the operator is not responding, if the Key-Switch doesn't close the gate, if it is a rolling gate in Yonkers or a roll up gate in New York. With our same day repair service for roll up doors in Yonkers, we will fix it today.
Ask our customers, and they will all tell you the same things, that no matter if it is a broken garage door repairs in the Bronx, or a stuck rolling gate in Yonkers, we will always be there for you.


Broken Garage Door Repair Yonkers

A broken garage door in Yonkers NYC, or a stuck rolling gate, is an unpleasant experience that not once seems like it happen exactly when we need the gate to work more than ever. We, at Matalonco Garage Doors, are aware of the need to get your overhead door working again ASAP, and we know that people depend on their rolling gate to work every time it is needed, and if it won’t work again soon, you may not be able to open it at the morning, or to close it by the end of the day.
But there is no need to worry, you don’t need to sit and watch the whole night until someone will come to help you in the morning. Thanks to our emergency repair service, which offer a 24-7 garage doors and gates repair in Yonkers New York, you can feel safe that we will always be there for you, any time any day.
All Our garage doors techs, know to always do all that they can, to provide you with a quick and professional service, but not less important – for a reasonable price. All of them have successfully performed countless repair and installation projects, making sure that when they finish the job, they are leaving you with a perfectly working overhead garage door.
But they also know one important thing, that we train them to pay attention to, and which is not less important than getting the door or the gate to work again: fixing the problem is only half of the job; making sure that the problem will not happen again is the other half. It is important to locate the reason for the problem that lead to a stuck garage door or gate.
Many times the reason for the problem is lack of maintenance, and even if that is the case, they will teach you how to perform garage door lubrication, how to make sure that the door is safe for use, and will explain to you why garage door maintenance is so important.


Garage Door and Rolling Gate Safety

No matter how many times we have said it, when it comes to garage door safety, we think that those words cannot be written enough time: A broken garage door or broken rolling gate, no matter what the problem is, should not be ignore,, and should be inspected by a professional garage door technician.
Not once, the problem is a simple one, and can be fixed within minutes, like a safety sensors issue, or a garage door lubrication. But sometime the problem is from the kind that can lead to a bigger damage, and can even be dangerous to the people who use the garage door, or that come close to the rolling gate. So if there is something wrong with your garage door, we advise you to stop using it, and contact a garage door company in Yonkers, that will repair the door, but that will also make sure that your garage door or your gate are safe for use.

Tune Up

There are many reasons for a broken or stuck garage door in Yonkers. It can be a broken extension or torsion spring that need to be replaced with a new one, to a garage door operator that can't lift the door anymore no matter what the reason is.
But whether it is an out of track garage door, a torn cable, or a broken pulley, they all have one thing in common: a garage door maintenance and tune up, which was being done on time, could prevent it from happening.
Many people tend to ignore the need for a garage door or a rolling gate maintenance, and they wait until it is too late to maintain the door, that now need someone to fix it. In most cases neglecting your rolling gate ends with a maintenance service that include repair, and that cost you much more money than if you would of maintain it on time.
If you can’t remember the last time someone checked your garage door, or if it has been more than 6 months since the last tune up, you should contact a garage door company in Yonkers that will come and do the maintenance. If your garage door or roll up gate already making signs that something is working, it may be too late for maintenance, and if they need to be fixed, all the lubrication you will use to lubricate the door will not change the fact that you need someone to fix it first, and then to complete the tune up.

Spring Repair Yonkers New York

A broken garage door spring is not a pleasant experience, especially if the broken spring created some damage to the door to your garage door or to your car. When a spring snap, it is usually followed by a strong and scary noise, of a spring that was under a lot of tension break. The good news are that we can repair your spring, and we can even do it today, because to us it doesn’t change if it is a torsion spring for a commercial overhead door, or extension spring for a single garage door, we carry with us spring for most of the garage doors in Mt Vernon and Yonkers New York, and we probably also carry with us a spring that will match you garage door.

What to do if the spring broke?

Whether it is garage extension spring system in Yonkers New York, or torsion spring system, the best thing you can do to prevent a bigger damage, and to prevent injuries, is to let the people who use the door that the door to the garage is broken, and that they should not try and use it, because it is dangerous. Most of the time, the spring break when the garage door is down (Closed), since that is the point when the spring are under the most tension. Trying to push the door up, or trying to use the motor to open it, can end with a broken motor, and with injuries.

Why do I need safety cables?

The only reason that you need safety cables (If your garage door work with extension springs, this is no relevant for torsion springs) is for safety. The same way that the safety belt in the car has nothing to do with the way the car is moving, and the car will work the same way with or without it, the same goes for the safety cables. They are there for the day that the spring will snap, and to prevent part or pieces of the spring from flying around the garage and hurting something, or even someone.

Garage Door Spirng Repair yonkers NY

What will happen if I will not install safety cables?

We would like to answer that with a story that demonstrate why will never install extension springs with no safety cables, and hopefully you will understand why you should consider installing them, or let a garage door technician install one when he recommend it.
One of our overhead door technician in Westchester New York visited one of our customers who needed to purchase a new remote for his garage door. Our technician who inspected the door, noticed that there are no safety cables included in the spring system. He offered to supply safety cables for 15$ each cable. The customer refused, and said that the door worked fine so far, and it will in the future. 2 months passed, and we received another call from the same customer, saying that one of his garage door springs snapped. When the technician came, the first thing he told him was: Please include safety cables. Our technician replied that he was planning to do it anyway since this is our company policy, but he asked why he suddenly changed his mind.
He answered that when the spring broke, a small part from it fly from the garage straight to his car windshield, and cracked it. It cost him 579$ to replace the windshield, and he could save that money if he would of listen.
In this case, it only ended with a loss of money. But think what a piece of metal that cracked a windshield can do to a person. For your safety, and the safety of your family, check your garage door, make sure that it is safe for use, and that there are safety cables installed.

Opener Repair Yonkers New York

We can fix all brands and all types of garage door openers. Whether you own a Lift mater opener, or if you need a Gini opener service, we can help. We specialize in garage door openers repair and installation, and we carry with us openers from leading companies, such as Lift Master Elite Series openers and more.
We are often being asked if the best will be to purchase a new opener, and to use Matalonco Garage Doors for the installation, or to call you, and let you help me make the decision. And to answer that, we must tell you one thing: It is very rare that we install opener that was purchased somewhere else. Usually people trying to save money, and purchasing the cheapest motors, and then contract a garage door company to perform the installation, and after on or two years, when the motor stop working, they ask: But why did it stop? And to prevent you from doing the same mistake, we want to give you one suggestion: Invest in quality!

Lift Master

Lift Master Motor

There is a reason why lift master openers are considered to be reliable and strong. Because when they are properly use, they can last for many years. When you purchase quality opener, like the openers that we supply and install, you are receiving quality in return. There are many garage door opener suppliers in New York, and they may try and sell you cheap openers for surprising prices, but we have learned one thing: It is better to invest some more, and get in return a motor that will work for 20 years, and a motor that will open the garage door whenever we are going to need it.
Safety Sensors Repair Yonkers New York
We know that the safety sensors can be annoying, and we know that the safety sensors can be the reason for many times that you couldn’t close the door. But the safety sensors can be the reason the will save life.
Think that when you are closing the door to your garage, the opener is lowering the door in order to close it, And think that from the thousands of times you will close the door, one of the time you will leave something at the door’s path, or that you dog will run into the garage or out of it just when the door is about to close.
We can go on and on, and give even scarier examples. But instead we will say it in a simple way: There is a Federal law, which clearly require that every electric overhead door will include safety feature, to stop the door if there is something on it way.
Safety Sensors Troubleshooting
Most problems related to the garage door opener safety sensors happen when one of the laser sensor was pushed or moved by mistake, and now the sensors are not facing each other, which prevent the opener from closing. You need to understand that the opener won’t close the garage door, unless the safety sensors will “tell” the opener that the path is clear, and it will be safe to close the door.

Garage Door Supplier Yonkers NY

Garage Door Maintenance Yonkers New York

Every garage door need to be maintained. From garage door in Monroe County to garage door in Yonkers, to garage door in DC, they all need to maintain. Garage door tune up is important for preserving the smooth and safe way every overhead door should work like. When you perform a garage door m aintenance, you are making sure that the door is safe for use, you its movement, and you make sure it will continue to work as good as it worked before. If you own a garage door in Yonkers 10710 NY, make sure to perform maintenance as needed.
The maintenance can be done by do-it-yourself, and there are many articles online, explaining how to perform the maintenance by yourself. We recommend to read an article or watch garage doors videos about garage door maintenance, to learn how to maintain an overhead garage door. If you prefer to use our services, Matalonco Garage Doors offer same day tune up in Yonkers NY, so all you need to do is to call us, and we will be there for you today.
Do not wait until the door get stuck! Even if there is nothing wrong with your door, it still need to be maintained and lubricated. And on time maintenance will make sure that your garage door in Westchester County New York will continue to work in a safe and smooth way.

Off Track Garage Door repair Yonkers

If your garage door in Yonkers went off tracks, and it can be a residential door or an industrial one, there is a reason that made it happen, and attempting to fix the problem by simple pushing the rollers back into the tracks is not a solution to the problem. If you overhead door was hit by a car, if the cables snapped, the rollers brock, or if the tracks are bended or damaged, they should be fixed before the door can be used again. The only safe way to deal with off tracks garage door is to contact a local garage doors company in Yonkers, and to use a local garage door expert.  If you think that you can just force the door back into the tracks, you are risking in creating a bigger damage and injuries, since the nest time the door will go off the tracks, it may completely fell from them, resulting with damage and even death. Call a local garage door supplier in Yonkers to come and solve the problem for you.
If the door went off tracks, there must be a reason, since garage doors in Yonkers NY, as long as they were installed properly should be working smoothly and safely for years. A qualified garage door technician such as the technicians of Matalonco Garage Doorsshould have the ability to locate the problem, the cause to the problem, and make the door work again.

Garage Door Specialist Yonkers NY

Repair VS Replace garage doors in Yonkers?

The million dollar question! We wish it would be easy to answer with a YES or NO. Many of our customers in Westchester County wonder if the best decision will be to repair the door, or to replace it and install a new overhead garage door. To answer the question, a garage door specialist must visit the place, inspect the door and make the decision. In general, we can say that there are few cases in which we will recommend to replace a garage door in Yonkers instead of repair the door:

  • The door isn’t safe for use: When we see a garage door in Yonkers which is not safe for use, and the repair will still leave you with a door which is not 100% safe, we will recommend you to replace the door. Matalonco Garage Doors will not repair a door if we are not sure it will be safe for use once we completed the repair.
  • The costs of repairing the door: When the repair will cost you more than replacing the door, we will recommend you to replace the door with a new one. While servicing garage doors in Yonkers, we often find that fixing the exciting garage door will cost almost as a new garage door. In this case we will recommend to install a new garage door.

There may exceptional cases as there are many different garage doors in Westchester County. Some garage doors are custom made, or home owners in Yonkers New York who would like to preserve the current door for their reasons (To maintain the appearance of the house, sentimental values for the door which was created by a father and more). In that case, we will repair the existing garage door, as long as it will not break safety rules of using a garage door which is not dangerous.
But keep in mind that every garage in New York is different, and what may work for a garage door in Yonkers, may not work for a broken garage door in Somers. Only a technician on site will be able to determine what is the best action, and the best solution for the door.

Overhead Door Torsion Spring Repair Yonkers NY

Emergency Garage Door Repair Yonkers NY

Matalonco Garage Doors Offer same day repair for all overhead garage doors in Yonkers. It can be garage door repair in Yonkers or rollup shutter gate repair, Matalonco Garage Doors can help. Sometime the repair is a matter of emergency, like when you can close the door or you can’t get the door to open.  And sometime it can happen at the worst possible timing. It may stuck in close position when we are in a rush and cannot take the car Off the garage, or it can happen late at night, and we cannot close and lock the door, and we may wonder if we are going to have to leave it open the whole night. At that point you might wonder: Who offer emergency garage door repair in Yonkers?
Luckily you found Matalonco Garage Doors, since we offer same day garage door repair service, including emergency repair service in Yonkers NY. If you cannot close your overhead door, if the cable snapped, if the door went off track, or if you accidently hit the door with a car, we can help. The specialists of Matalonco Garage Doors carry with us the parts that we need to repair any garage door in Westchester County on first visit, so you can go back and use a garage door which work perfectly, and more important, a door which is safe for use.
We carry the parts with us. Which mean we can fix your garage door on the spot. We know garage doors in Yonkers, and we know which parts are needed in order to fix a broken garage door on the spot. Whether you need a Genie garage opener repair, or new Liftmaster garage door opener installation, if you are located in Yonkers, you are local to us, which mean that one of the experts of Matalonco Garage Doors can be there today.

Commercial Overhead Garage Door in Yonkers

Everybody want a strong and reliable overhead door. If you would like your commercial garage door in Yonkers to continue and work in a safe way, and to avoid the need for garage door repair service every other month, you need to make sure that a pro will maintain your garage door at least every 6 months. Although a residential garage door maintenance is a relatively simple process, a commercial garage door maintenance require deeper knowledge, and perfect understanding of the garage doors and the way they operates, since a commercial garage door maintenance, even if it is a garage door repairs in Somers, or a commercial garage door service in Mount Vernon, is not the place for guessing and assuming. And besides, the commercial garage door maintenance isn’t just lubricating the moving parts, but it also involve safety check and inspecting the door. There are online tutorials that explain how to maintain a garage door, but note that they refer to residential garage doors, which maintaining them can be done in a do-it-yourself way, unlike the commercial garage doors in Yonkers New York which require special tools and parts that cannot be found at any store.
Just take as example 2 basic tools that without them you cannot maintain a commercial garage door in Yonkers New York: Very tall ladder and torsion sticks. Any attempt to improvise, and replace the torsion spring sticks with something else can result with injury. Since the torsion sticks are designed for the work of torsion spring replacement. Springs that can get to high cycle of use and that can carry thousands of pounds in some cases. So our best tip to you: If you need to replace a broken torsion spring on commercial overhead door in Yonkers, call a local garage door supplier who know overhead doors in Westchester County to do the work for you.

Garage Door Repair Yonkers NY

Commercial Overhead door motor repair Yonkers

Not every overhead door in Yonkers is operated with an electric garage opener. But when it comes to commercial garage doors in Yonkers, most overhead doors include an electric garage opener. If you are experiencing hard time operating your overhead door in Yonkers automatically, you may assume that there is something wrong with the opener, when it may actually be a different reason. The way the overhead doors in Westchester County NY operate is when the spring system lifting and lowering the door, and the opener is only doing a relatively small amount of lifting. To make it easier for you to understand that, we can say that you should never install, or try to operate a garage door in Yonkers automatically – using an electric opener- if the door is not working perfectly when you are trying to use it manually.
So if there is something wrong with the garage door itself, for example: If one of the garage door cables snapped, if the drums are broken or lose, or if the springs are not adjust, it affect the way your overhead door opener behave, and to you it may look like the opener cannot lift the door. So whenever you are experiencing an issue operating your garage door using the electric opener, whether it is a Lift master opener, or any other brand of garage door opener in Yonkers New York, contact a garage door supplier in Yonkers to fix the door for you. We had cases when people replaced the garage opener with a new unit, just to find that the old unit was fine, and the problem is actually with one of the springs. But we have the ability to address any issue on the spot, it can be a garage door spring repair in Yonkers, or garage door opener repair in Syracuse, we have the tools and the knowledge to fix it right there on the spot.

Commercial roll up gate repair Yonkers New York

Sometime people call us, asking for our repair service, but not sure if it is a roll up gate or an overhead door. If you are not sure, you can read an article that answer the question: “Is it a roll up gate or an overhead door”. Whether you need a roll up gate repair in Yonkers, or an overhead door service in Syracuse, Matalonco Garage Doors can help. You may have maintained and services them on time, using the services of a garage door technician in Yonkers, but even the best commercial garage door or roll up gate in Yonkers 10710 NY can stop working sometime. There are many factors that can affect when and what part of the garage door will need to be repaired:

Commercial Garage Door Repair Yonkers NY

  • Where the garage door is installed?
  • How often the garage door is being used?
  • How old is the garage door?
  • How old is the garage opener?
  • When was the last time and how often it is maintained?
  • Did someone hit the garage door with a car or a track?
  • Does the spring system fit the door?
  • Are there any broken or lose parts?

But no matter what the reason is that force you to contact a garage door company in Yonkers to come and fix your overhead door or your roll up gate, there is one thing you should do whenever a problem appear: Stop using the door, and try to avoid walking bellow it, until a garage door specialist in Yonkers New York will examine the door, fix the problem, and make sure it is safe for use. Again, whether it is a rolling gate, a commercial overhead garage door, or a roll up door, do not use it before it will be fixed. And since we offer same day service in Yonkers, most likely that we can fix it today.

Emergency commercial garage door repair in Yonkers

There is never a good timing for a commercial overhead door or a roll up gate to stop working. And facing a broken garage door in Yonkers is never a pleasant experience, and when the case is a commercial overhead door it can even get worst. To help you get your commercial garage door working again ASAP, Matalonco Garage Doors offer 24-7 emergency commercial garage door repair services in Yonkers New York. Whether you need a garage door repair, or a roll up gate service, we will be there for you. Because garage door repair in Yonkers is what we do, and in order to become the best garage door supplier in Yonkers, we need to do it best. So we carry most parts with us, and we offer same day service (Sometime within an hour from the call).
The experts of Matalonco Garage Doors carry with us different garage door parts to fit most garage doors in Yonkers, and we are comminuted to 100% satisfaction for any garage door projects we accept. No need for long waiting, and no need to change your schedule. If it is an emergency repair, we will be there ASAP, and if not, we will be there whenever it is convince to you.
In the meantime, try to avoid using the door. Many cases of garage door repairs in Yonkers ends with a bigger damage, just because that owner of the door did not stop using it, and although it was obvious that there is a need for repairs, he kept open and close the door, which eventually burned the opener.


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