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A good overhead door, whether it is a residential garage door in Huntington New York or a commercial overhead door in Long Island, should be working properly and in a smooth way for many years. If you need to get service for your garage door in Huntington more than once every few years (Not including the garage door maintenance which we will discuss shortly), It mean that there is something wrong with the way your door was installed, or with the garage door itself. Since a garage door in Huntington, which was installed by a professional installer, who installed garage doors in Huntington in the past, should be working in a perfect way for many years, and except from the basic maintenance - that every garage door in Huntington should be provided with – shouldn’t require any other repairs service.
For that matter, it doesn’t really matter if it is a residential overhead door, a commercial garage door, or an automated overhead door, If you find that you needed service for your garage door in Huntington more than once in the last year, you probably need a local garage door technician in Huntington New York to perform an inspection for your garage door, and to find what is the reason that your garage door is not working properly. Look for a professional garage door contractor in Huntington, and ask them to come to where you are located, check your overhead door and repair it.

Garage Door Huntington New York

Garage Door Problem Huntington Long Island

When it comes to overhead doors in Long Island, the types and the kinds of the overhead doors are endless. There are many possible reason that can prevent an overhead garage door in Huntington from working. We would like to list few of them bellow, and to make it clear that garage door repair in Huntington should never happen more than once, and should not repeat once fixed. If for example one of your garage springs broke, and you used a professional garage door repairman in Huntington to replace the spring or the springs, you shouldn’t experience any issues with the garage door springs at least for the nest 8 years, and as long as the repairman used high quality overhead door parts.
If for some reason the spring of your garage door snapped again for some reason, you probably didn’t contact the right garage doors company in Huntington, or he did not provided you with high quality springs. There are many types of garage door springs in Long Island, and you should always aim for the best. Because quality is something that pay in the long run, whether it is a commercial garage door in Huntington or garage door in Great Neck.

  1. Problem with the garage door mechanism.
  2. Problem with the garage opener.
  3. Problem with the garage door frame.
  4. Problem with the overhead door itself.

No matter which one of the above is the problem you are facing, make sure to contact a professional garage door repairman in Huntington, since garage door repairs is something that you want to do once and not have to deal with it for the next few years. But for that you need a pro, and Matalonco Garage Doors offer that professional overhead doors services.

Garage Door Opener Repair Huntington

As we explained, there are many possible reasons that may require garage door repairs in Huntington. One of them is the garage opener, which include problems with the garage accessories such as the remote control, the push button and the Key less entry garage Keypad, which most automated overhead doors in Huntington are equipped with.
But wait, is it really opener problem?
Many of our customers in Huntington who call us to get garage door repair service, tell us that their garage opener is not functioning, and that they think they may need a new opener. But not once, when we arrive to their location and inspect their garage door and the opener, we find that the problem is actually a problem with their garage door mechanism, and not from the opener. In order to understand that, we need to explain about the garage doors in Huntington New York and in general and the way that overhead doors in Long Island operate.

broken garage Door repairs Huntington New York
The garage door electric opener IS NOT what make it so easy to open your overhead garage door! What lift the door is the spring system. And as a proof, every garage door, in Huntington or anywhere else should work and it should be easy to open and close even without the electric opener. This is the reason that when one of the spring snap, or need some adjustment, it affect the way the electric opener work, and since the opener need to do the lifting which the spring supposed to do, it may seem to you that you need garage door opener repair, when the problem is actually with the mechanism of your garage door.
But there is no need to worry. Matalonco Garage Doors offer both garage door and garage door opener repairs in Huntington, with our same day overhead door repairs, we can be there shortly and fix the problem, or install a new garage opener today. We carry parts for garage openers like Liftmaster, as well as new units, so whatever the problem is, we can fix it on the spot.

Which garage operator do I need if I live in Huntington New York?

There are many types and garage openers in Long Island. Some of them offer high quality openers, like Lift Master and Genie to name few, which are considered to be strong and reliable, and that can serve you for more than 20 years, as long as your garage door in Huntington is in good condition, and as long as the door will be maintained on time.
The most popular type of garage openers you find in garages in Huntington are the Chain Drive opener, and the Belt Drive opener.  We would like to explain about the differences between the 2 types of openers, and the reasons to choose one of the two. It is important to make it clear that when you are searching for a garage opener in Huntington New York, we recommend you to aim for the best, since like we said, a good opener can last for more than 20 years. Whether you need a new garage door opener in Huntington, or a new garage door installation in White Plains, always aim for quality, since it will ensure that you will get a strong and reliable garage opener, which will last for many years.
In this article about garage doors in Huntington, we will refer to the Lift master garage openers, which we consider to be high quality openers, and from the best garage openers you can find in Huntington and in Long Island NY.

Wooden Garage Door Huntington NY

Chain Drive Opener Huntington NY

Not for nothing the chain drive opener is our best seller in Huntington. This opener is working with steel chain, which is connected to the opener on one side, and to the garage on the other side, and by moving the chain along the rail, the opener is opening and closing the garage door. We often find chain drive openers for Lift Master which were installed more than 20 years ago and still working the same way they worked the day they were installed. This opener will be a wise decision, and it will serve you for many years. It is strong, reliable, and when installed by a pro, can work for many years.

Belt Drive Opener Huntington NY

The belt drive opener is as strong and reliable as the chain drive opener, with one big difference: The Belt drive opener is much quieter than the chain drive opener, and we install it at garages in Huntington where it is important for the customer to have an opener which will be as quiet as possible. The belt drive opener in Huntington is operating the same way as the chain drive opener operate, when instead the steel chain there is a rubber belt. Eliminating the sound of a steel chain which move along the rail, and replacing it with a quiet rubber belt is what make the difference.
The belt drive opener is our second best seller in Long Island, and it is recommended for people who want their opener to be as quiet as possible. Some people prefer to purchase the chain drive opener although it is noisier than the belt drive, since they prefer to hear the garage every time someone is using it, or if the garage is detached from the house, and the noise level become irrelevant. And since the chain drive opener is cheaper, if the noise level don’t matter to you, it may be better for you to choose the chain drive opener as you next opener for your garage in Huntington.
Again, no matter which type of garage opener you are going to purchase, the quality is what matter, and what make the difference between a garage door opener that will work for many years, and garage door opener that will need repairs or even replacement in less than 5 years.

Garage operator Huntington New York

Garage Door Spring Repair Huntington NY

The garage door springs, torsion or extension, is what allow you to easily open even the heaviest garage doors in Huntington New York. If you live in Huntington and own a garage door, you may not noticed it, but every garage door in Huntington using a spring system to operate the garage door, and to make it easier to use manually even the heaviest commercial garage doors in Long Island New York.
There are 2 common springs system for garages in Huntington: Extension spring system and torsion spring system, and we can repair or replace both of them. We carry different types of garage doors springs for different doors in Huntington NY, from garage door extension spring to heavy duty commercial garage door spring replacement, Matalonco Garage Doors of NYC can fix it today.

Who should fix garage door springs in Huntington?

The answer is only professional garage door technician. The reason we only recommend you to use a professional garage door repairman in Huntington to perform the spring replacement is that the garage door spring system can be dangerous. And using the wrong spring or installing it in a wrong way can be dangerous.
You might found some tutorials which explain how to replace garage door spring, and after watching it you may think: “Hey, I can do it by myself”. But what you don’t know is that the Video you watched was edited before uploaded, and you garage door in Huntington may need different springs, spring replacement method, tools and knowledge that they Video you just watched doesn’t offer.
OK. You may think that since garage repairs in Huntington is what we do, we have our interest in recommending to you to avoid repairing or replacing the broken spring by yourself, and to use the services if a professional garage door company in Huntington. But if you knew how many calls we receive from customers who tried to repair their garage door by DIY and ended up with bigger damage and even injuries, you would understand why we highly recommend to avoid trying to repair your garage door by DIY and contact someone who offer garage door service in Huntington.
It doesn’t matter if it is a garage door repair in Huntington or a garage door repair in Scarsdale 10538 New York, some things are better to be left for professional technicians, since sometime you try to save some money, and you end up spending sometime even double amount than the amount you would of spend if you were using a professional garage door repairman in Huntington.

Garage Door Long Island New York

Commercial Garage Door Repairs Huntington New York

Commercial garage door repairs in Huntington is not something for armatures, since it require heavy duty tools and parts, and above all deep knowledge of the garage door repairs. Unlike the residential garage doors in Huntington, the commercial garage doors may be used more than 10,000 times a year, which increase the speed of the door’s parts wear. And beside it, a commercial garage door in Huntington demand a more often maintenance than the residential garage doors in New York.
When it comes to commercial overhead garage doors in Huntington, it even more important to make sure that the door is working in a safe way, and that there are no broken or lose parts. Since the industrial overhead doors in South Huntington can be more than hundreds of pounds, you must stop using the door immediately when you notice that there is something wrong, and you should contact a garage door company in Huntington which specialize in commercial garage door repairs.
Unlike the residential garage doors, some parts of the commercial garage doors in Huntington like the torsion springs are custom made, when each overhead door require its own size of springs. We offer all kinds of garage door parts supply and installation in Huntington, and there was never a garage door project we couldn’t complete.
So if you are experiencing troubles operating your commercial garage door in Huntington, if the door is making loud noises, or if you cannot remember the last time a garage door technician in Huntington maintained your garage door, it may be time for you to contact Matalonco Garage Doors for a same day garage door services in Long Island and Huntington.

Garage Door Maintenance Huntington New York

There are many things you can in order to make sure you will get the best overhead garage door in Long Island: From purchasing a high quality garage door, from trusted garage door supplier in Huntington, to using the services of a professional and experienced garage door installer in Huntington. But once the installation is completed, there is one more thing which you should do twice a year, if you want to make sure that your garage door in Huntington will continue to work in a perfect way: To maintain and lubricate your garage door.
The garage maintenance is not a complicated process, and you can do it by yourself by following the guidelines of maintaining a garage door in Huntington. And by simply lubricating the door, and by tuning some of the door’s and the garage opener parts, not only that you improve the way the door is operating and moving along the tracks, but you will also preserve the door’s parts, and make sure it is going to continue and serve you for many more years. Every overhead door, residential or commercial, wood or steel, insulated or none insulated, need to be maintained and lubricated. It can be a garage door in Commack, or a garage door Rockland County, maintaining the garage door will increase the chances that it will remain in operable condition, and will not get stuck soon.

Repair or replace my garage door in Huntington?

Sometime it is better to repair the existing garage door and sometime it is better to replace. When it is better to replace and when it better to completely remove the old garage door and install a new one? This is a question that we are dealing almost every day during our garage door services in Huntington.
There are many different types of garage door problems and different solutions. Sometime simply fix the problem, and sometime we will recommend you to install a new garage door. There is one case in which we will replace the door, and refuse to fix it, and that is when the door is not safe for use. Sometime the garage door is in such a bad condition, that no garage door company in Huntington will take the risk and the responsibility of repairing the door. Beside when the issue is safety, in most cases we will consider all the options together with you, and make the decision whether to repair or replace the garage door.

Garage Door spring repair Huntington

There are few cases when we will consider replacing a garage door in Huntington instead of repair it:

  • As we said, we will not fix a garage door in Huntington if repairing it mean that the door will not be 100% safe for use.
  • If repairing the door will cost 50% or more from the value of a new door.
  • If the door require parts (Like a new panel) that cannot be found.
  • If the door is in bad condition.
  • If the door is located at the front of your house in Huntington.
  • If the door is rotten or too old to be repaired.

In all cases, we consult with our customers, and together, using our experience of many years in the garage doors repairs field we will try to get to the best conclusion for our customer whether to repair or to replace their garage door.

Garage Door Services Huntington

Matalonco Garage Doors offer same day garage door services in Long Island and in Huntington 10966. To us it won’t matter what kind of garage door service you need, since we offer solutions to all types of garage door problems in Huntington Station New York. Whether you need a new garage door installation in Garden City, a garage door spring replacement in Huntington, or rolling gate repairs in Long island, we are here for you.
Since we have been servicing Huntington for many years, we have the knowledge of which are the most popular garage doors in NY, and which parts are more likely to break and need to be replaced. And since we know that, we carry in our service tracks all the parts which may be needed in order to complete the repair of your garage door in Huntington on the first visit, and allow you to get back to using a perfectly operating and safe to use garage door.
Our services aren’t limited to residential garage doors. We can also fix all types of overhead doors in Huntington, since we consider ourselves as one of the best garage door company in Long Island, and as such we must have the ability to service all types of garage doors that can be found in Huntington County.

Emergency Garage Door Repair Huntington

Matalonco Garage Doors understand that there is never a good time for a garage door to stop working, and that not once the door can get stuck at the worst timing, when your car is locked inside. To help you get a repair service ASAP, we offer emergency garage door repair service in Huntington NY, so know that someone will always be there for you.
Here is a list of the garage door service we offer in Huntington:

  1. Same day repair in Huntington.
  2. Emergency garage repairs in Huntington.
  3. Torsion spring repair.
  4. Extension spring repair.
  5. Locked garage door open.
  6. Service all types of garage doors in Huntington.
  7. Garage opener repairs.
  8. Lift Master repairs Long Island.
  9. Genie opener repairs.
  10. New garage door installation.
  11. Residential garage door service.
  12. Commercial garage doors Long Island.
  13. Out of track garage repairs in Huntington.
  14. Garage door maintenance Huntington.
  15. Roll up gate repair Huntington.
  16. MYQ Garage Door Opener.


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