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In case you live in Hackensack New Jersey, or own a business in Hackensack, and you are using an overhead garage door and experiencing a problem with operating the door, you got to the right place. The experts of Matalonco Garage Doors have repaired and installed countless amount of commercial and residential overhead garage doors in Bergen County NJ. The overhead garage door you might be using almost every day is sometime the door which you are using the most to enter your house or where you work, in case you own industrial overhead garage door. And sometime there are more people who use the garage door as the main entrance to the house. It can be your wife who park her car inside the garage every day, and entering home directly from the garage. And since some garage doors in Hackensack may be used several times a day, simple calculation can bring us to the result that there are overhead garage doors in Hackensack that are being used thousands of times every year.
And when an overhead door in Hackensack is being used so often, and while most people ignore the need of garage doors is Bergen County for maintenance, we meet during our garage door service in Hackensack people with garage doors which are in very bad condition. Our job, as a professional and reliable garage door provider, is to provide our client with the best advice regarding their garage door. In some situations, repairing a garage door in Hackensack may be the best option, but not once it is better for you to completely replace the old overhead door with a brand new garage door. If you live in Hackensack NJ, and you are not sure what the best option for you, get in touch with a local garage door supplier in Hackensack, such as Matalonco Garage Doors and get your garage door serviced by a qualified garage door specialist.
Matalonco Garage Doors offer a variety of overhead door services in Hackensack and in Bergen County. We offer industrial & commercial garage door services, garage door installation, and even Storefront rolling gates and doors repairs. But we are not limited just to just the Hackensack area. If a client who heard about our service, but he live someplace else in Bergen County, we will never say no. Servicing overhead doors is what we do, and we will never say no to a client who need our help.
Although the information provided in this article about garage door repair & installation in Hackensack, home and business owners who own a garage door or a rolling gate can find it useful as well. So even if you own a garage door in Fairfax, roll down gate in NYC or commercial overhead door in The Bronx, you can find the information provided here useful.

Garage Doors Hackensack NJ

Garage door repair Hackensack New Jersey

Sometime the problem is simple to resolve, like a safety sensor adjustment, or garage door tune up (Which every overhead garage door in Hackensack require); and sometime it is a common problem, such as garage door spring replacement, which is a task we are dealing with almost on a daily base. The important thing when your garage door is not working properly or damaged, and it doesn’t matter if it is a garage door repair in Hackensack NJ or anywhere else in Bergen County New Jersey, is to not try and make the door work, or to try and force it using excessive force, when obviously there is something that need to be fixed. The best thing for you to do will be to get in touch a local garage door specialist in Hackensack, who offer same day and emergency garage doors and gates repairs so he can come and fix the problem, and allow you to get back to use a perfectly operating overhead door.
Matalonco Garage Doors offer to service any overhead door in Hackensack New Jersey, and with our same day garage door repair in Hackensack, we will repair the door broken door today. We have the experience to locate the problem on the spot, and wince we carry the parts for almost every overhead door in Hackensack with us, we can probably complete the repair on the spot.

Before Hiring Garage Door Expert in Hackensack

There are few things to know when hiring garage door expert in Hackensack New Jersey:
There are 2 things that a good garage door should include in the repair, and this goes for every garage door repair, whether industrial overhead door repair in Hackensack NJ, or for garage door repair in Annandale, the following things can be useful:

  • Every garage door specialist should be able to locate the problem, and should be able to fix it and get the door to work smoothly again. That is why we train all our overhead doors and rolling gates technicians in Hackensack New Jersey to make sure the located the problem first, and only then to start the repair itself.
  • The garage door tech need to find the reason for the problem, and repair it so it won’t happen again. Look for a garage door expert in Hackensack that try to prevent the problem from happening again and not just to provide temporary solution. To make things more real: If the garage spring broke, due to lack of lubrication, or due to age and excessive use, there is nothing much to do, besides repairing the problem and lubricate the garage door by the end of the job. But if the spring of your garage door in Hackensack 07601 broke since the springs weren’t the right springs for the door, or if the tension on the springs wasn’t right, the technician should replace both springs with the right springs, and make sure that the pressure is the right for the door.

Garage Door Spring Repair Hackensack NJ

We built a reputation as the best garage doors supplier in Hackensack New Jersey, and we will do anything to continue building and maintain that reputation. And in order to do that, we train our technicians to make sure that by the end of every repair in Hackensack, they need to make sure that the door is working properly, and that the client is satisfied with the final repair. We have performed countless amount of garage repairs in Hackensack, and we can proudly say that after so many years, no garage door task will surprise us. Just keep in mind that broken garage door should not be sued. You might be the owner of overhead garage door in Falls Church, home garage door in Penfield, or warehouse rollup gate in Manhattan, broken garage door should not be operated.

Garage Door Installation in Hackensack

If you decided to replace your old garage door in Hackensack New Jersey, and to install a new garage door, there are two things you should never ignore:

  • The quality of the overhead garage Door itself and its components.
  •  The skills of the garage door installer.

We would like to take some time and explain about these two variables we just mentioned, which become extremely relevant when planning to install a new garage door in Hackensack. These two parameters are relevant for all kinds of overhead doors, anywhere in the US. They can be used for new garage door installation in Hackensack, or new gate installation in Bergen County. The important thing is that when you keep those 2 things in mind, you are on the right track for a new high quality garage door in Hackensack. From the type of doors that will serve you for many years.

Overhead Garage Door & Parts

When you but a new garage door, you want to purchase a high quality garage door, from a reliable garage doors supplier in Hackensack. The kind of door that can last for many years, and which will give you the right value for the money you invested when you purchased the new garage door. There are many garage door manufactures, and if go and ask them, each one of them will probably say that they manufacture the best garage door is the best garage door in Hackensack New Jersey. We are not here to determine which garage door manufacture offer the best garage doors in Bergen County, but what we can say is that many times, the different between a high quality garage door and a low quality garage door is a matter of $20-150, but the difference is between a door that will last for 3-8 years, and a garage door which will last 20-40 years. So if you look at it as an investment, it is better to invest in the top quality garage door, and get a door that will work for many years.
Matalonco Garage Doors only install new garage doors from the top quality, and from the leading overhead doors brand names. Because we know that when we install a high quality garage door in Hackensack New Jersey, we are adding by that one more satisfied client to our list of happy customers. And since we have a reputation to maintain, we will always provide quality that will maintain that reputation.

Garage Door Motor Repair Hackensack NJ

New Garage Door installation Hackensack 07601

If you live in Hackensack, and you are looking for someone who install garage doors, Matalonco Garage Doors will be your best choice. We offer installation of garage doors from all brands such as Amarr and Wayne Dalton, in Hackensack, and guarantee you a high quality installation job.
Since we know that a high quality installation is something that will add one more satisfied client to our long list of satisfied clients near Hackensack, and since we have a reputation to maintain, we only use the best overhead doors technicians to do the installation, so by the end of the job, you will be provided with a perfectly working garage door. So, what are you waiting for? If you are located in Hackensack NJ, and need a garage door installation, get in touch us, and get your garage door repaired today. We offer same day garage door repair as well as new garage doors installations in Bergen County New Jersey. To learn more about garage doors repairs you can find an article written by DC Gates Experts about new overhead garage doors installations.

Garage Door Maintenance Hackensack NJ 07601

All garage doors and gates need to be lubricated and maintained. It can be a garage door in Tarrytown, a garage door repair in Buffalo, or anywhere else, they all need some tune up. And even if your garage door in Hackensack New Jersey is working fine and quietly, and there isn’t seem to be something wrong with it, it still need maintenance and lubrication once in a while as every other overhead door or rolling gate in Hackensack. Think about the vehicle you are driving. Even if the car is fine, and there is nothing wrong with it, it still need to be inspected at least once a year and be serviced, and no one will even consider ignoring the need of the car to be inspected. Just like the car inspection, a lot deepened on the condition of the car, and how often you use it. The same goes for overhead doors maintenance in Hackensack. How often you use the door, and the condition of the door affect the maintenance itself, and how often a garage door maintenance need to be performed.
No need to worry that the maintenance of your overhead door in Hackensack will cost a lot, or that it may take a long time. A basic garage door maintenance is not an expensive process, and can be performed by a qualified garage door technician. Beside lubricating the garage door parts such as the springs, the rollers, and other moving objects, overhead door maintenance should also include a garage door safety check, to make sure that the door operate properly, and to make sure it is safe for use, and by using the door you are not putting yourself or your family at risk. If the door need repairs as well, we offer same day and emergency garage doors repairs in Bergen County New Jersey, so we can fix your broken overhead garage door today.

Garage Door Repair Hackensack NJ

Garage Spring Repair Hackensack New Jersey 07601

First, we would like to make it clear, that a broken garage door spring, or any other problem with a garage door in Hackensack can be dangerous. A broken overhead door, whether it is a garage door torsion spring repair in Hackensack, or garage door coil spring in DC, should not be used, until a professional garage door technician will fix it and replace the springs.
And in case you have ever wondered how it can be so easy to manually lift and open even the heaviest garage door in Hackensack? How is it possible that a door that weight few hundred pounds can be open with one hand without too much force from you side? The answer is in the garage door mechanism, and of course the spring system.
Whether your garage door in Hackensack  is operated by extension torsion spring system, or with torsion spring system, many calculation were made by those who designed the garage door, so the right spring will move the door, and keeping the gentle balance that keep the door up when you open it, and keep down when you close it. There are many different overhead garage doors in Hackensack, and although all may seem the same to you, they are equipped with different springs.
Since the garage door springs are under a lot of tension, and sometime being used few times a day, a snapped garage door spring in Hackensack is not a rare problem, and definitely not a problem that require to replace the whole door, you just need to find a garage door expert who repair and replace garage door spring in Hackensack New Jersey, to come and replace the broken spring for you. At the same time keep in mind that broken spring can be dangerous since the spring is under a lot of tension. So no matter if your garage door’s spring in Hackensack spring snapped, or your overhead garage door in Batavia, STOP USING THE BROKEN GARAGE DOOR.

Garage Torsion Spring Repair Hackensack 

If your overhead garage door in Hackensack is working with the help of torsion spring system, and one or both of them snapped, do not try and use the door, because it is dangerous. A torsion spring replacement in Hackensack is not an easy project, and it should be performed by a garage door expert, who can fit the right spring for the door, and that will know how to replace the spring in a safe way. There are a lot of different sizes of garage doors in Hackensack zip code 07601 and in Bergen County, and not every spring can make every door work. For every overhead door, there is a set of spring that will make it work, and do not expect an overhead door in Hackensack or any garage door in Bergen County to work properly with the wrong set of springs. The springs that can make a garage door in Hackensack New Jersey working are probably different from the ones who make a garage door in Batavia works. So the best thing would be to call for a local garage door company in Hackensack who can send one of the experts to service the garage door, replace the spring and make the door works again.

Garage Door Experts Hackensack NJ

Lift Master Garage Door Opener Hackensack New Jersey

If you own automated garage door in Hackensack, and there is something wrong with the Lift Master opener you got to the right place. Whether it is a garage door repair in Webster or a garage roll up door repair in Hackensack, do not immediately assume that the problem is with the opener itself. There are many possible reasons that can make an overhead door or a roll up gate in Hackensack to look like there is something wrong with it. In many cases, the problem is from a different parts of the garage door or the gate in Hackensack, that affect the way the opener operate and moving the garage door. And sometime during servicing garage doors and rolling gates in Hackensack, we find that the problem is due to a problem with the roll door itself, rather than with the garage opener.
There are many garage openers in Hackensack. From Lift Master garage openers to Genie garage openers, and there are many garage opener suppliers in Bergen County. And whenever we need to make a decision which garage opener in Hackensack to purchase and install - since there are many garage door companies in Hackensack that offer Lift Master opener supply and installation in Hackensack, we can easily get confused, and make a wrong decision when aiming for the best garage door company in Bergen County New Jersey. Matalonco Garage Doors of Hackensack are here to try and assist you make the right decision, when purchasing a new Lift Master garage opener in Hackensack, combined with a professional installation for Lift Master openers, which, as we will explain soon, are our preferred garage openers brands when it comes to garage doors in Hackensack. Just keep in mind that a broken garage door should not be used. Whether it a garage door repair in Genesee County, or stuck garage door in Monroe, call a local garage door company to can repair it for you.

Why Lift Master?

We have been repairing and installing garage openers from Lift Master for the last 20 years. And after many years in the overhead door services in Hackensack we do not think that there is a kind of opener that we did not installed, repaired, services, and adjusted. Whether it is Lift Master, Craftsman or Genie. If you will search and ask professional garage doors technicians in Hackensack, you will find that there are many types of openers, when each one of the opener manufactures will say that they offer the best garage openers in Hackensack, in terms of strength, long lasting and warranty. And at least one of them must be right.
After countless openers repair and installation in Hackensack, from different garage openers brands, our preferred garage opener brand, which create garage openers that can last and serve you for 20 years and more (As long as the garage door itself is working fine), are the openers created by LIFT MASTER. Whether it is their powerful chain drive opener, their silent belt drive opener, ½ Horse power, or their commercial garage door openers, the Lift-Master garage openers are from the kind that you can trust to do the job for many years, and as long as you garage door or roll up gate in Hackensack is working fine, the opener will last from many years. And this is the reason why we choose Lift Master as our preferred garage opener in Hackensack.

Garage Door Installation Hackensack NJ

Which garage opener to install?

Let’s assume that you own a garage door in Bergen County or overhead garage door in Fairport, and you are interested in installing a new garage door opener. When searching online or asking around, you will find that there are many garage door’s motors manufactures in Bergen County, and many garage motors installers. You may consider purchasing the garage opener by yourself, and to contact a garage door contractor in Hackensack for the installation. Or you can contact a roll up door technician in Hackensack to supply you with a new opener and to perform the installation. 
We recommend you to use the same contractor to supply you with the opener, and to perform the installation, and we would like to explain why: When you purchase the opener form a different place, the installer will not take responsibility for the opener itself and the parts even if it is a Lift master you purchased in Hackensack New Jersey. And if one day you will experience problems operating your Lift Master opener in Hackensack, the installer may not repair it under warranty since he did not provide you with the opener.
Another reason why it is always better to purchase the opener directly from the garage door installer, whether it is a new garage opener Bergen County, or simple garage repair in Le Roy, is the type and kind of opener you will purchase. When the installer is at your location, he can see your garage door, and recommend to you which Lift Master opener will be the best for you, whether it is a chain drive opener a belt drive opener or a ¾ opener. We carry all kinds of Lift Master openers in Bergen County, and we can provide you with an advice based on our experience which garage opener will be the right opener for you.

Lift Master Garage Opener Installation Hackensack

The garage opener installation process in Hackensack is an important part on your way to a new Lift Master garage opener. To get the right Lift Master opener is not enough to say that you got the best garage opener installation service in Hackensack, since if you purchased the best opener by yourself, but did not contact a professional garage opener installer, you will not get the quality that a Lift Master opener offer.
You can go and but the best Lift Master opener in Hackensack, but if you will decide to install it by yourself without the proper tools and the knowledge, or use the services of a handyman which is not an experienced overhead doors technician, who dealt with Lift Master opener installation in the past in Hackensack, you will not get the full potential that a Lift Master opener can give you. We recommend you to purchase the opener and use the services of a garage installer in Hackensack, instead of purchasing the opener in one place, and then looking for someone who can install a new opener near Hackensack for you. We offer both high quality Lift Master openers in Hackensack, and installation services for all kinds of garage openers, whether it is a roll up gate service in Hackensack, or a roll up door repair in Bergen County.

Commercial Overhead Garage Door Repair Hackensack NJ

Commercial Overhead Door Repair Hackensack NJ 07601

When an overhead garage door get stuck, out of tracks, the cable snapped or the spring, and it can be a commercial garage door in Hackensack, or commercial garage door in White Plains NY, the first you should do is to stop using it, and to get in touch a local garage door company who offer same day garage door services in Hackensack New Jersey.
Many times when we arrive to service industrial garage door in Bergen County New Jersey, we discover that beside the problem which prevented the garage door from working in the first place, there are more problems which accrued due to repeat trying to operate the door although it is broken. In most cases, if you will try to force the garage door opener to open or close the garage door, instead of using a garage door service in Hackensack NJ 07601, you will burn the opener, something that eventually will lead to a bigger damage and as result to a repair that will take longer, and that will cost you more. And as the owner of a business in Hackensack NJ, you probably know the value of a garage door which operate perfectly, and that doesn’t require overhead door specialist to come and service it every other month.
Matalonco Garage Doors specialize in industrial garage doors repairs and installation in Hackensack New Jersey. We offer same day repairs for broken industrial and industrial overhead doors in Hackensack, and there is no problem we can’t solve. It can be a broken industrial garage door spring repairs in Hackensack, or new overhead door installation in Bergen County, we can fix it. You can check out many garage door galleries, like our gallery, or a gallery of garage door in NY, and find the right garage door for you. It can be a walk-through garage door (Small door inside the garage door), or a glass and aluminum garage door. The important thing is to invest in quality. And quality is us. So if you look for high quality garage doors in Hackensack NJ, we can help.
Keep in mind that no broken garage door IN Hackensack worth the safety of your family, and the possibility of you getting injured during an attempt to fix your broken garage door by yourself. Even if you need emergency garage door repairs, any time, any day, we will be there to help you. All you need to do is to call Matalonco Garage Doorsnow, and we will fix your garage door today. In Hackensack, in Bergen County New Jersey, we can fix it.

Rollup Gate / Rollup Door Repair Hackensack NJ

Our garage doors and gates repairs in Hackensack:

  • Hackensack garage door repair.
  • Hackensack 07601 Garage door installation
  • Hackensack NJ garage door spring.
  • Hackensack garage opener repair.
  • Roll up door repairs Hackensack NJ 07601.
  • Liftmaster repairs in Hackensack 07601.
  • Hackensack Residential garage door service.
  • Garage door maintenance Hackensack.
  • Emergency garage door repairs in Hackensack 07601.
  • Industrial garage door repairs in Hackensack NJ.
  • Rolling Gate Repair in Hackensack.
  • Storefront rollup door repair Hackensack.


Garage Doors Services Hackensack NJ

Garage Door Repair NJ

Same Day Garage Door Repair Matalonco Garage Doors can repair any broken garage door: From commercial overhead garage door repair in Hackensack, to home garage door repair in Westchester County, the experts of Matalonco Garage Doors can help. We have the knowledge, the parts and the tools to service any broken garage door or rolling gate in Hackensack New Jersey. Just give us a call at 201-660-9922 and one of garage doors experts will be happy to help. We offer same day garage door repair in Hackensack NJ, and that means we can repair and get your garage door working again today. Broken spring, or broken garage door opener, if it is a garage door repair in Somers New York, Matalonco Garage Doors can help!

Garage Door Installation Hackensack NJ

If it is time to replace your old garage door in Hackensack NJ, and install a new overhead garage door, our garage doors experts are ready to help you make the right decisions on your way to a new overhead garage door. But before we get into the new garage door and the garage door installation, we first need to determine whether you really need a new garage door, and what are the reasons to replace the current door. And in order to answer that, we need to first answer an important question that every garage door technician in Hackensack New Jersey need to answer almost every day while servicing garage doors: Repair or replace the garage door? And in order to give you the best answer we need to know few things or send one of our garage door specialists to come to your home or business in Hackensack NJ and inspect the garage and the door. To learn more about new garage door installation, we recommend to read the article written by DC Gates Experts. And learn about new garage door installation.

Garage Door Services, Hackensack, New Jersey:

  • Garage door spring repair Hackensack.
  • Garage sensors repair Hackensack nj.
  • Garage door panel replacement Hackensack.
  • Same Day Garage Door & Gate Repair.
  • Garage door cables replacement Hackensack.
  • Garage door Hinge replacement Hackensack.
  • New Garage Door Installation Hackensack.
  • Safety cables installation Hackensack.
  • Garage maintenance and tune Hackensack.
  • Commercial overhead door Repair Hackensack.
  • Garage frame repair and installation Hackensack.
  • Window section repairs.
  • Rolling Gate Installation.
  • Roll up gate repairs Hackensack.
  • Garage opener repair Hackensack NJ.

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