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If you think about, today, when you can find tutorials for almost anything online, there is almost nothing you can’t do by yourself, as long as you are willing to put the time and the efforts. It can be a store front door repair, a garage door repair, or building a new wall or room in your home. But the problems start when it is not exactly clear what exactly need to be done, and when you are trying to “think” that you figured everything before you even finished watching the tutorial. And maybe the worst thing will be when you think that you know better how to perform the repair.
And by “know better” we do not mean using common sense, which is a must in every home improvement DIY repairs, but rather when you think that you know better than the people who created the tutorial, and who share the experience and their knowledge with you.
In this article we will try to share few stories of people who tried to repair their overhead door by DIY, tried to install a new garage door, or just to maintain the garage door. We are located in New York and offer garage door service in New York, but the information we bring here can be used anywhere. It can be a new garage door installation in Greenwich CT, or a garage door repair in Washington DC, everyone can learn something from the cases we will bring next.
This is not an article about how to fix a garage door. If you would like to read and watch Videos about garage door repairs, you can visit one of the following sites or Videos:

Case study of DIY garage door spring replacement

Once we got a call for emergency garage door repair in Staten Island. When we arrived to the location of the job, we found a closed commercial glass garage door, and 2 people locked inside and can’t exit the location since the commercial overhead door is stuck. Since we have our methods to open any locked garage door, we opened the door and secured the door in open position. The two people who were locked inside the garage, thanked us and started to explain what happened:
Apparently they needed to replace a broken overhead door spring, and they were able to locate a garage door supplier to supply them with the right torsion spring. The funny part was that they thought that just by replacing the broken spring the overhead door will work again, but what they didn’t do – and if you know a little about overhead doors, you will probably find it funny – was to put tension on the spring. They closed the door, and the door fell down with no way to open it again. So getting the right part for the repair is only half of the way, replacing the broken garage door spring, and it doesn’t matter if it is a garage door repair in the Bronx, or a garage door repair in bay Ridge Brooklyn, is something that you need to learn.
Luckily this case ended with no injuries, and with small extra damage to the door that we were able to fix on the spot. We at Matalonco Garage Doors learned that sometime it is better not to supply garage door parts such as springs, since when the person who buy the parts doesn’t know how to install the part correctly, he blame it on the part, and not about the fact that he is just not professional enough.

Garage door spring DIY

Case study: of DIY garage opener installation

We once received a call from someone who asked us how much we will charge to install a new garage door opener in New Rochelle, for a new garage opener that he purchased. We answered that the installation will cost him between 150-300$, deepened on the door, the opener and the structure of the garage. He answered that he will give us 50$. Of course that we refused politely, and he said that he will install the new opener by himself.
2 days later we receive a call from the same person, asking us to come and install the opener for him. We asked what happened and he answered that he couldn’t complete the installation. We sent him our garage door repairs expert, and when he arrived to the house of the customer, he found 2 problems:

  • The first problem: The head room above the door was too narrow to able a garage door opener to open the door without certain modifications. And every time the customer was trying to open the door with the remote, the door hit the rail so the garage opener can’t open the garage door.
  • The second: From all the repeated attempts to make it work, the opener got over heated, and needed new board. So the new opener could not be used. When we told it to the customer, he was shocked, and asked us to put a new opener. We told him that we do not install cheap and low quality openers, and that we only install Lift Master garage openers.

At the end we did the required modifications for the door, and we installed a high quality garage door opener made by Lift Master, and the customer ended paying double, instead of understand that not everything is as simple as it may seem online.

New garage door diy

Case study new roll up door installation

When you look at your roll door, and it doesn’t matter if it is a roll up door in Manhattan, or a rolling garage door in Yonkers, you probably think that it is simple to install a new door: You just need the tracks, the door and the door will work. And that bring us to our third case, of the contractor who tried to install a new garage door by DIY.
We once received a call from a general contractor, who asked up for an estimate, and then decided that he and his crew can install a new roll up door in NYC by themselves. He called us at 1 AM, and practically begged us to send someone to help him. He committed to the owner of the store that the new store front gate will be installed by tomorrow morning, and he wasn’t even close to complete the installation. No matter what and how many times he tried, the door just refused to move.
We went there and helped him. We asked him and his crew to let us work, since we needed to take down everything he built, and re install the rolling door. After 3 hours the roll up door was working again. But this time he needed to pay for removal as well.
Things may look simple when you are watching a roll up door repair tutorial, but in real life, when you are actually in front of the door or the gate, it will probably be different.

Case study DIY Garage door cable replacement

This story can show how dangerous overhead doors can be, and why sometime the best thing will be to use a garage door expert in New York to fix your overhead door. We once received a late nigh call for a commercial property in Brooklyn New York, where there was an overhead door that collapsed. When we arrived, we learned that once of the employees tried to operate the door manually (Since the opener stopped working) and he tried too hard until the second cable (The first cable snapped already) also snapped, and the door collapsed. All the window section broke, and there was a huge damage to the door and to the property.
The thing is that it magically ended with no injuries. Since the door is weighting more than 2,000 pounds, and if someone or something was placed bellow it, no one can tell how it could end. You can read here about someone who tried to install commercial garage door and died during the installation.
Every overhead door, and especially the commercial overhead doors in Westchester County can be dangerous. Trying to repair them when you do not have the knowledge, or the tools and the ability to deal with heavy duty over door, can easily result with injuries and even death.


Case study DIY rolling gate repair

We always repeat it to all our technicians, during the training and during the garage door repairs seminars we perform, is to never try and improvise. Every job, and every part of the job has its own designated tool for the job. And there is a reason why there are torsion springs for overhead doors torsion spring repairs, and why there is a certain tool to cut the steel cables.
And the next case is about rolling gate repair attempt. We once received a call for emergency roll up gate repair in Brooklyn New York. When we arrived, we found that the owner of the store did the worst possible and dangerous thing: He tried to stand together with 2 employees on the roll up gate, to force it to come down. And what happened is that the whole roll gate collapsed, and got disconnected from the spring, and thank god no one got injured.
The thing with roll up gates, is that we are used to them work smoothly all year, and to open or close when we need them to. Bur sometime a problem show, and this problem cannot be solved unless a professional roll up gate expertwill take care of the problem. If there is a broken spring, you will not be able to repair the roll up gate without replacing the part, so what good will it do to try and fix it by yourself?
There are companies who offer emergency garage doors and overhead doors repairs in Manhattan New York and around NYC. So there is no need to try and fix it by yourself. You just need to put yourself at risk. Just call a roll up door specialist to come and fix it for you.

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