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Garage Door Repair Far Rockaway

Garage Door Repair Far Rockaway

The key for a perfectly working garage door, residential or commercial, a garage door repairs in Brooklyn New York, or a garage door in Smithtown Long Island, start from 2 basic things: A high quality garage door, and yearly maintenance service (Preferably twice a year). If you purchased a high quality insulated garage door, and you performed a deep garage door maintenance, including everything a good garage door maintenance include, there is no reason why your garage door won’t work in a perfect way for many years. If you are looking for a high quality garage door installation, or a professional garage door service in Far Rockaway New York, you got to the right place.

Garage Door Repair in Far Rockaway

The reasons that may prevent an Overhead garage door from closing or opening are many, and most of them can be prevented with a professional garage door maintenance. But if your garage door stopped working, whether it is a broken spring, an opener which suddenly stopped, or any other problem, that stop the garage door from working, there is no need to panic, and you won’t have to get a new garage door, since a professional garage door technician can repair almost every problem.

What is the key to a good garage door repair?

Every professional and responsible garage door repair in Far Rockaway, or anywhere else for that matter, include 3 parts: Locating the problem and the damaged part, repairing it, and making sure that the problem wont repair itself, and the garage door will need another repair soon. If the technician failed to complete one of the parts, he did not performed a professional work, and the garage door may need another repair in few months or even weeks. But if the technician did all the parts, located the problem, repaired or replaced the broken part, and also made sure that the reason to the problem is also solved, then there is a good chance that the door will work again with Zero problems in the future.

How to repair a garage door?

If you are located in Far Rockaway, and you are searching for someone who repair garage doors, and offer a same day service, you are lucky since you just found them. Matalonco Garage Doors offer same day garage door repair in Far Rockaway, and since we carry all the parts and the tools which are needed to fix almost every garage door in Far Rockaway, you can be sure that your garage door will work again today.
A garage door repair is not an easy process, and if it involving a mechanism problem you may want to consider contacting a garage door repairman to do the repair for you. Yes, you can find a “do it yourself” garage door repair after a quick search on youtube, and we would like to say few words about that:
Do it yourself garage door repair, Yes or NO?
There basic garage door repairs, that can easily be performed by you, as long as you have the basic knowledge of using tolls, and about the way the garage door operate. But when it comes to heavier repairs, such as torsion spring replacement, rollers replacement, and opener replacement, you may consider calling a garage door company in Far Rockaway. When you watch you tube Videos, they make it seem very easy to repair every garage door problem, and even to install a new garage door. But there are few things you should consider, before running to purchase new spring to replace the one which snapped:

  1. The people you see in in the Video are trained garage door technicians, and they spare from you all the little problems that can complicate every repair.
  2. They usually use the perfect parts for the repair, such as the springs, but if you will accidently install the wrong part for your garage door, it may result with serious injury.
  3. On the Video you see how to repair a certain garage door, which may be different from your garage door in Far Rockaway that need to be repaired.
  4. A garage door can be dangerous, and if you don’t fully understand its mechanism, you may consider contacting a garage door repairman in Far Rockaway to repair the door for you.

Yes, it may seem like we are against a do it yourself garage door repair, which is not necessarily true. We encourage people to do the simple repairs and maintenance by themselves, since they don’t require more that toll box and good hands. If your sensor fell off, or your garage door need some maintenance, you can easily repair it by yourself, but please, leave the heavy and the complicated repairs for the pro.




Snapped spring replacement Far Rockaway

Every garage door is working with the assistance of spring system. Some works with torsion spring system, and some work with extension spring system, and when one of the springs snapped, the door need to be repaired ASAP if you are planning to use it again anytime soon.
Torsion Spring repair
As we mentioned earlier, a spring replacement should be left for the professional. And when it comes to torsion spring replacement, it is even more important. The process of replacing a torsion spring involve certain knowledge, the right torsion spring in terms of weight and size, and the knowledge of the right way to replace a torsion spring. Not every garage doors spring fit every garage door, and in some cases, it is possible that even the same size as the springs which you got installed right now will not fit the garage door anymore. If you look around, and see the amount of garage doors which you can find in Far Rockaway, you will see that they are from different kinds, sizes and shapes. Some garage door equipped with window, some are insulated doors, and some are custom made wooden doors, so you can’t expect the same springs to fit all of them.
But besides matching the right torsion spring for your garage door, replacing a torsion spring that snapped can be dangerous, since the spring is under a lot of tension, and a wrong installation can result with serious injuries.

Garage Door Opener Far Rockaway

If you own an automated garage door, which work with the assistance of a garage door motor, you probably know how convenience it is to use the motor every time you need to open and close your garage door. There are many kinds of garage doors openers in Far Rockaway, many brands will tell you that they offer the best garage door openers in Far Rockaway, and that their opener will last the longest. We are not here to determine which opener is the best, but what we can do is to specify the garage door openers kinds you can find in the market:
Chain drive opener: This opener is the most common opener you will find in Far Rockaway, since it is offer a strong opener, operated by a chain that run along a rail, and by doing so open and close your door.
Belt drive opener: The same idea like the chain drive opener, but with this kind of opener, a rubber belt replacing the metal chain, and by that eliminate the noise of a moving metal chain, which make this opener to a much quieter opener.
Screw drive opener: This is opener will be the best choice if you are planning to purchase an opener and install it by yourself.
As you may probably find if you search online for a garage door opener, you will find many options for garage door openers. But no matter if it is a garage door opener repair in Brooklyn, a roll up door in NYC, or a garage door repair in Staten Island, we always recommend you to invest your money in high quality products, since a high quality opener, that was correctly installed can easily serve you for 15-20 years as long as you make sure to maintain your garage door on time.

Commercial Garage Door Repair Far Rockaway New York

Beside residential garage doors, we also offer repair and installation for commercial overhead doors in Far Rockaway New York. A commercial Overhead door, whether it is a roll up door in NYC, or a rolling gate in Queens, which is not working, broken, out of track, the cable snapped, or any other reason that lead to a garage door which is not work like it used to should not be used, and should be repaired by a trained commercial garage door technician. A commercial Overhead door can be dangerous if being misused, and can cause serious injuries and even death. We recommend you to immediately stop using the door, until it will be repaired and be safe for use again.



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