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Matalonco Garage Doors provide repair service for garage doors from all brands in Ossining NY 10562. Whether it is a residential garage door repair, commercial garage door repair, or overhead door opener repair, we will fix it. And we will always do our best to provide you with the service that made us so famous and into a trusted garage door company in New York. All our garage doors technicians in Ossining New York are trained and experienced, and successfully fixed hundreds of garage doors in Ossining NY. Our garage door technicians knows, that no matter if it is a garage door that need to be repaired, or a gate that need to be fixed, they should always do their best to give the best service for the best price, maintaining the reputation that was built from years of experience in repairing and installing new garage doors near Ossining NY 10562.
Matalonco Garage Doors is located in New York, and offer a same day garage door repair service in Ossining NY, for all kinds of garage doors. Just call us, and we will send someone to fix your door today. We can repair broken garage door after it was being hit by a track, unlock locked garage door, bring roll up gate back into tracks, and of course install new overhead doors in Ossining New York.

Our repair service in Ossining New York

From residential garage door repair, to commercial garage door installation, we are the answer for all your garage doors needs in Ossining. Our reputation build from hundreds of satisfied customers, who will tell you, that when it comes to garage door repair in Ossining, Matalonco Garage Doors is the company that will provide you with a quick and efficient garage doors services in Westchester County new York. Since we know that sometime you want someone to fix your garage door As soon as possible. And we know that sometime a broken garage door can be the cause to a lot of frustration. So we say - Why should you wait? We will can repair your overhead door in Ossining New York today, and since if you are located in Ossining you are local to us, we can probably be at your place in an hour, and repair broken garage door on the spot.

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Video about garage doors repair and installation services in oSSINING New York. You can dind a gallery of overhead doors in Ossining NY 10562

Garage spring Repair Ossining NY

When your overhead door spring snapped, stop using the garage door, and for sure stop trying to force it to work, whether remotely or manually. Using an overhead door in Ossining with a broken spring will lead to a deeper damage, but more important – it is dangerous. There are many sizes of springs, each one of them is designed to fit certain doors. We carry garage door springs from different sizes and weights of overhead doors in Ossining, in order to replace the broken spring on first visit. Whether it is a torsion spring replacement, or extension spring garage door repair in Ossining, we can replace it today. We service all Westchester County New York, but not limited to that area only, as a company that service all New York.

Broken spring and garage door safety

To understand how dangerous it can be, to use an overhead door in Ossining 10562 with a broken spring, you need to understand the mechanism of a garage door, and the part of the garage door spring in the garage door operating. Some overhead doors in Ossining can weight hundreds of pounds, but they can still be lifted with a gentle push, and the thing that make even the heaviest overhead door in Westchester County move so smoothly is the spring system.
If one of the springs, or both garage door springs snapped, the door is out of balance, and there is nothing to support and balance it. If there are no springs to support, the door can crush into the ground and break (And hurt someone or something in its way), or if it closed, it may be difficult (And dangerous!!) and sometime even impossible to lift it.
There is no need to use a broken garage door in Ossining. We carry with us springs from different sizes, in order to repair you garage door today, if you live in Ossining, and you need a garage door spring replacement, please contact Matalonco Garage Doors for a same day service.

Garage door opener repair Ossining

If you live in Ossining, and you need someone to fix your broken garage door opener, you got to the right place. We offer same day opener repair and installation service. From Liftmaster opener, to Genie motors, we can repair it. Sometime the problem can be solved, and repairing the opener will be the right decision, and sometime repairing the opener in Ossining will be a bad decision, and in that cases we will completely remove the opener and install a new garage opener. We carry parts for all garage motors in Ossining New York 10562, so you do not need to worry if we will or we will not be able to solve the garage door opener issue. Since there was never a garage door issue in Ossining we couldn’t solve.

Garage door Ossining New York 10562

Garage opener troubleshooting Ossining

The garage door opener is not responding? The remote control doesn’t open the door? The door is closing only half way? We are here for you. But before we give you some simple solutions to basic garage door opener troubleshooting in Ossining NY, we first like to let you know that not every time that the opener can’t lift the door means that there is a problem with the opener. Sometime the opener cannot lift the door due to a mechanism problem.
It may seem to you that the opener is lifting the garage door in Ossining when it is opening, but the truth is that the opener is only doing like 5% of the lifting, and the spring system is doing the rest. So if there is a problem with the door’s mechanism, like a broken spring for example, the opener may not be able to lift the door, or it may seem like it is difficult for it to open it. And to you it may seem like there is a problem with the opener, when the problem is actually in the mechanism. But there is no need to wonder, we fix all garage door problems in Ossining, whether it is a garage door opener issue, or a broken garage spring repair in Westchester County.

Out of track garage door Ossining

Overhead doors in Ossining don’t just go out of their tracks. There is a reason why an overhead door in Ossining is going out of track. If your garage door mechanism is fine, there is no reason for a garage door to go out of its tracks just like that. It is possible that someone hit the door with a car, and it pushed the door out of the track. It may be due to a mechanism problem, or maybe the track itself is broken or need some adjustment.
No matter what the reason is, that made your overhead door in Ossining go out of its tracks, pushing the door back into the track is not enough, is dangerous, and probably won’t solve the problem. You must repair the problem by locating the reason that made your garage door in Ossining go out of its tracks so it won’t repeat.

Commercial Overhead Repair Ossining 10562 NY

We offer same day commercial overhead door repair in New York 10562. We have a team of technicians who specialize in commercial garage doors repairs in Ossining, and they have the tools and the knowledge to address any commercial door problem.
It is important to make it clear, especially when it is a case of a broken commercial door in Ossining that a broken commercial door should not be used, and should be repaired by a trained garage door tech in Ossining, who has the tools, the knowledge and the experience which is needed to repair a commercial overhead door whether the door went out of tracks, or if the spring snapped.

Garage door Ossining New York 10562

Commercial door maintenance Ossining New York

We already discussed the importance of a garage door maintenance in Ossining, and when it is a commercial overhead door, it become even more crucial. A commercial garage door may be used more than 15,000 times a year, and it need to be maintained more often than the residential garage doors in Ossining and around Westchester County. Since it is a commercial garage door maintenance, which require certain tools and knowledge, we recommend you to contact a garage door contractor is Ossining, that repair and maintain commercial overhead doors.  Beside maintaining and preserving that parts of the door, the maintenance will improve the way the door operate, and you will be enjoying a better overhead door. Whether it is a garage door in Dobbs Ferry New York, or garage door repairs in Eastchester, every overhead door need to be maintained and lubricated twice a year or more.
The lubrication isn’t a replacement for repair. If your garage door in Ossining need repairs, or parts replacement, you must take care of that first, No amount of lubrication can cover for a broken spring or a snapped cable. If your door need repairs, contact a garage door company near Ossining to come and fix it, and only then, when the door is working again, you can lubricate it.

Same Day Garage Door Repair Ossining

Matalonco Garage Doors offer same day overhead garage door repairs in Ossining NY for commercial. Industrial and residential garage doors in Ossining. We are doing all we can to provide you with a same day, quick and professional service. All you need to do is to contact us, and we will be there today to take care of any garage door issue.
Since we have experience in repairing overhead doors and rolling doors in Ossining New York, we know to carry with us the right parts to service every garage door in Ossining. We carry springs opener parts, cables and garage door locks, to complete every garage door service in Ossining on first visit, and allow you to get back to a routine of using a perfectly operating, and safe for use overhead door, like every garage door in Westchester County should be.

Garage Door Installation Ossining New York

If it is time to replace your old garage door, and install a new overhead garage door, this article can help you make the right decisions on your way to a new overhead garage door. We are located in Ossining New York, but this article can be used for anyone who plan to purchase and install a new garage door. You may be looking for a new garage door in New York, a new garage door in Westchester County, or even for garage door service in Staten Island. This article will help you make the right decision on your way to a new overhead garage door.
But before we get into the new garage door and the garage door installation, we first need to determine whether you really need a new garage door, and what are the reason=s to replace the current door. And in order to answer that, we need to first answer an important question that every garage door technician in Ossining New York need to answer almost every day while servicing garage doors: Repair or replace the garage door?. We will take an example of a customer who called about garage door repairs in Ossining New York, and told us that the door need some minor repairs.

Garage door Ossining

But the door couldn’t be repaired!!

When the customer called us, he described the problem this way: The door suddenly stopped working, I think that the cable snapped. Now let’s make it clear, cable replacement is something we do almost every day during our garage door services. But when our garage door technician arrived, he found a door in a terrible condition, that no garage door repairman who respect himself will even consider repairing. And the reasons why we will not repair the door can move between safety reasons, to cost vs value.
You may wonder why we will choose not to fix the door, and we will recommend to replace it, so we took pictures of the door, and we will present here so you will understand. Even if you are not a qualified garage door technician, you can see that this door in such a bad condition that it just cannot be fixed. We do offer same day garage door repairs in New York, like garage door repairs in Ossining, or garage door repair New York, but there is one thing we will never do, and that is to break a safety guidelines. There are written rules about garage door safety, and there are unwritten rules. And both of them is what guide us during our overhead doors services.

Repairing the door isn’t always the wisest decision!

Yes, sometime fixing the broken garage door may cost you more than completely replacing the door. In most cases, when it comes to garage door repair, the condition of the existing garage door is what help us determine if replacing the existing door is the best choice.
We wish that all that the overhead garage door in Ossining need - in order to work again - is some adjustments, and replacing few parts, then for sure you should keep the existing door, and not even considering to replace it. But if the door is rotten, have many broken parts (especially when it comes to broken panels, tracks or frame), then maybe it is better for you to consider to replace the whole garage door.  A new garage door will probably cost you less than it would cost you to repair the door, but if you look at it as an investment for many years, you may find that repairing the existing overhead door is the right choice for you. Not only that you will get a new garage door, but you also may save money that you would spend on a garage door that may break again soon. So if your garage door is broken, and needs thorough repairs, think twice if repairing it will be the best thing to do. Contact a local garage door technician in Ossining, who can come, check the door, and together with you decide what will be the wisest thing to do.

Overhead door ossining ny

Reasons to install a new garage door

There are many different reasons for replacing a garage door in Ossining and in Westchester County. Here is a partial list of the common reasons:

  • The door is too old: As we explained in the case above, not every garage door can be repaired. If the door is rotten, falling apart, or any reason that prevent the door from working safely, replacing the garage door may be the right decision.
  • Broken parts: If you find that you need to contact garage door supplier in Ossining every other year, there may be a deeper problem that need to solve. Sometime it can be solved, and sometime the whole door need to be replaced. This happen mostly when the wrong door was installed, or if the installation wasn’t performed by a qualified installer.
  • Cosmetic reasons: Many garage doors in Ossining are installed at the front of the house, and when they get old, and weren’t maintained on time, they affect the way your home looks from the outside. New garage door can make your home looks nicer, and change the appearance of the place where they are installed.
  • The door is not the right door for you. If you live in Ossining, and you are currently using a steel hollow garage door, instead of a high quality insulated garage door, you may want to consider replacing the door. There are many qualities that can be earned when installing an insulated overhead door, especially if you live in New York and would like to reduce the affect that the cold may have on homes in NYC.  You can read more about it in an article written by J&C Garage Doors, about new garage door in Westchester County NY.
  • Safety reasons. The new doors are stronger, and improved than the old doors. Many of the old doors can be opened from the outside by a burglar. As you can see in Video, your garage door is not as secured as you thought!

Matalonco Garage Doors is a garage door company who service New York, and specialize in commercial and residential garage doors repairs and installation. It can be a broken overhead door repair in Staten Island, or roll up gate repairs in NYC, we offer same day service for both commercial and residential garage doors. For same day service, call: (917) 410-7148.



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