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Matalonco Garage Doors of New York City can repair any broken garage door in New York City, and the best part – we can do that today! Industrial overhead door, or home garage door, Matalonco Garage Doors repair the majority of garage door issues on the first visit, thanks to the fact that our technicians carry with them the parts which are required to complete the repair on the spot. And since we service all kinds of garage doors in New York, and due to the fact that can repair any of garage door problem (As long as we follow safety guidelines), we can repair or replace any broken garage door cable. If you are looking for a company who service garage door in New York City, Matalonco Garage Doors are ready to help. Whether you are looking for garage door repair in the Bronx, or for roll down gate repair in Manhattan, we are the answer for all your garage doors needs.
The impact of a wire that broke over garage door can be that the door will not open, will not close, the door will go out of balance (Or off tracks in some cases), and more. The symptoms are almost identical to the affect that a broken garage door spring has over the door. The steel wires, which are part of the garage door mechanism, make the connection between the garage door’s spring system and garage door itself, and since without the cables the tension of the spring get lost, and since the garage door cables carry the weight of the garage door; if the cable snap, the door is unsafe for use.

Overhead door cable repair New York

Avoid risks and do not use a broken garage door!

Sometime the garage cable snap, but the door can still move. The garage doors in New York are equipped with 2 cables. And since the door can partly operate, you might mistakenly assume that he can go on and use the door like that, but that will be a risky mistake. As we explained earlier in our post, the entire weight of the door will be on the remaining cable, and it can easily break as well, resulting a dangerous situation of a heavy garage door which connected to nothing.
One more thing: Using automated garage door with a problem with the mechanism can result with a damage to the garage motor. If you own automated overhead door, do not use it if there is something wrong with the door, it is for your safety.
We wrote this article abbot garage door cable repair in New York City, but the warning to never use a broken garage door apply to any type of problem. It can be garage door repairs Staten Island, a commercial gate repair in Brooklyn, or industrial overhead door: The rule is simple: If the door (Or the gate) is broken, do not use it!

Why garage cables snap?

Usually, when you notice that the garage door cable snapped, you ask yourself few questions like:  Who fix garage door in New York? And, what is the reason that the cable snapped. And it is impossible to give one general answer, since there are many possible explanations that can lead to a snapped garage cable. We would like to present few possible explanations to a broken steel cable, but again, this is only a partial list. And it is possible that the steel wire of the garage door you own snapped for a different reason.
Sometime the explanation is simply that the cable was installed far too many years ago, and got weakened over the years. But if the door is relatively new, and the explanation is within the garage door itself, you need a professional garage door technician in New York City who can locate the reason the cable snapped and address it as well.

Garage door cable repair Nyc ny

Explanations for broken garage door steel wire:
  • The broken garage door cable is over used, and wasn’t replaced for many years. Like other parts, such as the springs or the pulleys (In case it is extension spring system), the cables can break after different amount of years, and it depend on many variables. Replacing a home garage door cable shouldn’t be a complicated task for a qualified technician.
  • The garage door wasn’t lubricated and tuned as required. For residential doors in New York, we recommend maintaining the door once every 6 months. In case of industrial overhead door, they might require more often lubrication.
  • The overhead door itself, the mechanism of the door, or the metal cables weren’t installed properly, and over time the metal cable snapped. When the door wasn’t setup correctly to begin with, it can lead to problems in the future, and snapped cable is one of the possible problems. This is why we always recommend hiring a garage door specialist for the task.
  • The steel cable was rubbing constantly and slowly split open it completely broke.
  • The cable that was installed is from poor quality, and it is not as strong and resistible as the high quality steel cables are. We always say that quality is something worth investing in. And when you purchase high quality parts, from a reliable garage door service provider in New York, you get in return a garage door which is both safe for use, and that will not get stuck in the near future due to a repeating issue.

So, what should I do?

In most events of a broken wire, it usually happen when the garage gate is shut down, or while the door is movement. The explanation to why the garage gate steel wire snap when the door is close is usually since the pressure level on the wires is the highest when the overhead door is closed. When the steel wire snap, the door might seem out of balance, or might be impossible for you to open the garage gate. Trying to force the door to open up, or repeatedly trying to make the door working when obviously there is something wrong with it, can only lead to a greater damage, and can even end with injuries. The best thing for you to do will be to seize using the garage gate, let other people who might try to use the door know that the door is broken, and hire a nearby garage gate company in New YorkCity who will come and replace the broken wire.

Garage door cable came off

Where to shop for garage door parts?

Before we explain about garage door parts, we would like to let you know that Matalonco Garage Doors do not sell garage door parts anymore! We only sell garage door parts as part of the service! When shopping for garage door steel cables, or any other garage door component for that matter, you must realize that there are many different types of garage doors, and there are several different components. The steel wire which will be the right metal cable for a heavy duty overhead door in New York City NY, might not be the perfect metal cable for home garage door in Scarsdale. The same goes for springs, tracks, hinges, rollers, panels, etc. Two springs, which are not the same, might look the same to you, since you did not see enough types of springs and garage doors, and you might mistakenly consider two different springs as the same set of springs. If you decided to buy a new metal cable, and replace the snapped metal cable by do it yourself garage door repairs, make sure that you are getting the right part for your door. If you are not sure, if you have questions, or want to learn more, get in touch with a local garage door contractor in New York City to come and assist you.

How to replace garage cables?

In case you are planning to replace the garage cable by doing it yourself, and not to use a local garage door expert for the job, there are few things you need to know, and this can applied for any broken overhead door in New York City:

  • Replacing broken garage cable is not always an easy task. There are some home garage door repairs that can be perfumed by DIY, and there are garage repairs which should only be done by a local garage door expert. Replacing garage cable come someplace in the middle, and the answer to the question whether to DIY or hire an expert depend on many things.
  • You might think that the local handyman who did some gardening jobs for you, might be able to replace the cable for you, so you just need to purchase the cable. But the truth is that some cable replacement for some of the garage doors in New York City are complicated, and require special tools and extensive knowledge. So do not assume that watching a DIY garage door cable replacement Video made you an expert. Be careful, since broken doors are dangerous.

Now you probably thinking, of course they will say that, this is their job. And we are glad you asked, since we have a case study written just to answer that question:

Garage door repair New York - Case study

As you should know by now, a commercial garage door is not the place for try and error. The industrial doors are dangerous, and they should only be serviced by a qualified technician, who is qualified to handle heavy duty doors.
We received a late night call form owner of a warehouse in Brooklyn, who complained that the cable of the door snapped. We told him that we need to send a technician. He said that he is willing to pay $50 for the cable replacement, and we answered that we wish him good luck and that he should contact a different overhead doors company in New York. The problem is that he couldn’t find someone who will come and replace e commercial overhead door cables for $50, so he decided to do it by himself.
At 2AM he called us again, begging us to come and help him, since the door fell down and he can’t open it again. We told him that at 2AM, just to come will cost him $65, and that replacing the cable is not going to cost $50. He agreed, and we sent a technician for emergency garage gate service who repaired the door.
The lesson: There are tasks that require an expert, and can’t be handled by just anyone who has a tool box.

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Matalonco Garage Doors from New York City service all kinds of overhead doors and gates. Whether you need a commercial overhead door cable replacement, or garage door spring repair, or a new garage door motor installation, we are the answer for all your garage doors needs in New York City. We carry parts for all types of garage doors in New York, and we can complete any garage repair on the first visit. We can replace snapped steel wires for industrial garage doors, or residential garage doors. If you are looking for nearby garage doors company who service New York City area, we welcome you to get in touch with us today for same day garage door repair service. You might be in need for garage door repairs near Hoboken, or for gate repair in Harlem, we will be there for you.



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