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Garage Door Safety

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Garage Door Safety

A garage door can be dangerous, make sure you know what you are doing, and do not try to use a broken garage door.

  • Make sure your garage door include safety sensors.
  • Make sure your garage door include safety cables..
  • Make sure that all the parts are good.
  • Disconnect the opener when working on the door.
  • Maintain the door twice a year..
  • Do not use a broken garage door.
  • Safety is above all!

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Garage Door Safety

Garage Door Safety

Garage Door And Safety

When you think about it, your garage door is the largest moving object in your house. And since the garage door is moving smoothly whenever we need it to, opening and closing for us to enter and exit the garage, it is hard to imagine that this door can be dangerous. Well, it can! A garage door that need to be repaired, whether it is a commercial garage door in NYC, or a residential garage door Brooklyn, a garage door which is not working in a perfect way, or need to be repaired should not be used. If you will continue to use the door, although it is not working properly, you will probably cause a bigger damage, and now the repair will probably cost you more, but more important, using a broken garage door is dangerous can be deadly, and may lead to serious injuries.

Automated Garage Door And Safety

By the law, every automated garage door should include a safety feature, and every garage door contractor should follow the safety standards of installing, repairing and maintaining a garage door. When it comes to automated garage door, the safety feature which is usually installed together with the garage door opener are the safety sensors. The safety sensors are installed on each side of the garage door, close to the ground, and whenever an obstacle is blocking the path of the moving door, the sensors reverse the movement of the garage door opener, and by that protect the object and the door.
It is against the law to install garage door opener with no safety feature, and whenever you install a new opener, you need to make sure that the safety sensors are working properly, otherwise the door is not safe for use.

Safety Cables

When it comes to garage door which is operated by extension safety cables, you should make sure that there are safety cables installed, in order to protect the objects near the door in case the spring will break. If you are not sure if there safety cables installed, look at your springs (if you have extension springs, they should be located on top of the garage door, above the tracks), and you should notice an iron cables which are threaded through one side of the spring to the other side. If you do not have safety cables installed, you better contact a garage door contractor to come and install them for you.
If your spring broke, and you called a garage door contractor to come and inspect the garage door, make sure that he install safety cables after replacing the broken spring.
Yes, the garage door can work without the safety cables, since they are only there for safety, and have no part in the mechanism of the garage door, but the safety cables will protect you, the door, or any other object who’s in the garage door in case the spring will break.

Broken Spring And Safety

A garage door with a broken spring should not be used! The springs of the garage door are the force which lift the garage door, and which protect it from crashing into the ground when you lower the door. Now, if one of the springs is broken, there is nothing to hold the door (except for the opener, which shouldn’t do the lifting), and the door may crash into the ground. From residential garage door in Staten Island, to garage door Scarsdale, a garage door with a broken spring should not be used.
If your garage door spring is broken, contact a garage door company to come and repair or replace the broken spring. Replacing a broken spring is a common problem when it comes to garage door, but if not repaired, it can lead to serious injuries, and can even be deadly.

Garage Door maintenance And Safety

A garage door maintenance is something which should be performed every 6 months. Even a perfectly working garage door, which seem like it doesn’t need any service need to maintained, and to be lubricated. Some people insist in doing the maintenance themselves, since it isn’t a complicated project. If you decide to do the maintenance yourself, make sure that you have disconnected the opener (In case someone will try to remotely open the garage door) and that all the people who use the garage door are aware to the fact that you are working on the garage door, and make sure that you know exactly what you are doing, since a garage door service can be simple, but can easily be dangerous.



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