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How to unlock a rollup garage door?

It is never a good thing when your rollup garage door near New York is locked and you understand that you can’t open the door. And if your garage is detached from the house, it is even more frustrating, since you have no access to the garage, since the rollup garage door is the only way to enter the garage. But there is no need to worry, with our emergency rollup garage door repairs near New York, the experts of Matalonco Garage Doors can open your locked rollup garage door and fix the malfunction. There are two different ways to deal with a locked rollup garage door, the first is if the rollup garage door is connected (attached) to the house, and you have other ways to enter the garage beside the rollup garage door itself, and the second is when the garage is detached from the house, and when there is no way to access into the garage except for the rollup garage door. In this post we will go over the possible reasons that can prevent rollup garage door from opening when you need it to, and the ways to deal with the malfunctions. The information we provide here is partial, and doesn’t include all the possible reason that lead to a locked rollup garage door near New York that can’t be opened. But at the same time, we tried to include the most common reasons that cause the malfunction, and got your rollup garage door near New York stuck.

Important Warning!

It is important to make it clear that the content we will provide here is just general solutions, and it is not a recommendation to try and repair your stuck rollup garage door by doing it yourself, and it also can’t replace the opinion of a professional rollup garage door specialist that will come and check the door and locate the malfunction. Farther in this post, we will go over few attempts to fix rollup garage doors by doing it yourself that didn’t end well, and luckily did not end with a tragedy.
Always bear in mind that rollup garage doors can be risky, and misuse of the door can end with damage to the property, to the door, and even with injuries. If you are not sure, if you do not know what the problem is, or if you think that the malfunction is something too big for you to handle by yourself, use a rollup door technician in NYC for the repair.

How to open locked garage door

If the garage connected (attached) to the house

If you can’t open your rollup garage door, and your garage is connected (attached) to your home, which mean that you can access the garage from a different door other than the rollup garage door, you may be able to locate the reason that stop your rollup garage door near New York from opening. Starting from a malfunction with the garage automatic-operator, through a coil spring that snapped, to a snapped cable, if your rollup garage door near New York is locked, you may find few reasons and solutions in our post. You may be wondering why is it impossible for the automatic-operator to open the door when the garage automatic-operator is not stuck, and we would like to explain. If you ever tried to use your rollup garage door manually, you probably noticed how easy it is to open and close the door, even if the door is very heavy. The reason why it is so easy to open even the heavy overhead doors near New York New York is the coil spring mechanism. What make most of the lifting, and what balance the overhead door, and stop the door from crushing to the ground is the coil spring mechanism. The garage operator is doing only 5% of lifting the door. So when the coil spring break, the garage automatic-operator may not be able lift the door.
If your garage automatic-operator can’t lift the door, there may be nothing wrong with the automatic-operator, but one of the coil springs, or one of the rollup garage door cable snapped, which has the same effect on the door as if one of the coil springs broke. If your rollup garage door coil spring broke, contact rollup garage door contractornear New York to come and replace the coil spring for you. It can be a stuck torsion coil spring, or extension coil spring, a qualified specialist should have the ability to deal with both.

One (Or both) coil springs broke

If the one or both coil springs snapped, the automatic-operator won’t be able to open the door, or you may notice that it can barely open the door. The reason is – as we explained earlier – that the automatic-operator never lift the door by itself, but just give the door that little push or pull that help it open. If one of the rollup garage door coil spring broke, you will have to replace it before you will be able to use the door again, and you better use the serviced of rollup garage door company near New York. In most cases when the coil spring snap, it happen when the door is down (Closed) since this is the point that there is the most tension on the door. But now that the coil spring snapped, it is difficult for the automatic-operator (Or for you) to open the door. With our emergency rollup repairs near New York, we can open the door and repair it for you within hours.

The cable snapped

The effect of snapped cable is the same as the effect that a snapped coil spring has on the door. The door is out of balance, and the side where the coil spring broke lose the power, and will not be able to lift the door. Just like with the snapped coil spring case, contact a rollup garage door repairman near New York, or a nearby rollup garage door expert in NYC to come and repair the door for you.

The garage automatic-operator is not working

If your rollup garage door automatic-operator stopped working, and you can’t access the garage, you can always disengage the garage automatic-operator and use the door manually until a rollup garage door specialist will come and fix or install a new unit. But be vehicleeful! And this is an important one that goes for every stuck rollup garage door, whether in Brooklyn, or broken rolling gate in Queens: you should not disengage the garage automatic-operator if the malfunction is with the door itself! If one of the coil springs broke for example, and you will disengage the garage automatic-operator, you may find yourself locked inside the garage. In the following article you can learn how to disengage garage automatic-operator form the door, but bear in mind that it can be risky, and should be done only when you are sure that the malfunction is with the automatic-operator, and nothing is wrong with the door. If you are not sure ask a nearby rollup garage door specialist. There are many rollup garage door tutorials, that can help you understand the rollup garage doors better, but the Videos are about specific rollup garage doors, and those are the doors that presented in the Videos, and it may not work for your rollup garage door near New York.

The rollup garage door lock is stuck

Many people assume that when their rollup garage door near New York is locked, and cannot be opened, they need to call a locksmith to fix the door. But what they don’t know is that they better call a rollup garage door expert. Not every locksmith can open a rollup garage door. And rollup garage door specialists are also rollup garage door locksmiths, and can perform any type of rollup garage door service, including breaking into a locked rollup garage door, and even install rollup garage door lock. If your rollup garage door lock is stuck, you can’t find the key, or any other malfunction, you can always call rollup garage door specialist in Westchester County for repairs.
It also depend which type of locking mechanism you are using, if at all. We had calls from customers near New York  who complained that they can’t open their rollup garage door, and when we arrived, we found that they forgot they locked the door, or accidently locked the door, and were wondering how come they suddenly the rollup garage door isn’t opening.

garage door lock

If the garage is detached from the house

If your rollup garage door, and it can be rollup garage door near New York, or rollup garage door, is detached from the house, it mean that you don’t have access to the mechanism of the rollup garage door, and there is a need to break into the garage, or find alternate ways to open the door before we can tell what the malfunction is, and to fix it. When there is no access to the garage, the repair can get little more complicated, but it is not something that every qualified rollup door contractor Westchester County won’t be able to deal with.

Rollup garage door automatic-operator stopped working


One of the malfunctions that can lead to a locked rollup garage door is a rollup garage door automatic-operator that stopped working. If your garage is detached from the house, you better hope that you have emergency release installed. The reason we install emergency release on every automated detached rollup garage door is for that exact reason: When the rollup door automatic-operator stop working, and we need to get into the garage. The emergency release is installed on the upper part of the door, and it is connected to the automatic-operator with a cable, and when the garage automatic-operator stop working, or if there is no electricity in the garage, you can release the automatic-operator and disengage it from the motor by simply pulling the emergency release form the door, and use the door manually.
If you own detached rollup garage door, but there is no emergency release installed, you will have to use rollup garage door locksmith for the job. There are many methods to break into a garage, and they require knowledge and tools that only rollup garage door specialist has. If there is no emergency release installed on your door, do not wait until the rollup garage door get locked with no way to open it form outside. Call rollup garage door specialist near New York to install it for you as soon as he can.

Other causes that prevent the door from opening

There are other possible causes that can prevent rollup garage door from opening. From overhead doors that went out from the tracks, to a stuck pulley or roller, facing a rollup garage door that cannot be open can be frustrating. But luckily for you, Matalonco Garage Doors can open any locked rollup garage door, detached or connected (attached), commercial and residential glass, or wood, garage door repair, or overhead door repairs. You just need to call us, and we will be there today.
We offer emergency rollup garage door service in NYC and near New York, and we can be there for you today. But we know that sometime people need our service in many other places, so it is not rare for us to provide rollup garage door repairs near Hoboken NJ, or even rollup garage door repairs near the Bronx. When someone need us, whether it is overhead door repair, or rolling gate repair, we will be there.

Emergency rollup garage door repairs New York NY

We at Matalonco Garage Doors know that no one like to face a stuck, stuck or even locked rollup garage door, it can be near New York, or rollup garage door repair in Connecticut. It can happen when your vehicle is inside the garage, or when there is a snow storm outside. We get it that many times people need the service like right at this moment, and the answer to the question: when do you need the service is often “yesterday”. And even if it just a temporary rollup garage door solution, they want to be able to get their vehicle out of the garage. To help you with that, we offer emergency rollup garage door repairs near New York, NYC, Queens and many other cities near New York. It can be new lock installation, or rollup garage door automatic-operator repair, Matalonco Garage Doors will always be there to help.

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