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Need a garage door repair service in Queens New York? You got to the right place. One of the many places in New York that Matalonco Garage Doors provide service to is Queens NY. From residential garage door repair, to commercial overhead garage door, we can fix it. And not only that we can fix it, we offer a same day garage door repair Queens New York, so you know that when you call Matalonco Garage Doors, your garage door will work again today.
If you are looking for a good garage door company in Queens NY, You should be looking for two important things: You should be looking for a company that only have the best garage doors technicians, and a company that install a high quality garage doors and parts, and that have the experience to service any garage door, whether it is a commercial garage door in Queens, or roll up gate repair in Queens New York, Matalonco Garage Doors will fix it for you today.


Garage Door Service Queens NY

Matalonco Garage Doors provides all kinds of garage doors installation and repair service in Queens New York. From commercial overhead doors repair, through garage door maintenance service, to residential garage door replacement, we are the answer for all your garage doors needs in Queens. Our reputation, which built from hundreds of satisfied customers, who can tell you that when it comes to garage door repair in Queens - Matalonco Garage Doors is the answer. So if you want a reliable garage door company, look no farther, and contact us to get the service you deserve.
Each and every one of our garage doors technicians in Queens have successfully performed hundreds of garage doors projects, and they will never leave a job, without making sure that you got exactly what you expected - a professional service. Because they know that they have a reputation to maintain, a reputation that built from years of service providing in the garage doors field. We are committed to a 100% satisfaction, and we never failed to provide.
We are aware to the fact that there are other garage doors companies in Queens, and we appreciate your decision to choose us for your next garage door project. As appreciation, we offer (beside high quality and professional service) several garage doors discount coupons for all our customers in Queens NY.

Our Garage Door Service in Queens New York:

  • We offer 24/7 emergency repair service for all garage doors and gates in Queens New York.
  • We offer Garage doors repair service for all garage doors models.
  • We offer A real person customer service.
  • We offer Fair prices for every job - Repair or installation.
  • We offer Licensed and experienced technicians, who performed hundreds of garage doors projects in Queens.
  • We offer Top quality garage doors parts designed for the American standard.
  • We offer Garage doors springs repair in Queens.
  • We offer Garage doors safety sensors repair/replacement Queens New York.
  • We offer Out of track garage door repair Queens New York.
  • We offer Garage door panel replacement Queens.
  • We offer Garage door opener repair Stamford.
  • We offer Garage door cables replacement Queens NY.
  • We offer Garage doors Hinge¬†replacement.
  • And much more...

Garage door repairs Queens New York

About Our Garage Doors Repair Services Queens New York

Every successful garage door repair service, whether it is garage door repair in Queens New York, or garage door repair in Staten Island New York, start from a very basic thing - locating the problem, and the cause to it. If one of our garage door technicians fixed a garage door, but did not locate the cause to the problem, and explain to you how to avoid it in the future, your garage door is probably going to need a repair service again sometime soon. Usually, (Although the weather in Queens is not friendly to the garage doors parts) a garage door maintenance service, that being performed at least every 6 months, should protect the garage doors from damages, and should make sure that the garage door will work in a perfect way for a long time. So don't wait for your garage door to completely stop working, if you live in Queens NY, and you think that your garage door may have a problem, please contact us, in order to save time, money and frustration.
Do not wait and ignore the problem until it will be too late. From the experience we have in fixing garage doors in Queens, when overhead door is stuck, moving slower than usual, or making noises, it is only a matter of time before it will stop working completely. But when the door is stuck you may need emergency garage door repairs in Queens, and that will cost you more money than if you would call garage Door Company in Queens on time.

Extension garage door spring Queens

Broken Spring Repair Queens New York

Did you ever wonder how it can be so easy to manually open and to close even the heaviest garage door in Queens? How is it possible that a door that weight few hundred pounds can be open with one hand without too much force from you side? The answer is in the garage door mechanism, and of course the spring system. Whether your garage door in Queens is equipped with extension torsion spring system, or with torsion spring system, many calculation were made by the people who designed the garage door, so the right spring will move the door, and keeping the gentle balance that keep the door up when you open it, and keep down when you close it.
Since the garage door springs are under a lot of tension, and sometime being used few times a day, a snapped garage door spring is not a rare problem, and definitely not a problem that require to replace the whole door, you just need to find someone who repair garage door spring in Queens.

Extension spring Repair Queens

If you look at your garage door, and you see that the spring are installed on top of the tracks (Attached to pulleys and cables), it means that your garage door is moving by extension spring system. When one of the extension springs snap, it can be dangerous, and can put people, the door itself and other people who near the door at risk. So we offer you to make sure that there are safety cables installed in your door, in case the spring will break.
You should know that every garage door is unique, and not every spring will fit every garage door! A spring that can fit a broken garage door in Queens, may not fit a broken garage door in Long Island. So if you plan to do the replacement by yourself, make sure you have the right spring, and that know exactly what you are doing.
Torsion Spring Repair Queens
If your garage door in Queens is working with the help of torsion spring system, and one or both of them snapped, do not try and use the door, because it is dangerous. A torsion spring repair or replacement is not an easy project, and it should be performed by a qualified overhead door technician in Queens, who can fit the right spring for the door, and that will know how to replace the spring in a safe way.
Do not attempt to try and replace the broken garage door spring by yourself. We know that there are many garage door Videos online which explain how to replace a torsion spring in a “do it yourself” way, but torsion spring is not the place for try and error. If you your garage door torsion spring snap, call a local garage door company in Queens New York to fix it for you.

garage opener Queens

Garage Opener Queens New York

A good overhead door opener, whether in Queens New York, garage opener in Bronx, or garage opener in Yonkers, is the key to overhead door that will service you properly for many years. And if you are using your overhead door multiple times a day, the importance of choosing high quality garage opener become much more relevant. Just like everything else, we believe that in the long run, quality will turn to be wise investment. So when it comes to new garage opener installation in Queens New York, aim for the best, and enjoy a strong garage opener for 20 years or more.

Before you buy a new opener in Queens

There are many different types, brands and kinds of overhead door openers in Queens New York, and since purchasing a new overhead door opener is something that we should do once, and not have to deal with it again for the next 20 years or more, it is recommended to invest some more money, and in return to have a garage opener in Queens that is going to open and close the door to our garage whenever we need it to do so.
But most of us don’t really know what kind of opener they need, which of the garage opener brands offer high quality openers, and is it even possible to install an opener in to operate their overhead door in Queens automatically. In this article we will try and shed some light on the subject, and try to assist you find the right opener for your overhead door.
Before you go ahead and contact overhead door supplier near Queens, Whether for a new overhead door opener, or for a new overhead door installation, please read our recommendations, explanations and tips, so you will purchase something, that with little more knowledge of the subject, you could buy better.

garage door opener with wifi Queens

What opener should I buy for my garage in Queens?

There are many overhead door brands New York. Some of them offer high quality openers, and some offer low quality openers. The thing is that the difference in prices is not as big as the difference between the qualities, and with investment of 10-30 percent more, you can purchase one of the best openers in the world. We supply high quality garage openers in Queens, like Liftmaster, which considered to be strong and reliable, and when being used properly, can last for 30 years and more.
If you want to read about the overhead door openers brands, you can read the article written by Brooklyn Garage Doors & Gates which offer general survey of the overhead door openers and types. But to make it short, we believe the Lift Master openers are considered to be strong and reliable openers, what make them our preferred opener manufacture to work with. And after 20 years in the overhead door business, and after countless overhead door repairs in Queens NY, we know why choose to recommend that particular brand to all our customers in Queens.

Do I need safety sensors for garage in Queens?

Yes you do, every garage door, in Queens, overhead door in Monroe County, or anywhere else in New York must include a safety feature. It is required by a federal law, which say that every electric overhead door will include a safety feature like the safety sensors. The safety sensors can save life, and just for that one time when something, or someone will be at the closing door’s path, and the safety sensors will save him, worth to have them. Do not even consider ignoring the safety sensors installation, we will repeat it: Every automated overhead door in Queens must include a safety feature.
If you will purchase a new opener by yourself, and not use the services of a trained overhead door opener installer in Queens, you should make sure that the kit include safety sensors, which should be installed correctly, so they will be able to do their job and protect objects from being hit by a closing overhead door. If you would like to learn more, you can visit this garage door blog that explain about overhead door opener DIY installation.

New garage door installation Queens

Garage Doors Installation Queens New York

Looking for new garage door in Queens New York? Need a garage door installer in Queens? Live in Queens or New York and interested in replacing your garage door? Are you not sure if it will best to fix the current garage door, or to replace it with a newer one? Did you get confused during the search for a new garage door inn Queens? We are here for you! With many years of experience in the overhead doors industry, and after hundreds of new garage door in installations in Queens NY, Matalonco Garage Doors can help you find the right garage door for you.
How to find garage door in Queens?
If you look around you when you walk or drive the streets of Queens, you will notice endless amount of different garage doors, with different size, colors, and which were made from different materials. You will probably find some doors that will be similar, and even exact to the type of garage door in Queens you are searching for. There are Wooden garage doors, Hollow doors, Glass doors, Aluminum doors, Insulated doors, one panel doors, commercial door, garage doors with a walk through doors and more. So it easy to get confused through all the options. We have created a list of things to consider when looking to purchase a new garage door. We wrote this article for our customers in Queens New York, but it can be used for people who search for garage door installation in Westchester County, or even for garage door installation in Staten Island. Since when it comes to new garage door installation, the quality is what make the difference between overhead doors that will last 5 years, and overhead doors that even after 30 years will still look new, and won’t need repairs often.

Always Look for High quality overhead door

The thing that really matter is the quality of the door you will purchase. When you are purchasing a new garage door for your garage, your parking lot, or your storage in Queens, you are making an investment that will last for many years, and when you purchase quality you are getting quality in return.
There are different garage doors brands and manufactures. Few of them offer new garage doors supply in Queens New York. Many of them offer high quality doors, but not all of them some will offer you low quality doors, and this is exactly what we are trying to help you avoid. The difference between a high quality garage door in Queens, and a low quality garage door can range between 20-50% of the price. But if you look at it in the long term, while considering the fact that a high quality can last more than 20 years, and with the right maintenance it may never need repairs, you will see that invest some more money in quality, will save you both time and money.
The high quality overhead doors in Queens New York are stronger, better insulated, and will probably last longer. But beside the time and money you will save on repairs, and the need to replace the overhead door much sooner than if you would of purchase a high quality door, the quality of the garage door is something you are going to enjoy every time you will use the door. And if you replaced a low quality new garage door in Queens with a top quality one, you will see the difference from first use.


Professional Installer in Queens

Another important thing that you must consider on your way to a new garage door in Queens New York is the installer. You want a professional installer to remove the old door with minimum damage, and to install the new door in the best way it can be installed. Whether you are looking for a new garage door in Queens, or garage door installer in New Rochelle, look for a professional installer that may be a bit more expensive than others who offer quick and cheap service, but which eventually going to cost you a lot more. There are many options when it comes to new garage door in Queens, so there is no reason why you won’t find the perfect door for your home.
Not every new overhead door installations in Queens is the same, and not once the installation require certain knowledge and experience, to overcome unexpected issues such as an unordinary structure of the garage, a low head room, and other obstacles that may require experience in installing new overhead doors in Queens.

commercial garage door Queens

Commercial Garage Door Queens New York

There are many overhead doors in Queens New York. From single car garage door in Forest Hills New York, to commercial overhead door in Astoria, Matalonco Garage Doors can fix all of them. But when it comes to commercial garage door in Queens New York, the service become more serious, and it required (Besides deep knowledge in the garage door service field in Queens) special tools and parts that allow us to deal with any type of overhead garage door in Queens New York, commercial and industrial.

Commercial Garage Door Repair Queens NY

When an overhead garage door get stuck, and it doesn’t matter if it is a commercial garage door in Queens, or broken garage door in Roslyn. The first you should do is to stop using it, and to contact a local garage door company who offer same day garage door services in your area. Many times when we arrive to service a commercial garage door Queens NY, we discover that beside the problem which prevented the garage door from working in the first place, there are more problems which accrued due to repeat trying to operate the door although it is broken. In most cases, if you will try to force the garage door opener to open or close the door, instead of using a garage door service in Queens, you will burn the opener, something that eventually will lead to a bigger damage and as result to a repair that will take longer, and that will cost you more. And as the owner of a business in Queens New York, you probably know the value of a garage door which operate perfectly, and that doesn’t require a garage door technician in Queens to come and fix it every other month.

Out of track commercial overhead door Queens

If your commercial overhead door in Queens went out of its tracks, call us now for a same day service in Queens. It may seem attempting just to push and force the roller back into the tracks, and it may temporary solve the problem, but you shouldn’t do that. There is a reason why the garage door went out of its tracks. And pushing the roller back into the track will not solve the problem, and can put people who use the door at risk. Remember that the rollers inside the tracks are what holding the door, and when the rollers coming out of the tracks, the door can fall down, and you can imagine how dangerous a commercial garage door that weigh hundreds or even thousands of pounds may be.
With our same day commercial garage door services in Queens NY, we can fix your garage door today. We offer emergency repairs for all kinds of overhead doors, whether it is a broken garage door, or broken roll up door in Queens, we can fix it.

garage door safety

Garage Door Safety

When we are used to use something daily, we forget that when it breaks it can be dangerous. We always tell our customers, if there is a problem, let the professional deal with it. Things that may seem simple for you to repair may be much more complicated than it may seem, and vice versa, sometime it may seem like a big deal to you, but it is actually very simple to solve. And after servicing thousands of garage doors in Queens New Yorkduring the last 20 years, we have the ability to provide solution for every commercial garage door, whether in Astoria, Forest Hills or broken garage door in Long Island.

As long as the overhead door you own run smoothly, and it include all the safety features that every garage door in Queens need to include, there is no need to worry. But sometime the door can break, get stuck, or any other problem that may prevent a door from working properly. In that case, the door is no longer safe for use, and you will have to use a qualified garage door technician in Queens to fix the door, and to make sure that it is safe to use again. It can be a residential door, or a commercial overhead door, or broken rolling gate, when there is a problem, your door turn from something that serve you every day, that something that easily become the cause for injuries.
Matalonco Garage Doors have been repairing and installing overhead garage doors and roll up gates in Queens for the past 20 years, and we have seen overhead doors falling off tracks and crushing on the floor, sometime even breaking objects located bellow the door. If you are the owner of a garage door or a rolling gate in Queens, you are probably used to garage overhead door that operate in a safe way whenever we need the door to, but we are forgetting one important thing: Our overhead door weigh hundreds of pounds, which makes the door dangerous in case something goes wrong. If there is a problem, if the door is not moving smoothly, or if the door is off tracks, stop using it. It is not safe!


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