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Garage Door Flatbush NY

Your garage door is broken? Looking for someone who fix garage doors in Brooklyn? Not sure if it is better for you to repair the garage door or to replace it with a new door? You got to the right place for answers. We offer garage door services in Flatbush NY, from residential garage door installation, to commercial garage door maintenance, we are the answer for all your garage door needs. All you need to do is to contact us, and one of our garage door specialists will be on he’s way to help.

New garage door Flatbush NY

If you are interested in a new garage door, there are few things you should know and consider: The first thing is the quality of the new garage door. The difference between a high quality garage door and a low quality garage door can range from 100-200$, but the difference between the doors is huge. While a low quality garage door will last 3-7 years, and will probably need repair during this period (not to mention the quality of the door you will get), the high quality garage door can last 10-20 years, and with the right maintenance, may never need to be repaired.
The second thing you should consider is the quality of the installation. If you went and purchased a high quality garage door, and now you are looking for someone to do the installation for you, you should always aim for a professional and experienced garage door installer. A high quality installation is inseparable part of a high quality garage door installation project. Make sure that you are getting the installation job you are paying for, and do not try to save few dollars by choosing the cheapest option, because as we know, not once, the cheapest option can turn into the most expensive one at the end.

Spring Replacement Flatbush NY

If your garage door spring is broken, and you will try to continue and use the garage door, you may cause one of two things or both: The first, you may cause a bigger damage, such as overheating of the motor, and when the day will come, you may need to replace the garage door opener as well. The second thing, and this is the most important one, is that using a garage door when the spring is broken is dangerous, and cause serious injuries and even death. And since eventually you will replace the broken spring, avoid using the garage door until it will be repaired.

Safety Sensors Repair Flatbush NY

The safety sensors should be installed for every motorized garage door. This is not an option, this is the law. The safety sensors are installed, in case someone will close the garage door while it is closing, and someone, or something like your car, or any other object, will be located at the door’s path while it is closing. Since the safety sensors need to face each other in order to work, if one of them was moved or damaged, the garage door motor will not close the door, since both sensors need to work in order for the garage door to work automatically.
A problem with the garage door safety sensors is usually followed by a garage door which only close partly, and then reverse itself to open position, followed by a signal from the opener of blinking light which tell you – something is wrong. To read about safety sensors troubleshooting, click HERE.




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