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Our Roll Up Gate Repair Service New York

About Our Roll Up Gate Service In New York

Same Day Roll Up Service

Same day roll gate repair in New York, we offer same day roll up repair in all 5 boroughs: Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Manhattan and the Bronx. We are ready to fix your roll up today, so all you need to do is to call us, and we will be on our way to help.

Roll Up Gate Safety

Our roll up gate serve us every day, whenever we need it, and it seem strong and reliable. The problems begin when the roll up gate is getting stuck, or if it is not responding. Many people think that if they will wait for a while the roll up is going to work like before, or if they will force it to open or close, it will probably going to fix itself. Well, they are wrong, trying to use a broken roll up gate will probably increase the damage, and not only that, using a broken roll up gate can be dangerous, and can lead to serious injuries.

What to do if my roll up is stuck?

It doesn’t really matter if it is a roll up gate, a rolling gate, a garage door, or any other kind of gate. If your roll up gate is stuck, not responding, heavy to open or close, or any other problem, you should stop using the roll up, contact a roll up repair company, and let the professional fix the problem. As simple as it may look, repairing a roll up gate can be a complicated project, and should only be performed by professional roll up repairers.

What is wrong with my roll up gate?

Many time people call us, and ask us what is wrong with the roll up, or how much it is going to cost to fix a roll up gate? And we give all of them the same answer: The only way we can give a fair estimate, is if someone from our company will come and inspect the problem. Just think that someone ask you “What is the cost of a car”? Can someone really answer this question without knowing the brand, the year and many other parameters that need to consider when you are coming to determine the price?

Roll Up Gate NYC

Roll Up Operator

Many roll up gates are operated by an operator. What many people don’t know, is that most of the lifting work, when it comes to store front roll up, is being done by the spring and not by the operator. Which bring us again to the issue we discussed above (The “what is wrong with my roll up”? section). So when the spring is broken, or need to be adjust, it seem that it is hard for the operator to lift the gate, when actually the operator can be fine, but the damaged spring doesn’t do it part in the lifting and balancing the roll up gate.

Roll Up Maintenance

Like every other gate, a roll up gate need to be maintain, and with the New York weather, it is better to maintain it twice every year. The maintenance service is not a complicated or expensive, but it can improve the way your roll up gate work, and make the gate safer to use. From rolling gate repair in NYC, to garage door Brooklyn, we can help. We have the tools and the experience to provide you with a high quality maintenance service, and to make sure that your roll up gate will continue to serve you for the coming years.

Out of tracks Roll Up Gate NYC

What to do when there is a problem?

We know that a broken commercial rolling gate in NYC is never a convenience situation, and if you are reading those lines, you probably face a broken commercial gate, and look for roll up Gate Company in NYC. It may be tempting to try and force the commercial gate to close or to open, or to bring a ladder and try to push the gate back into the tracks. But if you will choose to do so – and not using a commercial roll up door repairman - not only that you may create a bigger damage to your door, but at the same time you will put yourself, and other people which located near the gate at risk. 
As owners of a store in New York, you are used to a gate which operate smoothly and open whenever we need it to, whether it is a rolling door in NYC or a commercial roll up door in Queens NY. But when something went wrong, the gate is not safe to use anymore, and using a broken commercial gate in NYC can be dangerous. If you would like to understand how dangerous commercial rolling gate in New York can be, check out this article about a boy who got injured by a roll up gate.
Luckily this story didn’t end with serious injuries, but we have witnessed cases when roll up gates in New York crushed and hurt people and objects bellow the gate. There are roll up gates in NYC, that weigh hundreds of pounds, and when such a heavy gate get disconnected from the spring, it can end with serious injuries. If you need a rolling gate repair, or even overhead door repair in New York, call Matalonco Garage Doors for same day service, and avoid getting hurt by a roll up gate which isn’t working properly.

Roll Up Gate spring NYC

Roll Up Gate service in NYC

When roll up gate get stuck, people tend to think that if they will only push the gate to open, by pushing it using force, the gate will work again. What they don’t know is that pushing a broken roll up gate in NYC is a big mistake that can easily end with injuries. There is a reason why a roll up gate get stuck, and it doesn’t matter if it is a roll up door in Staten Island, or commercial broken overhead door in New Rochelle.
Maybe the roll gate spring snapped, maybe the gate operator is dead or need repairs, but no matter what the problem is, using force will not solve the problem. We have seen roll up gates disconnect from the spring and crush, we have seen gates that all they need was someone to reset the operator. But we have never seen a roll up gate in New York, that just forcing the gate to work using excessive force made the gate work again and the problem to disappear. Keep in mind that the way roll up gates in New York built, are with a spring that makes it easier to open the gate, even when using it manually, or keep the gate in open position. And when the roll up gate is too old, or if the roll up gate’s spring is weak, there is nothing to support the gate.
During serving roll up gates in NYC, we have witnessed people trying crazy things, thinking that they can solve the problem by doing so: From the person in Queens New York who tied his roll up gate to his track, to the 3 brothers who jumped on the bottom bar of their roll up gate in Harrison New York, thinking they will make it close, and ended with completely breaking the gate.

Roll Up Gate Repair case study

When someone call MATALONCO Garage Doors, he should know that we are going to help him today. We may not be able to complete the repair, but we will provide temporary repair, and close the roll up gate so he can go home, and we will return the next day and complete the repair. Whether he need a roll up gate repair in Brooklyn New York, or garage door repair in Bronx New York, we can help, and we will do that today. So we would like to share a story with you:
We once received a call from a customer in Staten Island who complained that the store front gate is stuck. We instructed him to not try and use the gate, and that we will send someone within an hour, and that we have 45$ service call for emergency repair after 9PM. He answered that he is willing to pay 45$ for the repair, and we told him that it is very rare that we fix roll up gate in Staten Island for that amount. He canceled the work, and we thanked him.
The same person call us at 1AM again, begging us to come and help him, since his gate crushed. We told him that now the service call will be double, and he said that he doesn’t care, and that all he wants is us to fix the gate. Since he is located in Staten Island, we could be there in 20 minutes. When we arrived, we learned that he and 2 of his friends jumped on the gate trying to close it, and the gate disconnected from the spring and crushed. We have provided many people with roll up gate repairs in NYC, but this one was one we couldn’t even repair, and he needed to replace the whole gate, since the slats the spring and even the bottom bar were damaged badly, that fixing the gate could cost him more than repairing the gate.

Roll Up Gate Operator Repair NYC

Not every roll up door in New York need to be motorized. Some store front gates are being opened and closed one a day, and for that there is no necessity for an operator. But some roll up gates in NYC are being used multiple times every day, and they need a roll up gate operator. The important thing is not to use the gate if there is something wrong with the operator, and call roll up gate expert in NYC to fix the gate or the operator for you.
We said it before, and we will repeat it again and again, because it is enough that we will prevent one person in NYC from getting hurt, and it is worth for us: A broken roll up gate should not be used. It can be a roll up door repairs in Yonkers, or a garage door repair in Rockland County, Broken roll up gate can be dangerous, and should be service by experienced roll up gate repairman in New York.
MATALONCO Garage Doors offer same day roll up gate repairs in Staten Island New York, and we can fix any roll up gate or overhead door in Staten Island. It can be a commercial rolling gate, a store front gate repair, or a commercial overhead door repair, we can fix it. We have teams of technicians, who can deal with any type of roll up door project, from commercial roll up gate repair, to residential overhead door installation, we can deliver high quality service, and high quality parts.

Our Roll Up Door Service in New York

We know that we are not the cheapest roll up Gates Company in New York, but when it comes to professional and responsible service, we like to think that we are the best garage doors company in New York. The reason why we are not the cheapest, is because we only use high quality parts. We can become the cheapest company in New York, but we will hurt our reputation as a company you can know that when they provide you with a new gate, or with parts, you get a roll up gate which going to last for 30 years and more.
We provide high quality roll up gate operators, and steel gates made from high quality steel, and we trained our technicians to always deliver high quality installation. And if after more than 20 years of servicing roll up gates in NYC, we have customers that stay with us since the nineties, it say a lot about us as a company, and about our service.

Roll Up Gate keyawitch

Emergency Roll Up Gate Repair NYC

Roll up gates tend to break at the worst timing (Not that there is good timing for that). When the gate is stuck, it can prevent you from entering your store (In case it is a store front gate) or from locking it at the end of the day and go home. To help you ASAP, we offer emergency repairs for roll ups in New York. No matter what time, no matter what day, Matalonco Garage Doors will be there for you. From Store-front gate repair in Brooklyn, to roll up gate repairs in Staten Island, we will fix your broken rolling door.

Roll Up NYC

We offer roll up repair service in all 5 boroughs. From Brooklyn through Queens to roll up gate repairs in Staten Island and the Bronx, we are the solution for all your roll up gate problems. We offer emergency repair service for rolling gate and roll ups, so you know that we will be there for you no matter what time. If you are not sure what is wrong with your gate, or if you are not sure if you need to repair the roll up or if it is better for you to replace it and to install a new one, please contact us, and we will be happy to assist you, and share our knowledge.



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