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Garage Door Brooklyn Heights

Looking for a garage door repairman? Need to replace your existing garage door? Looking for garage door service in Brooklyn Heights? You just found him. Matalonco Garage Doors offer same day garage door repair service in Brooklyn Heights, including commercial garage door and rolling gate repair.  So do not until it is too late, and the damage will increase, something that will probably going to cost you more, and you probably want to avoid.

Garage door repairs Brooklyn Heights

One of the services we offer in Brooklyn Heights is garage door repair. A good professional garage door repair, whether it is a garage door repairs Brooklyn, or a rolling gate repair in Manhattan, include 2 important parts: The first part, is locating the problem and repairing or replacing the broken part. The second, which is as much important, is locating the reason for the problem, and preventing it from happening again. For example, if the problem is due to low maintenance, or no maintenance at all, we will perform a garage door maintenance, and we will tell and show you how important it is to provide your garage door or your rolling gate with a maintenance service.

Garage Door Service Brooklyn Heights

If you are searching for a company which offer service for garage doors in Brooklyn, we can help. We offer same day garage door service in Brooklyn Heights, and we will do our best to provide you with the same day garage door service which made Matalonco Garage Doors so famous. All you need to do is to call us at 800-673-7917, fand one of garage doors repairman will come to your place and put your garage door back on track. No hidden fees and no half work, we are proud to consider ourselves to one of the leading garage doors company in Brooklyn, and since it took us a long time to build that reputation, we will do all that we can to maintain that.



Wooden Garage Door Brooklyn Heights

Not once, we are getting calls from people who own a wooden garage door in Brooklyn Heights, and looking for someone who can help them and repair wooden garage doors. We repair garage doors from all makers, including wooden garage doors and commercial garage doors. And since we aware that a wooden garage door require more attention, and a bit more details when it come to the maintenance, we carry with us all the parts and the tools which needed in order to maintain a wooden garage door.

Garage Door Motor Brooklyn

If you own a motorized garage door, and you need service, you better contact us, since we repair and install garage door openers from all brands. Whether it is a Lift Master garage door motor, or Genie motor, we carry the parts to repair it.
Need a new garage door motor installation? We can provide you with it. We offer same day garage door motor repair and installation in Brooklyn NY, including chain drive motor, belt drive motor, and more. We will gladly assist you to choose the right motor for you, whether it is a chain drive motor, and belt drive motor, ½ H.P or ¾ H.P.

Safety Cables

The safety cables are installed in extension spring system, and their job is to protect people or objects which located in the garage area from being hurt in case the spring will break. The safety cables are not part of the mechanism which operate the garage door, but they are very important for the safe use of the door. If your garage door is equipped with extension springs, and you want to check if you do have safety cables installed, go to your garage door and look at the extension springs (located on each side of the door, on top of the tracks), you should see a metal cable which is looped from one side of the spring and coming out from the other side (do not mistakenly confuse the safety cables with the extension cables which although look the same, they are necessary for the perfect operating of the garage door). If you don’t see the safety cables, we suggest you to contact us, and have one of our technicians come to your place and install them for you. Because safety is above all.



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