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Garage Door Repair Smithtown NY

Whether we live in Smithton New York, or somewhere else in Long island, we are used to a garage door that serve us whenever we need to open or to close, and we are surprised when the door just refuse to respond when we click the opener remote control. The reasons that can stop a garage door from working are many, but they all have one thing in common, that for your, and your family’s safety you should follow: Avoid using a broken garage door. Whether a broken garage door repair in Brooklyn, or a garage door repair in Long Beach New York, a garage door which is not working properly should not be used, until it will be examined and fixed by a trained garage door technician, who can make sure that the door is safe for use again.

Overhead Garage Door Repair Smithtown NY

If your commercial garage door stopped working, or if you’re residential garage door motor can’t open or close the garage door, you should consider contacting us for a same day repair service. The easiest thing, but at the same time the most dangerous thing you may do, is to ignore the problem, hoping it will go away by itself. But, as we all know, problems don’t tend to disappear by themselves, but they are more likely to get worst. And when it comes to garage door issue, not only that the problem will probably get worst, but it may also be dangerous. If you’re Overhead door in Smithtown is broken, out of track, or the spring snapped, please contact a garage door company that service garage doors in Smithtown to come to your place and repair the door.


What to do if the spring snapped?

As we mentioned earlier, the reason that lead to a garage door which is not functioning are many, but we can say that one of the common one is a broken or snapped spring. To better understand the mechanism of the garage door, look at your garage door, while it is moving (Do not do this if there is a problem with the door), and you will notice 2 springs – In case your garage door is working with the assistance of extension spring system, or one, two or more spring if your garage door is working with the help of a torsion spring system. Now, when one of the springs snapped, the door is out of balance, and it hard for you (If you operate your door in a manual way, or for the garage door motor (for automated garage door) to lift the door, and to slow it down while it is closing, to protect it from crashing to the ground.

Garage Door Spring Repair Smithtown

Snapped spring repair Smithtown New York

In most cases, there is no professional way to repair a garage door spring which snapped, and in most cases it is better to replace the spring and install a new one. Today you can find many You Tube Videos, which explain how to replace snapped springs. We would like to say few words about it:

Do it yourself garage door spring repair

When you search on Youtube for a video which will show you how to replace a garage door spring by DIY (Do it yourself), you should remember few things, that may change your mind about replacing the spring by yourself. And if you are thinking about replacing a torsion spring by yourself, and you have never repaired a garage door by yourself, we highly recommend you to contact a garage door company in Smithtown New York to do the replacement for you.

Avoid replacing garage door parts when you are not sure!

What people ignore, is the fact that when you watch a you tube video of how to repair a garage door by yourself, what you see is an explanation of how this particular door is being repaired, but most likely that the door which you own is different from the door you saw on the Video, and that the parts, the tools, the location and many other things will be different. We say that because when you are dealing with a broken garage door, whether it is in Smithtown or any other garage door that need repair in New York, the process of fixing the broken door is dangerous, and can end with an injury. So let’s assume you tried to repair the garage door by yourself and you failed, that is one thing, and we respect everyone who try to do things by themselves, But a garage door is not the place to make tests, since a garage door can weight hundreds of pounds, and you better make sure that you know exactly what you are doing.

Garage Door Opener Repair Smithtown

Garage Door Opener/Motor Smithtown New York

When you look at your garage door, you will see a motor (Opener) which is installed next to the door. Sometime you will find it on the center of the door close to a ceiling and attached to a rail, sometime attached to a shaft. Whether it is a Liftmaster, Gienne or Craftsman, there is no question that a garage door which is equipped with a motor can make life much easier. But not everyone need a garage door motor. Mostly it depend on how often you are using your garage door, and if you really need a motor.

Garage Door Opener Repair Smithtown New York

When a garage door opener stop working, or if it seem like it working but it is difficult for the motor to open the garage door, it can be due to several reasons. The first and obvious, is that the problem is with the motor itself. But it is also likely that there is a problem with the mechanism of the garage door, which make it difficult for the opener to open the garage door. As we explained earlier, The way the garage door operate, is with the help of the spring system which make it easy to open and close the garage door, and if one of the springs snapped, or if need some adjustment, the opener, which is not supposed to lift the garage door, need to take part in lifting the heavy door, and that is what makes it seem like the problem is with the opener. So if your opener is not working properly, make sure that all the parts of the door are not damaged, and that there is no snapped cable or spring. If you need a garage door opener repair or installation in Smithtown, please contact us for a same day service.

Garage Door opener types

There are 3 main types of openers in the market this days, when the chain drive and the belt drive openers are the most common ones. The screw drive opener can also be found, and although it is considered to be the easiest for the “do it yourself” installation, you see less and less from it.
The chain and the belt drive openers are working by a metal chain or a rubber belt which move along the rail, which is attached to the opener on one side, and to a wall and to the door on the other side, raising and lowering the garage door. The only difference between the belt and the chain drive openers is the fact that the belt drive is cheaper than the chain drive opener, since using a rubber belt instead of a chain, eliminate the noise of a metal chain which moving along the rail. If it is important for you to have a silent opener, you should consider the belt drive opener.




New Garage Door installation Smithtown New York

If you live in Smithtown, and you are looking for a new garage door installation, there is one important tip we would like to share with you. Do not try and save few dollars by purchasing a cheap garage door, which will probably won’t last more than 5-8 years, and that may need repair every year. Instead, aim for a high quality door, from the kind that can easily last 15-20 years, and that won’t need any service beside that yearly maintenance, which you can do by yourself.
In many cases, the garage door is attached to the house, so an insulated garage door will be the best choice for you. If your garage door is at the front of the house, you may consider purchasing a garage door which will improve the front of the house. But beside all those parameters, a high quality garage door is something you will feel whenever you are going to use it, and if you are using your garage door one or more every day, you should definitely consider purchasing a high quality door.

Garage Door Maintenance Smithtown New York

The garage door maintenance will save you money in the long run. Whether you decide to perform the maintenance by yourself, or you choose to use the services of garage Door Company in Smithtown, do not ignore the need for a garage door maintenance.
A good garage door maintenance include 2 parts, the maintenance process, and the inspection process which include safety check. Only when the two parts are done and successfully accomplished, you can say that the maintenance process is over. Click the following link to read more about garage door maintenance.

Garage Door Safety

We would like to make it clear, a broken garage door, whether it is a garage door that need repair in NYC, or a garage door that need repair in Commack, is dangerous, and using it may put yourself, or anyone who use the door at risk. Whether the spring snapped, the safety sensor are broken, or the door is out of track, do not use the door, and contact a garage door company in Smithtown New York to come and repair it.

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