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Garage Door Installation Staten Island
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Garage Door Installation Staten Island New York

Whether it is a new garage door installation in Staten Island, or a garage door repair in Brooklyn New York, there few things that you should never ignore, and that will make sure that you will get a fair value for your money.

The way to a new garage door

The first thing is high quality garage door parts. If you ask every Chef in the world, they will all tell you that the key to good meal start from the ingredients, and if the basic is not good enough, the meal won’t be good enough. So is the garage door, if you won’t use top quality parts, it is just a matter of time before you will see the results, and you probably won’t like them.

The second thing, is a professional installer. If you worked hard to find the best quality garage door parts, but you will use the services of an amateur, you will end with the same results that you did not like at the first place. So look for a contractor who already installed many new garage doors in Staten Island, to perform the installation for you.

The third thing is the cost. An old saying, is that sometime – in the long run - the cheap is the expensive, and the expensive turn to be the cheapest choice. Look at what you are about to spend as an investment, from the kind that will pay itself back, when you will get a garage door that will serve you for many years.

Repair or replace?

This is one of the biggest questions, that to try and answer here, or over the phone without examined the garage door first will be unprofessional. There are cases, when it will be a better decision to compactly remove the old garage door and replace it with a new one. Especially when the door is old, and it is just a matter of time before it will need to be repaired again.
In general we can say that the results depend on many things such as how old is the door, what is the condition of the door, does the garage door is in the front of the house, how often do you intend to use it and much more. When we calculate all those things, together with the customer, we are getting to the best answer for you.



Garage door motor installation

There is no question that an electric garage door is much more easy to use than door which is used manually. But an electric opener installation is not a necessity, and if you are not using your garage door often, it may be better for you to continue and use it manually. But if you are interested in a new garage door opener installation, we can help you, whether it is a Chain drive opener, or a belt drive opener, we can install it for you.

Color and material

There are endless options when it come to a new garage door installation, from basic non insulated doors, to custom made wooden doors, each one can find the right garage door, which will serve him for many years. We offer garage doors from leading brands, and we can help you get the garage door that you want, and we will gladly share the knowledge we acquired during years of installing garage doors in Staten Island.


We know, this is a big question, and many times it what stand between a top quality door, and a low quality one. But if we could give you only one important tip, that will save you a lot of money in the long run, is will be to invest some more, and by that save a lot.
The difference between a basic hollow garage door and an insulated garage door, can be huge, when you look at the quality of the door you are getting in return. When you purchase an insulated garage door, not only that you are getting a better quality garage door, but you are also getting peace of mind for many years, since the high quality garage doors can easily last 15-20 years, and even more.

Garage Door And Safety

If there is something wrong with your garage door, please stop using it, until a garage door technician will come and repair it. If you decided to replace it with a new garage door, please make sure that the repairman made sure that it is safe to use the door until it will be replaced, since a broken garage door is not safe for use, and can lead to serious injuries and even death.

Garage door installation Staten Island

Matalonco Garage Doors offer garage door installation for high quality garage doors, and a professional installation from experienced installers. We work with the leading garage doors manufactures in the market, and we will always do our best to provide you with a high quality service.




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