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Garage Door Opener

A high quality Opener and a high quality installation, is the key to a perfectly working garage door.

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Things you should know about garage door openers

Garage Door Openers Types

The three main types of garage door openers are – Chain drive opener, Belt drive opener, and screw drive opener. They differ from each other by the system which is being used to lift and close the garage door. It is important to mention, that while many people assume that the opener is the force that lift and close the door, it is actually the force of the springs which attach to the door that do most of the lifting. So it is important to make sure that the garage door is equipped with the right springs, and that the springs are adjust correctly.

Chain drive opener: This opener is the most popular opener. This opener use an iron chain, which is attached to a trolley, and by running along the rail lifting and lowering the garage door.
Belt drive opener: The same idea that works for the chain drive openers, but in this case instead of the chain there is a rubber belt. Those openers cost more than the chain drive openers, but they are much quieter, since the using of rubber belt eliminate the noise of a metal chain that run along the rail.
Screw drive openers: Using a much simpler mechanism, with a threaded rod that made from steel. They are becoming less and less popular, but the easy installation still make them popular for a “do it yourself” opener installation.

Lift Master Opener With Rail

Which one is the best Opener for me?

There are few things you should consider, if you are thinking about replacing your garage door opener and install a new one:

What kind of opener?

As we mentioned above, most people use one of the 3 types we mentioned above (chain drive, belt drive and screw drive). If you want the opener to operate in a quiet way (for example if your garage door is located under a bedroom or a living room), you should consider purchasing a belt drive opener. If you prefer the opener to be heard every time someone is using the garage door, you should consider the chain drive opener. If you are planning to install the opener by yourself, and you are looking for an opener that will be easy to install, you should consider the screw drive opener.

What size of opener?

Most residential garage doors are using a ½ H.P openers. In most cases, unless it is a very light garage door, a 1/2 H.P opener should do the job. For heavier doors, you should consider purchasing a ¾ H.P opener, which is more powerful and more likely to serve you better when it comes to heavier garage doors. If you are not sure which one is the best garage door opener for you, you should go with the ¾ H.P opener. You will get more power, and the price gap is relatively small

Opener Safety Features

By Federal law – Every garage door opener should include a safety feature such as photoelectric eyes or sensors that will stop and reverse the door in case a person or an object passes beneath the moving garage door. No matter if it is a residential garage door in Chappaqua, or an overhead door in Staten Island, every automated garage door need a safety feature. Although this safety sensors are not a necessity for the operating of the garage door in terms of mechanism, it is important to have it install since it can save life and damage in case someone or an object or a pet will be located at the path of the garage door when it is in movement. The idea of the safety sensors is to reverse the movement of the garage door in case something is blocking the laser beam that run between the sensors, which installed not higher than 6 inches above the ground facing each other.

LiftMaster Opener New York

Garage Door Opener Features

Remote Controls

Many new garage door openers kit come with 2 remote controls. There may be more than one button on each remote control. The other buttons are useful when you need to operate more than one garage door at a time.

Opener Lights

Many times people ignore the fact that the lights of the garage door opener may be the only light source of their garage door. They refuse to invest a small amount of money in a garage door opener that include lights, but almost all of them thank us when we insist that they will install an opener with a light source. So we say here, a garage door opener with light can make a big difference. Invest those few extra dollars, and improve the quality of your life.

Push Button

You want to install a push button inside your garage door, that will give you the option to open and close the garage door (and use the light) from inside the garage door. Just make sure that you install it in a location that allow you to see the door when you are using it.

Garage Door push Button

Battery Backup

Installing a battery backup unite, will allow you to continue and use the opener in case the opener will not get power.


Disclaimer: Garage door can be dangerous.  It is important to clear, that none of the information that appear in this page, can replace the opinion of a garage door technician, that came to your place, inspect the door, and use he’s experience to repair it. If you are thinking to install a new garage door opener opener by yourself, please make sure that you know exactly what you are doing. If you are not sure that you are doing the right thing, please contact a garage doors company, to assist you with the installation.


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