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Garage Door Repair Oyster Bay New York

MATALONCO Garage doors, provide all kinds of garage doors installation and repair services in Oyster Bay New York. From residential garage door repair service, to a commercial garage door installation, we are the answer for all your garage doors needs. Our reputation in the garage door repair field is built from hundreds of satisfied customers, who can testify, that when it comes to garage door repair in Oyster Bay NY – MATALONCO Garage Doors is the right choice. From garage door spring repair, to new garage door installation, we will always do our best to provide you with that service which made so famous.

Our garage doors technicians have successfully performed hundreds of garage doors projects, and they will never leave a job, without making sure that you got what you expected, because they know that they have a reputation to maintain, a reputation that built from years in the garage doors service field. No matter what time, day or night, we will always be there for you, since we know one thing – There is never a good timing for a garage door to stop working, and everybody want their garage door to be repaired ASAP.

Need a new opener? Not sure if it is better to repair or to replace? We are here for you. During years in the garage door repair field, we gathered knowledge which can help us to help you. Beside endless information which you can find at our articles page, we are only phone call away from you, and from helping you making the right decision.


Our Garage Door Services Oyster Bay New York

  • 24/7 emergency repair service for all garage doors and gates in Oyster Bay New York.
  • Garage door repair service for all models.
  • Fair prices for every job.
  • High quality garage door and parts.
  • Garage doors spring repair Oyster Bay.
  • Garage doors safety sensors repair/replacement.
  • Out of track garage door repair.
  • Garage door opener repair Oyster Bay NY.
  • Garage door cables replacement.
  • Garage doors Hinge replacement.
  • New Garage Door Installation.
  • Garage Door Maitenance.

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Broken Spring Repair Oyster Bay NY

It is possible, that one of the most common reason that lead to a broken, stuck or damaged garage door is a broken or damaged garage door spring. The spring of the garage door, whether it is extension spring system (located on top of the tracks) or torsion spring system, is the force which lift the door and keep it balanced. Yes, it is no mistake, the springs (and not the opener as many people tend to believe) is what make it easy to lift the garage door, and what stop it from being crashed into the ground when you close it.
Now that you know that, you can probably imagine the tension on the springs, and why they are likely to break one day, especially when you bring into consideration the weather in Oyster Bay NY, which is not friendly to the spring, or to other parts of the door.

Fixing a broken spring

But the good news are that you don’t need to replace the whole door, all you need to do is to replace the broken spring (in many cases both springs need to be replaced). A broken spring replacement is not a complicated project, but it should be done by a professional garage door tech, who can fit the right spring for the right garage door. Do not think that every spring can fit every garage door, if you look around your neighborhood, you will probably find that there are so many different garage doors in Oyster Bay, and they are differ from each other in terms of size, color, spring system and much more.

Safety cables (for extension springs)

As we explained above, the springs of the garage door are under a lot of tension, and when a spring break it can be dangerous. In order to try and minimize the damage, we install safety cables (When extension springs), which threaded through the spring, and attached on each side of the garage door parts, and in case the spring will break, the safety cables will try and restrain the breaking spring, and protect people objects and even the garage door itself.
Although the safety cables aren’t necessary for the garage door to work, they are part of using a garage door which is safe to use, and can save money and even life in case the spring will break.

Automated Garage Door Oyster Bay

We always say to all our customers – if you plan to purchase a new garage door opener, try and get the top, since a high quality garage door opener can last for 10-20 years and sometime even more, and you do not want to find yourself searching for a new opener within 3-5 years. And don’t think that the difference is going to be that big, many times the different between a hish quality garage door opener and a low quality opener can be less than 50$, and when you compare a garage door opener that will serve you for 10-20 years, to the one that will work for 3-5 years, I am sure you can get to the right conclusion yourself.
Garage Doors Openers
If you live in Oyster Bay NY, and you are looking for a new garage door opener, there are 3 kinds of openers drives you can choose from:

  1. Chain drive opener. This is one of the most popular openers and a best seller. It is working with an iron chain which is attached to the trolley which run along the rail and by that opening and closing the door.
  2. 2. Belt drive opener. Here instead of an iron chain, we have a rubber belt which attached to the trolley that run along the rail. Although a bit more expensive, those openers are much more quiet and recommended for those of you who don’t want to hear the garage door opener every time someone is opening and closing the door.
  3. Screw drive opener. Lately becoming less and less popular, but since they are based on a simple mechanism which make them easy to install, they arest ill popular for those who want to the installation themselves.

As you can see, there are many options you should consider when choosing a new garage door opener. But again, we can only recommend you to aim for the best, and get the opener which will serve you for many years with no problems.

Opener and safety

Whether you live in Oyster Bay and need a new opener installation, or looking for a garage door replacement in Scarsdale, every automated garage door should include a safety feature. Although the safety feature aren’t a necessity for the garage door to work properly, they are important in case someone or something will cross the path of the door while it is in movement. One of the most common safety feature is the “safety sensors”. The safety sensors are located on each side of the door facing each other, and whenever something block the laser beam which run between them, the door will stop it movement and reverse. The reason for that is to protect a person, pet, a car, or any other object from being hit by the garage door.
Is you live in Oyster Bay NY, and you own an automated garage door, make sure that the door is equipped with a safety feature, if not, stop using the garage door and contact a garage door company in Oyster Bay to come and install the safety feature.




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