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Looking for a reliable garage door company in Long Island NY? Need a repair service for your garage door in Long Island? You got to the right place! Matalonco Garage Doors offer same day garage door repair service in Long Island. Whether it is a garage door spring repair, or new garage opener installation, we can help.

Matalonco garage doors, provide garage door repair service in Long Island New York. From home garage door repair, to commercial garage door installation, we are the answer for all your garage doors needs. Our reputation build from hundreds of satisfied customers, who can testify, that when it comes to garage door services in Long island - MATALONCO is the answer.

Each one of or garage door technicians in Long Island, have successfully performed hundreds of garage doors projects, and they will never leave a job, without making sure that you got what you expected, because they know that they have a reputation to maintain, a reputation that we earned during years of repair and installation projects in the garage doors field.

We know that there are other garage doors companies in Long Island, and we appreciate the fact that you choose us to perform your next garage door project. As appreciation, we offer garage doors discount coupons for all our customers in Long Island NY. It can be a busted garage overhead door, or storefront rolling gate service, we are here for you.

Garage door long Island

Below you will find a list of cities in Long Island that can use our garage door service:


Garage Door Repair Long Island New York

If you live in Long Island, and you need a garage door repair service, but your city is not listed above, please contact us, and we will be happy to assist.

Broken Spring Repair Long Island New York

The weather in Long Island New York is not friendly to the garage doors. That is the reason, why you need to provide your garage door with a maintenance service at least every 6 months. One of the common problems, that can stop a garage door from working, is a broken or damaged spring. A broken spring does not mean that it is time to replace the door. It only means that it is time to replace the spring, which usually isn't a complicated job, as long as it is being done by a professional technician.

In order to avoid broken garage doors springs, or any other damage to your garage door, we advise you to provide your garage door a maintenance service (at least every 6 months). If you think that there might be a problem with your garage door, do not wait until it will be to late and contact us to save time and money. Because if you wait until the door will stop working completely, it will cost you time and money that you could of save, if you would call us on time.

All our technicians are licensed and experienced, and performed hundreds garage doors repair in Long Island. If the spring is broken, or if you have any questions regarding a garage door service in Long Island, please contact us, and let the professionals to perform the job.

garage door installer Long Island

Snapped garage door coil spring is one of the problems that can prevent garage door from opening or from working properly. There are many reasons for a busted garage door coil spring. Most of them are a bad, or no lubrication and maintenance at all. But if the coil spring in your garage door is snapped, it doesn't mean that you need to get a new garage door. All it mean is that you need to contact Matalonco Garage Doors (And it probably also mean that you have been ignoring the need for maintenance or it has been many years since the door was serviced).
Matalonco Garage Doors repair and replace torsion and extension coil spring near Long Island New York, and we offer same day service for all kinds of coil springs. The important thing when garage door coil spring snap is to stop using the overhead door, and call a local garage door contractor near Long Island to come and replace the busted coil spring, or coil springs. Whether you need commercial overhead door coil spring repair near Long Island, or garage door repairs near Queens New York, Matalonco Garage Doors can fix it today.

What to do when garage coil spring snap?

The best thing for you to do, is to stop using the door, and contact a garage door specialist near Long Island who can replace the snapped coil spring with a new one. There is no need to panic or to wonder if the repair is going to cost a lot of money. A coil spring replacement near Long Island is something we are dealing with on a daily base while servicing overhead doors in New York, since it is one of the common garage door issues, which can completely stop a garage door from working.
Keep in mind that garage coil spring replacement near Long Island NY, especially if it is heavy duty commercial rolling door coil spring repair can be a dangerous process, and since the weight of the door is not supported by the coil spring which snapped, trying to lift the door to open it up, or trying to close the door is dangerous, and can result with a complete busted door, and sometime even worst, with an injury.
The specialists of Matalonco Garage Doors got the knowledge, the coil springs and the experience to match the correct coil spring for your garage door, whether it is a torsion coil spring or extension coil spring. We also have the tools and the experience to put the exact amount of tension on the coil spring, which will enable your door to stay balanced, and make it easy to use even if you are using it manually. To us it doesn’t matter if you need torsion coil spring repair near Long Island, or garage door coil spring repair in Staten Island, we have the knowledge, the tools and the ability to replace any garage door coil spring near Long Island New York today.

Garage opener Long Island

Our Garage Door Service Long Island New York Include:

  • 24/7 emergency garage door repair service in Long Island New York.
  • Garage doors repair service for all models.
  • Free phone consultation.
  • Fair prices for every job - Repair or installation.
  • Licensed and experienced technicians, who performed hundreds of garage doors projects in Long island.
  • High quality garage doors parts designed for the American standard.
  • Garage doors spring repair Long Island.
  • Garage door safety sensors repair/replacement.
  • Out of track garage door repair.
  • Garage door panel replacement.
  • Rolling gate repair long island
  • Garage door opener repair.
  • Garage door cables replacement.
  • Garage doors Hinge replacement.
  • And much more..

Garage motor Long Island New York

A good garage door operator in Long Island can be the key to a garage door that will service you properly for many years as every garage door should. It can be garage door in Huntington NY or garage door in Los Angeles CA. And if you are using your garage door multiple times a day, the importance of choosing top quality garage motor become much more relevant. Just like everything else, we believe that in the long run, quality will turn to be wise investment. So when it comes to new garage motor, whether it is an overhead door in Long Island, or a commercial overhead door, we recommend that you always aim for quality.

New Garage door long Island

Before you buy a new operator in Long Island

There are many different types of garage door operators in Long Island New York, and since purchasing a new garage door operator is something that we should do once, and not have to deal with it again for the next twenty years or more, it is recommended to invest some more money, and in return to have a garage door operator that going to open and close the door to the garage whenever we need it to do so.
But most of us don’t really know what kind of operator they need and which garage opener is really the best garage installer, and is it even possible to install an operator in to operate their garage door in Long Island automatically. In this article we will try and shed some light on the subject, and try to assist you find the right operator for your garage.
Before you go ahead and contact a nearby garage door vendor, Whether for a new garage motor repair, or for a new garage door installation, please read our recommendations, explanations and tips, so you will purchase something, that with little more knowledge of the subject, you could buy better. Matalonco Garage Doors has been servicing overhead doors all over New York for more than 20 years and has the knowledge as well as the tools to service all kinds of garage motors in New York. Whether it is a Liftmaster opener or Genie opener, we are here for you.

Is it a fresh operator installation in Long Island?

There is a difference between a completely new garage motor installation, and garage motor replacement (Replacing and old motor with a new one). When you replace a garage opener, you remove the old one and install a new motor. But when it is a brand new garage motor installation in Long Island, and there was never an operator before, you first need to make sure that it is even possible to install a new operator. (Some garages in New York have a very low ceiling that may prevent the installer from installing the new opener).

  1. Before hiring a nearby garage installer to install the new opener for you, the first thing you need to check is if there is electric power in the garage. Not every garage in Long Island has electricity, and it is impossible to install a new motor without electric power (the battery backup is for backup only!). If there is no electric power to your garage in Long Island, you will need to contact an electrician in Long Island first.
  2. The second thing is the structure and the way the garage is built. There is a required space to install a garage opener in Long Island. And in some cases, the installation may require additional modifications to make the installation passable. So if you never had a garage motor before, it is not obvious that it is going to be possible to install a new operator.

But even the ceiling is too low to install the conventional garage opener, the experts of Matalonco Garage Doors can help. After many years of servicing overhead doors in Long Island, including repair and installation of garage operators, there is no issue that we cannot overcome, since when it comes to garage door services, whether it is a garage door operator repair in Long Island, or a garage door repair Nyack NY, Matalonco Garage Doors can fix it.

Garage door long Island

Garage Door Installation Long Island New York

If you are looking for a new residential garage doors installment in Long Island New York, you better read what we have to say, and see what we have to offer. Because we believe that when it comes to purchasing a new garage door, you should always aim for the best, since a high quality garage door can save you a lot of time and frustration in the future. For a high quality and professional garage door installment you should be looking for 2 important things, that only a combination of the two of them will ensure you a high quality garage door, from the kind that will easily serve you for many years. A professional garage door installer, and a high quality garage door. If the installer is using a high quality parts, but he does not provide you with a professional installment, it’s only a matter of time before the garage door will need a repair service. On the other hand, no matter how experienced the installer will be, and how professional the installment job he provide will be, if he doesn't use a high quality garage doors parts, that fit the American standards, the garage door is going to need a repair service.
We at Matalonco Garage Doors, believe that when we install a high quality garage door, for a fair price, we are earning one more satisfied customer. That is the reason why we choose to use the best garage doors in Long Island NY, from leading garage doors brands, and at the same time, we choose the best installer to perform the installment job.
There are few questions you should be asking yourself when you are planning to purchase a new garage door, and by answering those questions, you will find which one is the right garage doors for you. There is a good article about repair or install new door, that can help you make the right choice when it comes to new garage door installment in Long Island New York. Matalonco Garage Doors offer free phone consultation, to help you choose the best garage door for you, and the one that will leave the impression that made us into one of the leading garage doors companies in Long Island New York.

Repair Or Replace The Door

If there is one question that we are being asked almost on a daily base is the question “Should I repair my garage door, or should I replace it with a new door”? We understand why this question rise, since sometime to repair the existing garage door, may cost up to 80% of what it would cost if you would replace the garage door with a New door. Most of the time, it is just a minor problem, that rise from time to time, usually due to poor, or no maintenance at all, and of course we repair them on the spot, and there is no question if to repair or replace. But when it is a matter of deeper issues, such as rotten panels, or severe damage to the garage door mechanism, it may be better for you to consider completely replace the garage door and install a new door.

If you need consultation on whether to repair or replace the door, or if you are not sure which will be the right garage door for you, we are here. We have years of experience in installing new overhead doors in New York, and we can help you make the right decision on you way to a new strong garage door as every garage door in Long Island should be.



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  1. Levfrom Long Island, NY-5/5 Stars
    22 July, 2012 at 10:48 pm

    Thanks Matalonco for helping me with garage door. You made the whole new garage door installation feel so simple.

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    23 July, 2012 at 10:21 pm

    I just want to thank you for the quick and professional service. It is very rare this days.

    1. FranciscoFrom Long Island, NY-5/5 Stars
      29 September, 2012 at 12:48 pm

      Hi. I appreciate what you did for me. I know it was sunday, but you still came and fixed my garage door.

      1. Jerom From Long Island, NY-5/5 Stars
        28 October, 2012 at 10:21 pm

        Johnny you are a great guy. Thanks for coming to my house in such a short notice. I really appreciate that.

  3. MikeFrom Flatbush, NY-4/5 Stars
    10 January, 2013 at 07:48 pm

    The first time they came, they fixed the door, but after one day it stopped working again. But, the guy came back in one hour, and fixed it again, and now it is working great! So i can say they were fair with me.

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