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Garage Door Repair Great Neck New York

Some minor garage repairs in Great Neck can wait few days, like if you need a garage door maintenance, or if the Key Pad is not opening the door. But some problems require same day garage door repairs in Great Neck New York, to get the garage door working again ASAP. Matalonco Garage Doors offer both: we offer emergency or same day garage doors repairs in Great Neck 11020, and we also offer new garage doors installation. It can be a commercial garage door in Great Neck, or garage door opener repairs in Long Island, whatever the problem is, we can fix it, and if you own a garage door in Great Neck, it mean that you are local to us, so we can repair your overhead door today.
If you live in the Great Neck New York 11020, and you need garage door service, you got to the right place. We provide overhead door repairs and installation service near Great Neck and in Long Island. We service residential as well as residential overhead doors. Since when you are a pro in the garage door repairs, it doesn’t matter to you if it is repair for commercial overhead door in Garden City, a garage door installation in Long Island. And since we are located New York, if you are located in the Great Neck, you are local to us, and one of our garage door experts can be there to help you in less than 2 hours.
Our company performed hundreds of garage doors projects in Long Island, always on the best side. Since we will never leave a job, without making sure that you got what you expected – a high quality garage door service, which make your door work in a perfect and in a safe way. Because they know that they represent Matalonco Garage doors, and that they have a reputation to maintain, a reputation that was built from hundreds of satisfied customers in Great Neck, who can tell you that if you need garage door service in Great Neck, we will be the wisest decision.

Garage Door Great Neck NY

Our Garage Door Services Great Neck New York

  • 24/7 emergency repair service for all garage doors and gates in Great Neck New York.
  • Garage doors repair service for all models.
  • Free phone consultation.
  • Fair prices for every job - Repair or installation Great Neck.
  • Licensed and experienced technicians, who performed hundreds of garage doors projects in Great Neck.
  • High quality garage doors parts designed for the American standard.
  • Garage doors springs repair Great Neck.
  • Garage doors safety sensors repair/replacement.
  • Out of track garage door repair Great Neck.
  • Garage door panel replacement.
  • Garage door opener repair Great Neck.
  • Garage door cables replacement.
  • Garage doors Hinge replacement Great Neck.
  • And much more..

Garage Door Spring Repair Great Neck

A broken garage door spring isn’t that rare when it comes to garage doors in Great Neck. Usually it is a result of lack of garage door maintenance, which weaken the parts, which eventually break. But luckily, if your garage door spring snapped, it doesn’t mean that you need to replace the whole door, or even the doors mechanism. A good garage door technician can repair every garage door spring, and if he is experienced in overhead doors repairs in Great Neck, the same way we are, he should be able to replace the spring on the spot. To get your broken spring in Great Neck replaced today, all you need to do is to call us, and one of our garage door technician in Long Island will come to your place and replace the broken spring for you. Matalonco Garage Doors offer a 24/7 garage door repair service for garage doors in Great Neck, and broken garage door springs is something we deal with almost every day while servicing garage doors in Long Island.
To us it doesn’t really matter what type of garage door you own, and what type of spring you need. From torsion spring replacement, to commercial garage door repairs, to extension spring system in Yonkers, if you are looking garage door repairs ASAP, we can help.

Torsion garage door springs

Matalonco Garage Doors service all types of garage doors in Great Neck, and we replace any kinds of garage door springs. If your overhead door in the Great Neck is working with torsion spring system, and one of the springs snapped, you better stop using the door, and contact a local garage door specialist in Great Neck who offer spring replacement in Great Neck. 
Since we know which kind of garage doors are popular in Great Neck, and which springs we are most likely going to need, we carry torsion springs that fit most garage doors in Great Neck. But sometime, especially when it is a commercial overhead door repair, there is a need for a custom made torsion spring. If this is the case, we will provide you a temporary repair, and we will order the spring and come back to install it. And since you are located in the Great Neck 11020, you are local to us, so we may be able to return to your location and complete the replacement the same day.
Whether the cable snapped, the spring is broken, or any other problem that require repair service, you better call us, and get your garage door working again today.

Extension spring Great Neck NY

Unlike the torsion springs, if your garage door in Great Neck is working with extension springs, you better make sure that your spring system also include safety cables. While the torsion spring are installed on top of the garage door, wrapped around the shaft, and in most cases in the center of the door, the extension garage door spring in the Great Neck installed on the sided of the door, on top of the garage door tracks.
For someone who never needed to deal with a garage door repair, in Great Neck or anywhere else in Long Island, the spring replacement may seem simple, just to take off the snapped spring, and install a new one. But the truth is that it is not that simple, and using the wrong spring, or installing the spring in a wrong way, will prevent the garage door from moving properly, and can be dangerous. When it comes to spring replacement in Great Neck, we advise you to use a garage door expert for the job, and avoid trying to repair the door by DIY. There are other garage door jobs you can perform by DIY, and that you do not need a garage door expert in Great Neck to do them. Like garage door maintenance, safety sensors repairs and such.

Garage Door installation Great Neck New York

Garage Door Opener Repair Great Neck New York

If you could join us for a day during our garage doors services in the Great Neck, you will be surprised to learn how many different garage door openers installed in garages Great Neck. But at the same time, you will also notice one more thing: That the oldest openers in the Great Neck, and that last the longest, are usually the high quality garage openers. It can be a garage door opener in Great Neck, a garage door opener in Commack or a garage door New Rochelle, the important thing is to purchase strong and reliable opener. We recommend that if you are located in Westchester, to purchase in the garage openers made by Liftmaster Company, since they are the kind of openers you can trust to do the job. You can locate overhead door contractor in Long Island to come and install the opener for you, or you can contact us for supply and installation of new garage door opener in Westchester.
One last thing that should be clear regarding garage openers, and it can be used for every garage door in Long Island whether it is a garage opener in Garden City, or a garage opener in Great Neck: The thing that make it easy to open and close even the heaviest industrial overhead door is not the garage door operator, but actually the spring system. If you will go ahead and try and open your garage door in Great Neck by using it manually, you will find how easy it is, since the spring system make it easy. And if one of the springs is broken or weak, it affect the way the opener works, and make it hard for the opener to open the door.
That’s why when it is a garage door opener problem, you can disconnect the garage opener from the door, and use it manually, until a garage door specialist in Great Neck will come and fix the opener.

Garage Door Installer Great Neck 10538

New garage door can really improve the way your house looks, and at the same time make it so easy to access your garage using the garage door. One of the garage door services we provide in the Great Neck NY, overhead doors installations. We offer all our customers in Long Island and New York with a high quality garage doors, and professional installation job.
Yes, if you look online, you may find another garage door installer in Long Island. We are not here to determine which one is the best garage door company in New York. But we can tell you that each one of our customers in Great Neck can tell you –even now after so many years - that when Matalonco Garage Doors completed the job, there was one thing left to say: Why did wait that long before replacing our old garage door.

Garage Door opener repair Great Neck Long Island

Garage Door Parts in Great Neck
Sometime we receive calls from customers in Great Neck, asking us to supply them with garage door parts. We used to supply garage door parts in Long Island, but we do not do that anymore. And we would like to explain why.
Few times in the past we supplied parts to customers in Great Neck who wanted to replace a broken spring by DIY. The problem was that they weren’t professional enough, and when they couldn’t make the door work, they returned to our garage door store in Long Island and asked for refund, telling us that the spring is not working. We used to offer them a bet that we will use the same springs, and if the door will not work we will do the repair for free! Of course that when we did it, the door worked perfectly, and the customer apologized. But since one of our customers in Great Neck failed to replace the springs in his door, and instead of calling us went online and wrote a negative review about the parts we are using to fix garage doors, we no longer sell parts, unless we supply and install them. So if you need garage door parts in Great Neck, call us, and let us deliver and install the part for you. It can be a torsion spring, a cable or even a hinge, but fixing garage doors in Great Neck is our job, so let us do it in order to get your door working again ASAP,  and more important, I a safe way.

How to open Locked garage door?

It is never a good thing when your garage door in Great Neck New York is locked, in a way that you understand that you can’t open the door. And if your garage is detached from the house, it is even more frustrating, since you have no access to the garage, since the garage door is the only way to enter the garage. But there is no need to worry, with our emergency garage door repairs in Long Island, we can open your locked garage door and fix the problem. There are two different ways to deal with a locked garage door, the first is if the garage door is attached to the house, and you have other ways to enter the garage beside the garage door itself, and the second is when the garage is detached from the house, and when there is no way to access into the garage except for the garage door.
If your garage door is locked, and you have no access to the garage from a different entrance, call us for emergency service in Great Neck Long Island. We can open any locked garage door, whether it is a residential one car garage door, or a commercial stuck roll up gate, Matalonco Garage Doors can help.

Garage Door Maintenance Great Neck NY

Every overhead garage door need to be maintained, tuned and lubricated. It can be a garage door in Great Neck Long Island, garage door in Syracuse NY, or even roll up door, maintaining a garage door is the key to make sure that the door will go on and work for many more years, and that it won’t need repairs in the near future.
To make sure that your overhead door in Great Neck will continue to work in a perfect way for many more years, you need to perform a garage door tune up (Garage door maintenance), at least twice a year. Performing the maintenance will do 2 things: It will improve the way your garage door move, since you will lubricate some of the moving parts, and it will preserve the parts from break or getting rusted from the weather damages, and from the daily use of the door. And buy lubricating the door, you are decrease the chances that you will need garage door repairs in Great Neck in the near future.

Commercial overhead garage Door Great Neck

Garage door maintenance and repair

Although the garage door tune up will improve the movement of your garage door, and it will protect and preserve the parts of the door, the garage door maintenance is not a substitute to repair. If your garage door is broken, and need to be repairs, it won’t matter how much lubrication you will spray on it, it won’t work.
If you are visiting this page since there is something wrong with your overhead door, if the spring snapped, the roller went out of the track, or if the opener is stuck, do not expect that the maintenance will make your door working again, the maintenance is to preserve a door which is already working. If you need a garage door repair in New York, please contact Matalonco Garage Doors for a same day repair service. Again, do not assume that since you have been neglecting the need of your overhead door for maintenance, now some lubrication will make it work smoothly. If the door need repairs, you can use gallons of garage door lubricant, and it will not help, since the door need repairs.

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