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Garage Door Garden City New York

Garage Door Service Garden City New York

Matalonco Garage Doors is the answer for all your garage doors needs in Garden City New York. From garage door repair to new garage door installation, you are in the right place. We offer same day garage door repairs and installation in Long Island New York, and of course in Garden City. We have teams of technicians ready for any kind of repair, from broken garage door spring repair, to new garage opener installation, Matalonco Garage Doors is the answer for all your garage door needs.
Garage Door Repairs Garden City New York
We repair garage doors from all brands and makers in Garden City New York. Many times our customers ask us if we can repair their garage door, since they are not sure if we fix this brand, or they are not sure if we repair wooden garage doors. So we would like to make it clear: If it is a garage door in Garden City, our garage door technicians can fix it.
From commercial heavy duty Overhead garage doors, to residential garage door tune up, after many years in the field, we can say that we have services all kinds of garage doors in Garden City Long Island. If your garage door spring snapped, the door is out of track, or if the opener do not respond, we are the answer for all your garage door needs in Garden City New York and the area. Need emergency garage door repair in Long island? We can help. We have same day and emergency overhead door service all over Long Island New York, and of course in Garden City.

Garage Door Spring Replacement Garden City

The garage door spring system is what make it so easy to lift and open even doors that weight hundreds of pounds, and what stop the heavy door from crashing into the ground and break. When one of the springs break, it is usually followed by a loud noise that make you wonder if the door is so damaged that you will have to replace it. We repair and replace all kinds of garage doors springs In Garden City. But not only here. You may need garage door spring repair in Long Beach New York, or garage door spring replacement in Roslyn, Matalonco Garage Doors can help.

Garage door opener and spring Garden City New York

Extension Spring Repair

If your garage door in Garden City is equipped with extension spring system, and hopefully they are secured with 2 safety cables, then the damage may be minimal, and a replacement of the snapped spring (Or both springs) will usually solve the problem.
If you own a garage door which move with the assistance of extension spring cables, but there are no safety cables installed, contact a garage door company in Long Island to install them for you, or replace them by yourself.
Although the safety cables are not necessary in order to use the door, they are required by the law, to protect you, a family member, or objects that may be near the door when the spring will break.

Torsion Garage Door Spring

If you are not sure what kind of spring system operate your garage door in Garden City, look at the springs and you will know. The extension springs are located on the sides of the door, on the top of the tracks, while the torsion springs are wrapped around a metal pipe, and usually located at the center of the door.
Every garage door has its own springs, which are calculated by the size and the weight of the door. If one of your torsion spring broke, please contact us for a same day repair in Garden City. We carry different types of torsion spring, and we can most likely replace a broken garage door spring in Garden City on the spot.

Garage Door Opener Repair Garden City

The garage door openers you can find in the market today, as long as you purchase a high quality one such as Liftmaster opener, can last twenty years and more. If you think about it, it is better to invest in high quality openers rather than purchase a cheap opener that may need to be repaired or replaced in 3-5 years. We repair, replace and install Liftmaster garage openers in Long island, and we have the best garage openers. Whether it is a chain drive opener, or belt drive garage opener type, we can supply and install it.

Safety Sensors Repair Garden City NY

One of the problems that involve the garage door opener is a problem with the safety sensor. If you own an automated garage door in Garden City that operate with an electric opener, you will find 2 safety sensors at the bottom of the garage door tracks, or next to it. They are there for a reason, and the reason is your safety. The federal law require that every automated garage door will include a safety feature such as the garage door safety sensors.
The location of the safety sensors, where people tend to put their cleaning materials or their gardening tools, usually end with one of the sensors which was accidently moved for its place, and break the invisible laser beam which run between the 2 sensors. If your garage door is coming down only half way, and reverse to open position followed by a signal from the opener that something is wrong, you may have a safety sensors problem.
In most cases, the safety sensors repair is not complicated, and can be easily performed. Click to read more about safety sensors troubleshoot.

Wooden Garage door Garden City

Matalonco garage doors and gates offer same day garage door service in Garden City, Long Island, New York, including:

  • Garden City emergency garage door repair.
  • Garden City spring repair or replacement.
  • Garden City opener repair and installation.
  • Garden City out of track garage door repair.
  • Garden City residential garage door repair.
  • Commercial garage door repair Garden City.
  • Roller replacement.
  • Garage door maintenance Garden City.
  • Same day service in Garden City.


Commercial Overhead Door Repair

If you own a commercial garage door in Garden City New York, you probably know that a perfectly working commercial door can save you a k lot of time and money, which you would of spend otherwise. That is why we offer a same day repair service for commercial Overhead doors in Long island. It can be a broken garage door in Huntington, or broken rolling door repair in Queens New York, we can repair it today.
If you are having issues with your commercial Overhead door, and you are thinking to continue to use it, or to repair it by doing it yourself, we suggest that you will think again. A commercial Overhead door in Island can easily turn onto something dangerous, and should be repaired by a trained and experienced technician, who carry the tools, and the right parts for the repair.

Garage door installation Garden City New York

Garage Door Installation Garden City New York

If it is time to replace your old garage door, and install a new overhead garage door in Garden City, this article can help you make the right decisions on your way to a new overhead garage door. We are located in New York, but this article can be used for anyone who plan to purchase and install a new garage door. You may be looking for a new garage door in Scarsdale, a new garage door in Long Island, or even for new garage door in Alexandria VA. This article will help you make the right decision on your way to a new overhead garage door.
But before we get into the new garage door and the garage door installation, we first need to determine whether you really need a new garage door, and what are the reason=s to replace the current door. And in order to answer that, we need to first answer an important question that every garage door expert in Garden City New York need to answer almost every day while servicing garage doors: Repair or replace the garage door? We will take an example of a customer who called about garage door repairs in Long in Queens New York and told us that the door need some minor repairs.
The problem: The door couldn’t be repaired!!
When the customer called us, he described the problem this way: The door suddenly stopped working, I think that the cable snapped. Now let’s make it clear, cable replacement is something we do almost every day during our garage door services. But when our garage door technician arrived, he found a door in a terrible condition, that no garage door repairman who respect himself will even consider repairing. And the reasons why we will not repair the door can move between safety reasons, to cost vs value.
You may wonder why we will choose not to fix the door, and we will recommend to replace it, so we took pictures of the door, and we will present here so you will understand. Even if you are not a qualified garage door technician, you can see that this door in such a bad condition that it just cannot be fixed. We do offer same day garage door repairs in Long Island, like garage door repair in Garden City, or garage door repair in Queens but there is one thing we will never do, and that is to break a safety guidelines. There are written rules about garage door safety, and there are unwritten rules. And both of them is what guide us during our overhead doors services.
So we would like to simplify things and say: Repairing the door isn’t always the wisest decision! If you would like to read more about new garage door installation in New York, we welcome anybody to read and article we wrote about new garage door installation New York.

Commercial overhead door Garden City NY

Garage Opener Installation Garden City

An important part of getting a new garage door installed, whether in Garden City, or anywhere else in Long island, is the garage opener that comes with it. If you live in Garden City, and own an overhead garage door, but you never installed a garage opener, you will be surprised by how much an electric opener can improve the quality of life. Just think that instead getting out of the car to open the garage when you want to park inside, and manually open the door, and then again get out of the car and close the door manually; sometime few times a day. It can really be exhausting. 
When we purchase and install a garage opener, it allow us to open and close the door remotely, without touching the door itself and without using any force.
If you are located in Garden City, and consider installing a new opener, we are here to assist you.
From residential to commercial overhead garage door, we are here for you. The garage operators that we use, are always from the top quality, and from the leading garage openers manufactures in New York. We know that you can get lost in the endless options of new garage doors and new garage doors openers. But just as we mentioned before – Never compromise for the quality of the new garage door opener, and about the quality of the installer, since those 2 things are what going to determine if the opener are going to get a garage door that going to work and serve you for years, (sometime for more than 20 years!) or one that is going to need a repair service often.

Garage door Garden City New York

About our garage doors service in Garden City New York

MATALONCO Garage doors, provide all kinds of garage doors installation and repair services in Garden City New York. From residential garage door repair service, to a commercial garage door installation, we are the answer for all your garage doors needs. Our reputation in the garage door repair field is built from hundreds of satisfied customers, who can testify, that when it comes to garage door repair in Garden City NY – Matalonco Garage Doors will be is the right choice.
Our garage doors technicians, performed successfully hundreds of garage doors projects in Garden City Long Island, and they will never leave a job, without making sure that you got what you expected, because they know that they have a reputation to maintain, a reputation that built from years in the garage doors service field. No garage door project is too small or too big for us, and we will always do our best to provide each one of our customers with the service that made us so famous.
We are aware of the fact that we are not the only garage doors company in Long Island, and we appreciate the fact that you choose us to perform your next garage door project. As appreciation, we are glad offer garage doors discount coupons for all our customers in Garden City NY. All you need to do, is to visit our Garage Door Coupons page, choose the right coupon for you, and show it to the technician.




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