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Matalonco Garage Doors offer same day garage door repair in Brooklyn NY. We fix garage doors from all brands, including Amarr garage doors, Wayne Dalton garage doors, sears garage doors and more. We fix broken garage door spring, broken garage door opener, broken panels, noisy garage door repair and more. Beside repair, we also offer garage door installation in Brooklyn: from commercial garage door installation, to residential garage door installation, Matalonco Garage Doors can do it. All you need to do, if you would like to get your overhead door working again today, is to call us, and one of our overhead doors teachings in Brooklyn will be there to assist you.

Same Day Repair!

Every garage door can suddenly stop working. No matter what the cause is, we know that you want your garage door repaired ASAP. In order to provide you with a quick repair service, we carry in our vans all the equipment and the garage door repair tools which are needed to complete the job the first time. We offer a same day garage door repair in Brooklyn NY, so you know that one of Matalonco’s technicians will always be there for you.

Using a broken garage door is dangerous!

No matter what is the reason that made you contact us, whether it is a broken spring or a broken opener, if there is something wrong with the way your garage door is working, or if the door is stuck or out of track, STOP USING THE GARAGE DOOR! We are used to a garage door that work perfectly, and that open and close whenever we need it to, but the truth is that using a garage door that need a repair is dangerous. Not only that using a broken door will probably lead to a bigger damage – something that probably going to cost you much more money – the use of a broken garage door is dangerous, and can cause serious injuries. With our same day service in Brooklyn, and since we carry parts for all types of overhead doors in Brooklyn, we can fix any broken garage door in Brooklyn New York today.

Garage Door Repairs Brooklyn NY

Residential Garage Door Brooklyn

We repair and install residential garage door Brooklyn NY. If you are not sure what is better for you, and if the right decision for you will be to repair or to replace your garage door, we are here to help. After years in the garage door service field, we got the knowledge and the experience to provide you a professional consultation, to help you make the right decision regarding you next garage door project. Whether you need a residential garage door opener installation, or a residential garage door replacement, Matalonco Garage Doors are here to help.

Overhead Door Spring Brooklyn New York

Before we start explaining about overhead doors spring replacement, we would like to make it clear, that a broken garage door spring, or any other problem with a garage door can be dangerous. You be facing broken garage door spring in Staten Island New York, or broken garage door spring in Monroe County, the right and the safest for you to do will be to stop trying to use the door, and call a garage door specialist in New York. A broken overhead door in Brooklyn, whether it is a torsion spring repair, or extension spring replacement should not be used, until a professional garage door technician in Brooklyn  will fix it and replace the springs.
Did you ever wonder how it can be so easy to lift and open even the heaviest garage door in Brooklyn? How is it possible that a door that weight few hundred pounds can be open with one hand without too much force from you side? The answer is in the garage door mechanism, and of course the spring system which is part of the door’s mechanics.
Whether your garage door in Brooklyn is equipped with extension torsion spring system, or with torsion spring system, many calculation were made by those who designed the garage door, so the right spring will move the door, and keeping the gentle balance that keep the door up when you open it, and keep down when you close it. There are many overhead doors in Brooklyn, and although all may seem the same to you, they are equipped with different springs.
Since the garage door springs are under a lot of tension, and sometime being used few times a day, a snapped garage door spring in Brooklyn is not a rare problem, and definitely not a problem that require to replace the whole door, you just need to find someone who repair garage door spring in Brooklyn, to come and replace the broken spring for you.

Extension spring Repair Brooklyn

If you own an overhead door in Brooklyn, and you look at your garage door, you should see that the spring are installed on top of the tracks (Attached to pulleys and cables), it means that your garage door is moving by extension spring system. When extension spring snap, and it doesn’t matter if it is a garage door in Sheepshead Bay, or overhead door in Bay Ridge, it can be dangerous, and can put people, the overhead door itself and other objects near the door at risk. So we offer you to make sure that there are safety cables installed in your door, in case the spring will break.
You should know that every garage door in and near Brooklyn is unique, and not every spring will fit every garage door! So if you plan to do the replacement by yourself, make sure you have the right spring, and that know exactly what you are doing. Do not assume that a spring that looks like your spring, or almost the same size will work. Unless you use the right spring for your overhead door in Brooklyn, the door will not be safe to use.

Safety Cables (Extension spring system only)

Although they have no part in operating your garage door in Brooklyn, and it will work with or without them, it is important to install safety cables, to protect the area which surrounding your garage door if the spring will snap one day. If you need to replace the springs for your overhead door in Brooklyn, make sure that the installer will also include safety cables. If you own a garage door in Brooklyn, and you are not sure if there are safety cables included in your spring system, look at your springs, if you see a metal wire which enter from one side of the spring, and exiting from the other side, it mean that you have them. If you do not see them (Do not confuse them with the cables which actually connected to the spring and wrapped around the pulley), you can install them by yourself, or you can contact us door same day garage door repairs in New York. We service all New York, and parts of New Jersey, like if you need garage door repair in Hoboken NJ, we can help.

Torsion Spring Repair Brooklyn NY

If your garage door in Brooklyn is working with the help of torsion spring system, and one or both of them snapped, do not try and use the door, because it is dangerous. A torsion spring replacement is not an easy project, and it should be performed by a trained technician, who can fit the right spring for the door, and that will know how to replace the spring in a safe way. There are a lot of different sizes of garage doors in Brooklyn, and not every spring can make every door work. For every overhead door, there is a set of spring that will make it work, and do not expect an overhead door in Brooklyn or garage door in New Jersey, to work properly with the wrong set of springs.
Do not attempt to try and replace the spring by yourself. We know that there are many Videos online which explain how to replace a torsion spring in Brooklyn in a “do it yourself” way, and if you read more along this article you will learn why it is not recommended.

Overhead Spring Repair Brooklyn

Before we elaborate about the spring repair process, we would like to make it clear that a broken garage door spring, whether in Brooklyn or any other overhead door in New York, can be dangerous, and it is best if you avoid operating the door until the broken spring will be replaced.
There are few steps that included in a professional spring replacement in Brooklyn. The first is of course to locate the right spring for your garage door, and the second part is the installation. As we explained earlier, the garage door springs are under a lot of tension, and being near one when it snap is not a pleasant experience. It may followed by a loud noise of the breaking spring, and it may make you wonder if your door is totally lost. But do not worry, since repairing garage door spring is what we do, we can be there today and take care of your broken overhead door.

Overhead Garage Door Brooklyn NY

Commercial Garage Door Spring Brooklyn

In order to able to deal with the commercial overhead doors, one must have the knowledge to deal with some of the heavy duty commercial overhead doors that can be found around Brooklyn. If you need a commercial overhead garage door repair in Brooklyn, do it yourself is off the table. The commercial or the heavy duty roll up doors in Brooklyn, is something for the pros, and not for DIY. Fixing a commercial overhead door, whether it is an overhead door in Brooklyn, or a commercial garage door repair in the Bronx, is something that require tools, knowledge, experience, fully understanding of the overhead doors in Brooklyn, and many times assistance. Out teams of commercial overhead doors repairers include 2 people or more, in order to deal with the commercial overhead doors in Brooklyn.
Just to measure and locate the springs for a commercial overhead door is already a project by itself, since not every garage door technician in Brooklyn carry springs for heavy duty commercial garage doors. And if we add to that the fact that a commercial overhead door can be very heavy, you can easily understand that the best way to deal with the door will be to let an expert fix it.

Replace Garage Door Brooklyn

There are many reasons that can lead to garage door replacement: from hitting a garage door with a car, to old garage door that cannot be used anymore, to a cosmetic reason, no matter what the reason is, you should know one thing – a high quality garage door, which was correctly installed, can last for many years.
One of the garage doors service that we provide in Brooklyn is installing new garage door. From a residential garage door installation, to a commercial garage door installation, we can provide you with the best garage door installation service, combined with a high quality garage door and parts. We offer garage door opener installation as well, so you will get a high quality garage door, that will be easy to operate, and that will serve you for many years. If you are looking to replace a garage door Brooklyn, all you need to do is to contact us, and we will help you find the right garage door for you.
New garage door can really improve the way your house looks, and at the same time make it so easy to access your garage using the garage door. One of the garage door services we provide in the Brooklyn NY, overhead doors installations. We offer all our customers in New York with a high quality garage doors, and professional installation job.
Yes, if you look online, you may find another garage door installer in New York. We are not here to determine which one is the best garage doors companies in New York. But we can tell you that each one of our customers in NYC can tell you –even now after so many years - that when Matalonco Garage Doors completed the job, there was one thing left to say: Why did wait that long before replacing our old garage door. If you would like to read more, you can visit our yelp page and read reviews about our garage door services.
We offer high quality new overhead doors, from the best overhead doors manufactures in New York, and you also consider that we perform the new garage door installation, you know that you are getting the best garage door in the market, from the kind of doors that will last for many years, and that will serve you well.

Garage Door Spring repair Brooklyn New York

Garage Door Motor Brooklyn

We install, repair and replace garage door motors from all brands in Brooklyn NY. From Lift Master garage door motor to craftsman motor, we can fix it. We know that a good garage door motor, from leading brand, and which was professionally installed and tuned, should last between 10 to 20 years (and even more) as long as it was maintained by a trained garage door technician. This is the reason why we recommend all our customers in Brooklyn, to aim for a high quality (Even if is going to cost your few more dollars), but to know that you got a high quality motor, from the kind that work with no stops for many years. If you already purchased a garage door motor, and you’re looking for a garage door technician to perform the installation for you, we can help. Among our other garage door services in Brooklyn, we offer a same day garage door motor installation, to help you start using an automated garage door today.
Now, that what makes the door goes up and down so easily is not the opener, but the spring system. As a proof, you can see heavy duty overhead doors in Brooklyn being used manually with no problems. The reason is that the spring system is what help the door move. So there is an important rule about overhead doors, and that rule applied to all overhead doors, whether you own a garage door in Brooklyn, overhead door in the Bronx, or a garage door in Staten Island: If he door can’t be operated perfectly when it is being used manually, it shouldn’t be used with the electric garage opener. Simple as that. So if you have been wondering if installing a garage door opener in Brooklyn will solve all the garage door problems, think again, you are probably wrong.

Roll Up Door Repairs Brooklyn

If you own a store in Brooklyn, and you are using a store front steel door to lock you store at the end of the day, you probably know how important it is to have a gate that operate in a smooth way. There are many different types of store front gates in Brooklyn and store front roll doors in NYC, and they can fulfill different purposes, but all store front doors in New York have one thing in common, they all need to be strong, reliable, and to work when we need them to, whether it is when the temperature go low during the winter, or when they climb high during the summer in New York.
No matter if it is a rolling gate repairs in Brooklyn, a store front roll door in NYC, Natalonco Garage Doors gate can fix, repair, install, maintain and service all types of store front roll up doors in NYC.

Which store front gate is the best in NYC?

There are many different store front gates in Brooklyn. Some need their gate to be steady, to be unbreakable, and to provide security to the store. Some want their store front door in NYC to be as transparent as possible, and that even during the hours when the store is closed, people will still have the ability to see into the store (See through store front gate). Some need their store front roll door in Brooklyn to operate automatically, and want to have the ability to use the gate remotely, and some prefer to operate the gate manually, since they only use it once a day, and sometime even less.
If you are wondering which store front gate to install, we are here to help you with years of experience and endless knowledge about the store front gates repair and installation in New York. To us it won’t matter if you need a roll up door repair in NYC, or residential roll up overhead door in Staten Island, we can help you make the right choice, and get the perfect store front gate for you. As you can see in our roll up door gallery in NYC, we offer all types of roll up doors and rolling gates in NYC. So you do not need to contact multiple contractors, we can supply all kinds of rolling gates and steel roll door in Brooklyn.

Roll Up Door Brooklyn

Emergency roll up door repairs in Brooklyn NYC?

Many people who face a problem with their store front roll up door in NYC, wonder who they need to contact to get the store front gate repaired. Do they need to contact a locksmith? Do they need an electrician? Do they need a handyman? So we would like to answer, if you wondered who can fix store front roll up door in NYC? You just found the answer! Here is a list of the services we provide for roll up overhead garage doors in Brooklyn:

  • Garage door repairs in Brooklyn NY.
  • Commercial overhead door repairs Brooklyn.
  • Brooklyn Emergency rolling door repairs.
  • Store front Roll up door repair Brooklyn.
  • Store front gate maintenance Brooklyn.
  • Store front doors repair and inspection.
  • Emergency repair for store front gates in NYC.
  • Same day repairs for broken garage doors in Brooklyn New York.
  • Garage door opener repairs in Brooklyn.
  • New garage door installation in Brooklyn New York.

As you can see, we offer all kinds of rolling doors and store front gates services in Brooklyn New York, so you do need to wonder who you should contact, since we offer full cover for all kinds of store front repairs in Brooklyn. Whether you need a new store front gate installation, or basic store front gate maintenance.  Matalonco Garage Doors built a reputation as one of the leading garage doors and rolling doors companies in New York, and with the same day repairs services, we helped many people who needed our help in the past, and we will continue to do so in future.



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  1. Benfrom Brooklyn, NY-Replay
    22 July, 2012 at 10:48 pm

    They came to my house in Manhattan Beach Brooklyn, and they fixed the door in about 25 minutes. They replaced the garage door spring, and now the door is working great.

  2. Arcadifrom Bay Ridge, Brooklyn , NY-Replay
    23 July, 2012 at 10:21 pm

    I could not open my garage in the morning, i thought i will not be able for the whole day, but they came to my place, and open the door in 5 minutes, than they replace the opener, and now the door works like before, even better.

    1. DaveFrom Brooklyn, NY-Replay
      29 September, 2012 at 12:48 pm

      Thanks guys for repairing my wooden garage door so quickly. I thought it will take hours, and that it will cost me a lot of money. But Johnny did a good fixing job.

      1. Stephany From Brooklyn, NY-Replay
        28 October, 2012 at 10:21 pm

        You have one of the best customer service, like i never saw before. you came on time, did a great job, and charged me only 80$. I will definitely recommend my friends to use your garage door services in the future.

  3. MikeFrom Flatbush, NY-Replay
    10 January, 2013 at 07:48 pm

    The first time they came, they fixed the door, but after one day it stopped working again. But, the guy came back in one hour, and fixed it again, and now it is working great! So i can say they were fair with me.

    1. RebeccaFrom Brooklyn, NY-Replay
      01 May, 2014 at 12:48 am

      I am having problems with my garage door for the last couple days. The door is making loud noise every time we use it, and it seem like the bottom part of the door is a bit lose. What should i do?

      1. 01 May, 2014 at 12:21 pm

        Hi Rebbeca. .It is hard to understand from the information you gave what exactly wrong with your garage door. Maybe your garage door just need a maintenance and tune up, including securing the bottom part, but it really hard to give you the right advice based on the info you provided. If you are interested, we can send one of our technician to your place to inspect the door and to provide you with the solution. If you are interested, contact us, and we will be happy to assist you.

    1. BengiFrom Brooklyn, NY-Replay
      01 May, 2014 at 02:48 pm

      I was reading an article about garage door here, saying that if the garage door isn't closing all the way, it probably mean that there is a problem with the sensors. But i have a garage door with no sensors at all, but the garage door is still not closing all the way.

      1. 01 May, 2014 at 17:37 pm

        Hi Bengi. I read the article you mentioned, and yes, many times when an automated garage door doesn't close all the way, or closing and returning, it may be due to a sensors problem. The sensors are there for safety, and they are there to prevent the door from closing, in case something is located in the path of the door. Many times the sensors are accidently move, and that cause the opener to prevent closing the garage door. In your case, since you don't have any sensors installed, we need to send someone to come to your place and inspect the door, it may be an adjustment problem, a broken part, or a lack of maintenance.

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