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Before we will begin the explanation about the roll-down door repair near Brooklyn, and the ways to deal with the malfunctions, we first like to make a clear safety warning, which apply to all roll up doors and gates near Brooklyn: It doesn’t matter if it is a busted garage door in Queens NY, or rollup gate repair, if your steel rolling door is busted, out of its tracks, if it is stuck half way down, or if the automatic motor doesn’t move the gate, the best thing for you to do will be to call local roll-down door repairer near Brooklyn to fix the door you. Do not try and force it to work, and for sure do not try to repeatedly use the operator to move the gate. Such attempts can result with bigger issue, and at the same time you night get injures by a commercial gate as some of the gates we service in Brooklyn are.

Why my steel rolling door is stuck?

There may be many possible causes why a steel rolling door or a roll-down door is stuck and not moving. We will list few of them bellow. Please remember that this is only a partial list, since the reasons for a gate near Brooklyn that doesn’t work properly are almost endless.
There is no electric power to the electric gate motor: Sometime the electric gate motor doesn’t receive electricity due to electric malfunction, and as we all know, electric gate motor cannot work if it doesn’t receive electricity. If this is the case, you will need to hire an electricians near Brooklyn to come and check the electricity connection to your steel rolling door. Electricity malfunctions for steel rolling door in New York can occur due to different reasons, and they are not uncommon. In the meantime, some roll-down doors near Brooklyn can be operated manually (using chain mechanism or push up shutter) until the electrician will come and fix the issue.
My steel gate is stuck half way, and not moving: This is a common malfunction, which we are dealing with almost on a daily base when we repair stuck roll-down door in NYC. It is hard to explain what the specific reason is why your busted steel door Brooklyn is stuck half way, since we need to physically check the gate, and locate the malfunction. Using excessive force to make the gate work is not the right way to solve the malfunction, and if you will insist and try to force a roll-down door to move, you can easily break other parts, or the gate can crush and create damage to the property or even hurt you. The best thing for you to do will call a roll up door repairer in Brooklyn to come and fix the malfunction for you.

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My gate in is off tracks. Before we elaborate, we would like to make it clear that if your roll up door near Brooklyn is out of its tracks, there is a reason why it happened. A roll up door which work in a smooth and safe way, just like every gate near Brooklyn should, is not supposed to go out of the tracks for no reason. If your roll up door near Brooklyn did went out of tracks, it may be due to many reasons, such as:

  1. Someone forgot to remove the lock before trying to open the gate.
  2. Someone left something bellow the gate when the gate was closing.
  3. Someone backed into the rolling door with vehicle.
  4. No one maintained the gate for a long time.

And many more reasons that change from one case to another, and that can lead your roll-down door near Brooklyn off tracks. Repairing a steel rolling door in NYC which went out of tracks is not something that you should try and repair in Do It Yourself, even if it may seem simple to fix. Repairing a roll gate near Brooklyn which went out of its tracks can be a complicated and dangerous work, and sometime involve certain parts like new slats or new parts that you cannot find at a typical location like Home Depot.
Matalonco Garage Doors of Manhattan offer same day repair for out of tracks roll up doors and steel rolling doors in New York City. The techs of Matalonco specialize in all types of roll-down doors and overhead doors repairs, and they can fix your busted roll-down door near Brooklyn today.
The operator can barely open the gate: When it may seem to you that the electric gate motor cannot open the gate, you may assume that there is something wrong with the gate. But you should know that not every time that a steel rolling door operator near Brooklyn cannot lift the gate, it is necessarily indicate that there is something wrong with the electric gate motor itself. Many times the malfunction lay in the gate itself like a busted or weak tension spring, and it affects the way the gate operate. The exact reason can only be determined by inspecting the gate and the operator by a trained steel rolling door repairer near Brooklyn.
Why it became difficult to open my gate manually (using chain mechanism or push up shutter)? After many years of using a roll gate near Brooklyn manually (using chain mechanism or push up shutter), whether with a chain system or if it is a push-up gate, some of the gate’s parts like the tension spring become lose, break, or partly break. There are many parameters that can affect your gate and the way it operate, but the main reason will always remain in the answer to the question: How often did you grease your rollup shutter? Greasing the gate, reinforce it, and making sure that there are no lose or busted parts every six months is what guarantee that your steel rolling door near Brooklyn will continue working for a long time.

How often a gate in NYC need to be greased and tunes?

This is an important question, since there many different steel rolling doors near Brooklyn. The answer to that question require to answer other questions about your roll up door near New York such as:
How often do you use your steel rolling door?
Does your roll up door is interior or exterior gate?
When was the rolling gate installed?
Is it a business or private home roll up door?
Is it a motor driven gate, or a manual gate?
Is it a steel gate?
As you can see, there are many calculation that need to be made in order to determine how often a gate near Brooklyn need to be maintained. But to give you a general answer to that question, we would say that we recommend to maintain a roll-down door near Brooklyn every 6 months. But once again, every gate need to be maintained. Whether it is a steel rolling door in Queens, garage door repair Rockland, or a roll door shutter, they all need to be greased and inspected every 6 months, to ensure that they will continue to work in a safe way in the future, and to make sure that you won’t have to call a roll-down door repairer Brooklyn anytime soon.
If you would like to learn more, check our community about garage doors.

Should I repair my gate or should I replace it?

Good roll up door, which was built from strong components, and that was installed by a professional roll door installer, should work for 30 years and even more. And repairing steel rolling doors near Brooklyn is something we do every day, and we rarely recommend to replace the gate and install a new one. But sometime the condition of the gate in NY is so severe that we will recommend to remove the gate and replace it with a new gate.
In general we will say that if we see a roll up door near Brooklyn that repairing it is going to cost more or almost the same as completely replacing it, we will recommend a new gate. Or if fixing the gate mean that the gate will not be a hundred percent safe for use, we will not repair it, and we will recommend you to replace it with a new steel rolling door.
We offer gate repair near Brooklyn, and new roll-down doors installation services. So whatever need to be done in order to make your gate working again, we can do it. We repair and install commercial, industrial and private home steel rolling doors near Brooklyn, and with our same day service, you won’t have to worry about long waiting, since we have the ability to make your gate working again today.

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Why should I choose to install a steel rolling door near Brooklyn?

There is a reason why most store fronts near Brooklyn are protected by a steel rolling door. The steel rolling doors are a great solution for stores near Brooklyn how need protection for their store, and at the same time they need a gate that will be easy to operate, and that will not take space during the busy working hours of stores near Brooklyn. It doesn’t matter if it is a steel rolling door for a warehouse in NYC, or a private home door in Manhattan, the steel rolling doors are considered a great solution for stores near Brooklyn.
As you can see in our roll doors gates gallery, there are many types of steel rolling doors in NYC, and each one should be able to locate the right gate for their store front. We supply and repair steel rolling doors, whether you are looking for a push up gate repair, or a new grill see-through gate installation, we are the answer to all your gating solutions near Brooklyn.

Where can I buy parts for my steel rolling door?

There are few garage door suppliers Brooklyn, and they can supply you with different parts for your roll up door like slats, bottom bar, electric gate motor, tracks and more. With that being said, Matalonco Garage Doors do not sell parts for steel rolling doors to private customers anymore. We used to do that, but we have learned that sometime it is better to avoid that due to different reasons. We would like to give an example of a storeowner who had a malfunction with a roll door in Manhattan, and wanted to replace the tension spring by “DO IT BY YOURSELF”, and almost ended in a hospital.
Few years ago, when we still used to sell parts for steel rolling doors and garage door parts near Brooklyn, We got a call from someone who asked for torsion tension springs for a commercial roll up door. We asked what size of tension springs he need, and we supplied him with the requested tension springs. The next day we received a call from an angry man who said that the tension springs we sold him are damaged and that he want his money back. We asked him to relax, explained to him that we supplied him with the right tension springs, and told him that after 20 years of repairing steel rolling doors near Brooklyn, we know which tension spring is needed. We told him that we are sending someone to help him install the new tension springs.
When our repairer got there, he asked him to show him what did he do, and the repairer immediately recognized the mistake, which is often being made when an amateur try to install torsion tension springs. He had a low-headroom overhead door, and needed to install the tension springs in a different way. Luckily he didn’t got injured during the process, and the door did not damage. It took our technician, who repaired many steel rolling doors and overhead door near Brooklyn 40 minutes to replace both tension springs, using the tension springs we supplied. And the door is working fine until today.

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With our same day roll up doors and steel rolling doors repairs, Matalonco Garage Doors can fix your busted door today. We know that there is never good time for a gate to break or to get stuck, so we offer 24-7 emergency gate repair in New York City including Queens, Staten Island, Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn and more. But our services are not limited just to New York Cioty. You might be in need for rollup door repair in Hoboken, or garage door repair in Scarsdale, we can help. All you need to do is to give Matalonco Garage Doors a call, and someone will be there to fix your steel rolling door today.

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